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Strategic asset management contains fundamental purpose which ensures timely and agility response in changing the fictitious hospital needs. The main aim of the strategic asset management planning is to establish various guiding principles and also ensure the provision of sound basis that involves a decision on procurement, utilization, management and even the disposal of the ICT assets of the facility according to the needs of the business. This is always in line with operational and strategic planning. Through following the satellite radiotherapy completion success by the Cancer Trust of Princess located in the east side of the city, there is another satellite center proposal on building another satellite in the west side of the town specifically to be found in the Queen's Royal Hospital. This proposed new center would occur between two ventures including Prince's Cancer Trust and Queen's Royal Hospital. The two Trusts have agreed to have this project which should be procured through the use of procure 22 with a manager being appointed to take care of the project. The Queen's Royal Trust have done a proper preparation of the development that is approved on the control plan on the Queen's site and consist various projects that are well planned. This particular site is made of the historical additions and Victorian buildings that are original. The most critical construction that is being currently considered is the new build acute consisting of surgical block created for the emergency purpose and also the critical care units that are very large. This specific one needs to be built on the place where the nurses occupied back in 1930, and hence the old Victorian building will be demolished. Apart from the control plan development, Trust is looking forward to creating the center of the site being the garden area which should open up to this particular site. Thus this paper seeks to analyze the reflection on the evidence, process, timescales, outputs, uncertainties and strategic asset risk management against the fictitious hospital case study focusing on the satellite radiotherapy unit introduction taking place within an acute healthcare Trust.

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The Process of the Strategic Asset Management

Healthcare services in the United Kingdom hospital case studies show that they are always provided in a remarkably increased complex environment which are usually conducted by the multifaceted activities that are internal which take place along with the significant change in demand patterns, physical asset management and the rising costs which are usually important. This ensures that there is the delivery of the services efficiently with the aim of the productivity increase and quality improvement. In this context, the healthcare department in the United Kingdom is supported and thoroughly planned by Trust management programmes together with the planning and appraisal (Nightingale, Conroy, Elliott, Coyle, Wylie and Choudhury, 2017, p.90)The strategic asset management, in this case, is based on the building concepts which are likely to be applied to the various healthcare projects to enable all the estates that are flexible to be able to respond to the redesign services, change the business demand and also follow the technology innovation. This is mainly achieved through various means such as comparison and collation of the approaches based on the gaps of identity that might be existing. In this case, it aims at informing the clear thinking with the aim of creating a transformation of the business case procedures concerning the strategic evaluation assist concerning the healthcare assets and also an aspect of the estate planning. The process entails various objectives to be achieved for the proper strategic asset management. The first process involves developing a state of the art which would only take place through the help of reviewing the literature to gain more knowledge concerning the estate planning approaches specifically in the United Kingdom. As a manager one needs to ensure that all the gaps and limitations are correctly identified with the all the current criteria. As a well-organized manager, one should take into consideration all the definition of the critical terms concerning the strategic asset management. A framework that fully supports the strategic management for this particular hospital requires to be well devised so that it is capable of complementing open building concepts and also the principles. In this case, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, the hospital asset planning that is physical is known as the estate planning.


The National Health Service specifically in England has dramatically faced various capacity and financial crisis. New thinking is much required to meet all the demands that are a result of expanding while a quality improvement, rising costs control and the raising of the productivity. Currently, the government of United Kingdom has fully purposed to set a long-term vision concerning the National Health Service. This is done with the aim of supporting all the improvements in outcomes and the quality in the health departments. The government's plans to reduce the cost of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom with more than 45% within the next five years by freeing up various resources in the front line care. Multiple improvements to the National Health services have been incorporated including the estate utilization which is the most key saving area which is currently aiming to reduce the new hospital space (Parker, Parsons and Isharyanto, 2015, p.560). The importance of these savings consists the grey literature that is well articulated despite other states in the current world has faced various challenges concerning the decisions that are raised by the conflicting driver's policy and also the competing priorities. In the United Kingdom, the various health departments together with the community health partnership have managed to organize different approaches and initiatives based on strategic asset management (Parker, Parsons and Isharyanto, 2015, p.560). This has dramatically improved many situations concerning the Trusts, and they only deal with the value of understanding how better the estates are. In this context, very few Trusts are capable of having the clear idea concerning the delivery of the services spatially and also how some specific buildings can be adapted for any future change that might occur or can even qualify to be marketed in the real estate.


