The Elements of ROPE in the Case Attached

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Date:  2021-03-04

Public relations process includes four elements; Research, Objective, Programming and Evaluation (ROPE). Research involves identifying and learning about a client or institution that has a problem or potential problem to be solved, which involves one or more of its audiences, or publics. The second element of the public relations process involves the setting of objectives for a program to solve the problem. The third element consists of planning and executing a program to accomplish the objectives.

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Finally, evaluation includes an ongoing procedure of program monitoring and adjustment and refers back specifically to the objectives that were set in the second element of the process and examines degree of success in achieving them. Each element of ROPE may be modified by the demands of different audiences or publics, including employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders, and, usually, the news media.

In the case summary, AT&T has carried out its research, it has identified that the network has become one of human necessity, and thus targets the general public as its clients and networking is their major problem that they wish to solve. The public wants an interconnection between its various gadgets and the company has identified this problem and uses its technology and capacity to try and solve this.

In terms of the objectives, the company has clearly set out its objectives. The main objective of the company is the provision of unmatched services, allowing the client to be unique and improved interconnections. This interconnection will run from home automation to DirecTV to connected cars.

The element of programming is also highlighted in the commercial. The company boosts of how they have evolved and how they have better assets and experience that can provide their objectives. In the commercial the company says, through a voiceover, Because you are still evolving, so are we, with a network that is invented and reinvented every day to work for you. This clearly highlights the element as it shows that there is planning execution of a program to accomplish their objective.

Finally, the element of evaluation is not so obvious. The company does not state how its going to carry out its monitoring and adjustments in accordance to its objectives. The company in the commercial has only insisted on its objectives and programming but lacked to include the element of evaluation.

The company could have demonstrated a monitoring activity they could have used. They could include in the commercial the element of reviewing the quality of their service provision, for example, every quarter of the year.

In conclusion, the four elements of the public relations process have at least been included apart from the element of evaluation which was not clearly indicated in the commercial advertisement that the company run.


AT&T Makes It Personal In Campaign Debut by Aaron Baar, January 12, 2016

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