The Inequality in Education Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

Educational inequality refers to the unequal distribution of resources that individual use in the academic life. Variations include the likes of school funding where economies describe the rich and the poor, teachers that are qualified and experienced, books and source materials to use as references and technologies. Additionally, some communities are socially excluded and may have issues of unequal education opportunities in learning institutions where they feel that they are left out, and they tend to be historically disadvantaged, feeling oppressed. There is a need to enhance educational equity which ensures that there is the equal measure of academic achievement, fairness, and opportunities that education offers. Unequal opportunities to individuals lead to loss of talents that they grow at various institutions for this particular individual and the society as well. Such inequality also leads to a rise in the sense of injustice that can feed social unrest and trust decreases in the various systems. The difference in education plays out in some ways.The growth of inequality in the recent days has been on its highest level as a result of multiculturalism and differences in other sectors such as general income of an individual. Majorly, the inequality of gross earnings is seen to continue rising dramatically in the next few years in the event where the current trends continue to persist. Income inequality is the primary reason for unequal opportunities in educational institutions because people are biased. The income gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen, and there has been a rise in the economic concerns as well as social and political sectors (Ewert et al. 2014 pg. 32). High levels of inequality bar the growth of GDP and lead to the reduction of social mobility. The working-class people and the dependent show total differences concerning their capabilities.

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Inequality in education is through various forms which include the fact that the disadvantaged students tend to be poor class performers compared to the children that come from socio-economically advantaged homes (Coady et al. 2017 pg. 14). Such kind of inequalities ensures that there are no equal opportunities for all the children to receive education in the same manner. It is evident in the current generation that individuals from well-off homes take their children to private education sectors that offer the best training for them while the rest that is not able to afford private fees take their children to public education institutions where teachers do not pay keen attention to their students. Majority of students that come from families that are advantaged are also likely to have conducive environments for learning which is inclusive of quiet areas, and they are also able to access the internet easily. Students that do not have these opportunities are disadvantaged from getting to school, and the same situation continues to happen all through the education system. The learning process involves many factors such as enough resources for reference and a good environment among others.

It is necessary to work tirelessly to ensure improvements in the educational opportunities for all the individuals in these facilities without considering their background which is essential against inequality. Cultural factors also result in educational disparities. Culture is in the sense of influence and shaping of individual desires, motives, as well as characters and that society, contribute significantly to unequal opportunities of education because particular organizations define how knowledge should be and give their various perceptions. The gender factor also contributes to inequality in education. Girls have lower chances of getting proper levels of education compared to the boys which are because of traditional beliefs that limit the role of a woman in the society (Zeng et al. 2014 pg. 480). The disability factor is also prevalent among many of the institutions where people look down on them because they perceive that these individuals do not have capabilities that rational human beings have.The most important part is to determine what is supposed to be done. An important step to take is to provide the access of these individuals to childhood education of high quality. These help to boost the cognitive and non-cognitive skills at a younger age and one finds that they are more advanced as they grow. It is also vital that the quality of instruction in these learning facilities is high and that they avail the necessary resources for use. The disadvantaged need to find a way to reach the advantaged regarding performance and the only way to do that is by helping them. Such institutions also require to have teachers that are more qualified and very experienced so that individualized attention is more to each student.


Education is a critical tool for the general growth of a region, and it will only get better if individuals get equal opportunities to learn. The society demands that a worker needs to have skills, educational attainment and be able to participate in events that require their expertise. Reducing inequality will help ensure excellence.

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