The effective maintenance and planning based on the hospital assets in the United Kingdom is popularly for essential for safety provision, high-quality services, security, future service needs and ensure that all the support for the future and current needs is fully catered for. Various levels must be passed starting with the strategic part going down to the operational level (Parker, Parsons and Isharyanto, 2015, p.560). This is usually attained through systematic management that involves all the processes of the decision making which are mostly taken through the physical asset life. One can ensure proper use of the assets in a very effective way and hence can help in realizing the efficiency savings and improving the capital receipts. The estate planning is required to address various gaps in the critical capacity and try to establish available services through the use of appropriate demands in several models.


The investment of the facility will have specific outputs that will be of importance to both the community, government and the hospital itself. These outputs include but are not limited to quick access to services which create achievements of the standards and time by which patients wait so that they can receive the necessary services they require. These services will be integrated and modernized, and this is the main reason why the access to these radiotherapy services will be faster than before. Improvement of the easiness to access the radiotherapy services which focus on the patients, are proven to be effective when used in the clinics and are safe for use. Another output of this asset management strategy is that it will provide better access to modern techniques of planning. Thus they will support all the changes that will be realized in the outcomes of the clinic so that they can be improved. Also, it will ensure that the rise of demand that is expected will rise according to the capacity of the radiotherapy program and facilities. There will be an improvement in the way patients access radiotherapy services and the way they get access to services of treatment as well as those of diagnosing that were not available in the local areas in the past times. Higher output will be that the staff that is employed in the host site will be retained and their skills improved through in training and other training methods that will see to it that these staff members gain new skills and improve on the skills they already possess. Emission of Carbon dioxide will be reduced because a better environmentally friendly building will be built within the estates of the host sites. The costs of living will be reduced tremendously when the healthcare is rated as excellent making treatments and diagnosis in these facilities to be cheap and affordable for everyone including the low-income personnel. A design quality that is high will be achieved and accepted for use by the statement of the board's design, and this will create a conducive environment where all walks of people will want to come diagnosed in, work in and feel a sense of safety when they work in or visit the facility.

Other main outputs of this new facility will be that the utilization rate of cancer in the Western will fall thus if the demand rises, everyone's needs will be looked into within the utilization rate straightforwardly and efficiently. The new center will experience an improvement in the number of new diagnostics as well as treatments and therapies because radiotherapy services are not offered in the center that exists in current times. Satisfaction of patients will increase, and there will be a reduction of the rates by which some patients did not attend the therapy. Increased use of the facility that is to be built ensures that maximum use is noticed from the agreed new area. The turnover rates of employees will reduce, and the new and old employees will be working in good conditions in the new facility making sure that they work for longer years and not just a few years while leaving the center. A positive contribution to health will be contributed where the environment of the clinic will be safe hence all infections acquired from hospitals will be reduced or eliminated.


With the creation of a new center that will offer radiotherapy services compared to the old centers that existed, several doubts will be experienced by the stakeholders involved in the provision of the new services for radiotherapy purposes. Uncertainty in the tariffs that are specialized is a significant uncertainty where the primary concern is the levels of income that are set at the existing tariff and the rapid growth that is expected in the new center that offers radiotherapy services. This uncertainty will arise whereby a dilemma will arise whether to reduce, increase or maintain tariffs for the activities that go above the existing levels in the current centers. If the tariff in the new centers for the events that are above the existing standards in the current centers are reduced, an undermining of the financial case will be noticed. If the tariffs are not reduced, the costs will still be high making no difference between the new centers and the old centers (Prevost et al, 2018, p, 1358). The uncertainty of charitable funding where it creates a dilemma...

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