The Grandeur of Ancient Rome: A Historical Overview - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-13


Rome is considered as one of the largest empires that have ever lasted for a long period. Even when the modern empire had started to fall apart, it still took a lot of time to fall and still served as a dangerous enemy especially to most of its enemies. Rome is considered so important because of its capability of controlling a huge part of Europe and the majority of European culture today dates back to Roman times. Rome is one of the most overrated cultures in the world today mainly because of its lasting repercussions. Rome still serves as an important culture that had a great impact on Europe, Africa, and Asia. While analyzing the ancient Roman history, it is important to understand the significance of building such complex and detailed infrastructure and why it is important according to Vitruvius to understand other areas of learning to become a better architect.

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Importance of the Complex and Detailed Infrastructure

Development of such complex and detailed infrastructure helped in serving the Roman power directly and indirectly. For example, the Kings Have Fallen presents how Lucius Junius Brutus took overpower. After taking the power, he proceeded with reforming the already existing government and developed the Roman Republic. For the citizens, the Kings Have Fallen served as an idea of the Roman authority (Bowersock 61). Association of the infrastructure with authority was an important rationale. Up to date, different European cities still bear different reminders of the power of ancient Rome. Such infrastructures help in manifesting how powerful the Roman power used to be.

The complex and detailed architecture served a critical role in the success of Rome. Both the formal and utilitarian buildings played a critical role in unifying the Roman empire. An example of such complex and detailed infrastructure that played a critical role in the success of Rome is the Etruscans which up to date gas a great influence on Roman society. Etruscan served as an early civilization in the Roman empire (Zoch 63). Although it was initially forgotten, it was later on realized after the archaeological discoveries provided the complexity, power and sophistication held by the infrastructure. The infrastructure provided a unique form of civilization and culture. Nevertheless, the Etruscan had a decisive contribution towards European history since it shaped different developments on the Roman empire. Some of the formative influence from the infrastructure can be noticed from the Roman Culture, religion and urban planning.

Importance of Understanding other Areas of Learning to Become a Better Architect

Vitruvius emphasized on the significance of understanding other areas of learning for one to become a better architect. Looking up and around the infrastructures developed can help one understand the importance of architecture. While working hard to become a better architect, it is important to understand other areas of learning since they help in developing creativity among the architects. Understanding other areas can help one in learning how they are expected to reflect the age and cultural context within their architectural work (Kim 8). Through understanding other areas while learning, it can help one in saving time and money spent on their projects. Understanding other areas of learning to become a better architect can as well help in describing different innovations that can be used in improving the living conditions of the inhabitants.

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