The Journey to Public Health: A Grandmother's Legacy - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-01


The death of my grandmother gave me the desire to enter the world of nursing, but after I was introduced to public health in the third year of my Nursing, I realized that I prefer to see "Health" on a large scale, not only limited to individual treatment. I realized that a healthy population had a direct impact on the country's economy. And I believe the key to a healthy population is not only a good health system or skilled medical workers but the magnitude of the government's role in disease prevention, health promotion, cooperation between policymakers and the ministry of health in creating an infrastructure that provides appropriate facilities for the community. Also supported strongly by seeing the number of people that injured due to accidents (caused by poor infrastructure like roads) and by seeing the people around me on the average die after turning to their 65th birthday - the gap of life expectancy in my country as a comparison to the neighboring country like Singapore. I questioned myself why we are left behind. This gave me a strong impetus to apply for MSc Global Health and Development, as to deepen my knowledge, to share, and to answer with solutions.

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How My Academic and Professional Background Meets the Demands of This Challenging Program

I was introduced to demographic statistics in public health for the first time, including calculating coefficients and presenting them in extensive data. it gave me the capacity to learn about population types and analyze the magnitude of the mortality rates of children, mothers, or birth rates in various regions and their effects. I always thought that low / middle income countries could be associated with a type of progressive population, reflecting the low level of education, gender inequality, unstable economy, and a health system that still needed improvement. The demographic analysis system provided me with the knowledge to analyze the issue of population development, which helped to increase the development of equitable health facilities.

My practical experience in the department of Central Nervous System, giving me direct contact experience in the social environment. My experience helped me to study possible causes such as problems related to maternal and family planning, prevention efforts, and government programs for the treatment of patients with disabilities. Furthermore, I got a full scholarship from the Russian Government to study Bsc in Nursing. The sponsorship offered me an opportunity to learn in a foreign country with different cultural identities. Learning English from scratch shows my resilience to pursue my academics and take them seriously.

Why You Want to Study Global Health and Development at XXX University

For years I have observed the program at your institution as having seen the success rate. My passion has always been to succeed in everything that I do both academically and professionally. I believe that your institution offers the best in terms of education particularly in the field of healthcare. Furthermore, the advancements in globalization make your program more attractive for an individual like me, who is more enthused by global healthcare efforts.

What Particularly Attracts You to This Program

One of the reasons I'm attracted to the program is the diversity offered by the institution. I like interacting with different minds and gain more knowledge. Since the program deals with global health, I believe I will get to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures and expand the scope of my knowledge. Furthermore, the program has competent professors, which makes the program very prestigious. On the other hand, the program emphasizes quality, which makes it very attractive for me as I aim to achieve quality standards in my academics.

Where You Would Like to Go Professionally With Your Degree

Once I achieve my credentials, I would love to work with international organizations, particularly in disseminating my duties in the healthcare industry. I would love to work in developing countries particularly in those countries that have limited access to healthcare services. Furthermore, I would love to give back to my community by offering healthcare services. Finally, in 10years, I would love to open my own private practice to offer healthcare services.

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