The Importance of Leadership in Effective Business Management of Walmart

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Date:  2021-03-10

The success of businesses is depended on the nature of its leaders (Kaiser, Hogan, and Craig, 2008, p.96). In this regard, business managers with good leadership skills are often likely to be successful in their various business endeavors. However, successful businesses not only require leaders but also managers who can offer effective business plans and good work organization. According to (Rainey, 2010, p.12), the coordination of business leaders as well as their ability to act as the servants of their subjects can be an effective way to manage a business. Leadership is the art of influencing people in an organization so that they can willingly, efficiently and effectively execute their mandates (Goetsch, and Davis, 2014). Effective leadership entails business success that is coupled with stability and cohesion among the leaders and their followers. Additionally, it is a cardinal rule of good effective leadership that managers should effectively plan and control the people and processes that they are supposed to influence.

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According to Hurt et al. (2014), the success of Walmart stores is due to the good leadership demonstrated by its management team. In the opinion of Voon et al. (2014, p.25), a leadership that provides purpose and inspires trust is important for achieving the short and long-term goals of a business enterprise. Indeed, managers should not only act as supervisors but also act as role models for the rest of their subjects. Leading from the front instills teamwork and equality, which in turn is beneficial to the business entity. More importantly, effective business management is based on the personal qualities of the manager as well as the possession of practical skills in business management (Gallos, 2014, p.50). This paper focuses on how the management of Walmart stores made use of their leadership skills to make the company a global leader.

Research Questions

  • This research will aim to answer the following questions?
  • What effective management skills does Walmart Stores management deploy to make the company successful?
  • In what ways does Walmart Stores ensure that it recruits effective leaders?
  • What do the employees of Walmart Stores do that makes them have the competitive edge?
  • What methods do the owners of the company use to motivate their leaders to do even better?


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