Organizational Diagnosis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-08

Organizational diagnosis is a creative method that involves looking at the progress of any organization or company and identifying its possible challenges with possible solutions to such problems so that the organization can realize its full potential towards the development of the company or even for the growth of the economy. For any company or organization to prosper, it will involve critical cheek up of the problems it has and coming with proper solutions to the problem (Sivakumar et al. 33). This assay will majorly focus on giving a possible solution that the organization is facing to achieve its prime goals. Organizational development overs awareness on what to do and those that are to be avoided so that the performance of such organization can be realized in a more effective way.

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First, the issue of having insufficient systems and technology is bulling down companies which in return leads to the company not achieving its mandate. In overcoming this issues, the organization should strive to have adequate resources and even the technology being used should be up to date; this will enable the company to be competitive in the market (Flynn & Michael 55). Also, the challenge of workers was not able to get appreciation is negatively affecting the organization from achieving its goal, so to avoid this the organization should always give priority to recognizing the individual's the organization who are entirely well by providing the gifts and also increment in the salaries for those characters.

For any company to succeed, it should strive to make their workers satisfied with the management of that organization. It can be done by engaging than in the choosing of the leaders and also involve them in decision making in the company whenever there are things that are to do which could include the welfare of the workers (Randell & John Toplis 78). The salaries should also be harmonized by making that each gets salaries equal to their contribution to the organization. With this, it will lead to a cohesive relationship among the workers and the staff.

Job promotion is another big issue that generally leads to a lack of cooperation among the workers at the staff. It is because of not promoting the workers despite them having a certificate which deserves to be given promotion. However, to eradicate this thing, each employee should be entitled to development whenever the work smart to be delivered. So advancement should be made available for all the workers (Flynn & Michael 83). The time is another problem is about schedules. It can solve by involving them in drafting the timetable. Also, it should be not more than eight hours per day as this will lead to workers to be tired. Culture is even a barrier to effective running and progress of the organization; this can be solved by maintaining a lifestyle that all the workers are used to that is to mean that the culture should be universal to all the members of the organization.

Since an organization strives to have not benefited about input, the company or the organization should invest in taking its members to regular training after a certain period. It will make the workers be well equipped to current technology and even more advanced way of doing things. The changes in the organization should be done in a manner that will not negatively affect its operation. It is done by engaging all the workers and even the management. To agree on how the changes are to take effect and how will it affect the workers. Such changes include the hiring of new workers. To avoid this a memorandum of understanding should be drafted so that it will guide to recruitment and release of workers too.


In conclusion, any organization will achieve its prime goals if it can identify its problems and also to get solutions to the raised issues and therefore this will make the organization achieve progress towards the betterment of all the parties. Organizations are therefore advised to perform diagnosis so that it will identify its barriers and get solutions to them.

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