Managing Diversity in Organizations - Research Paper

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Date:  2022-12-20


Diversity has been rooted for installation in the organizations globally. Debates concerning business diversity have been the order of the day with numerous discussions for and against its implementation in organizations. Business diversity involves the engagement and inclusion of every staff member within the organization without any form of gender, ethnicity, cultural or racial discrimination among others (Barak 19). There has been a significant shakeup in the artistic composition of organizations which calls for the management staff and other related supervisors within an organization to fully understand the need and importance of cultural diversity within their organizations. This research paper seeks to explore some of the techniques which managers can use to manage the difference in culture within their organizations workforce effectively, it will reflect on the significance of a firm installing cultural diversity and the consequences that a company is likely to face due to the failure of implementing cultural diversity within its organization set up.

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Strategies of Managing Diversity in the Institution

Specify the Diversity Issues

Different companies have a different set of rules and regulation concerning balancing variety within their organizations. The gamut of diversity ranges from cultural, political, gender issues, disability, religion, and race, among others. While the goal of implementing variety within an organization is to achieve unquestionable acceptance among employees, equal opportunities for all employees, and inclusiveness of staff in decision making, organization managers need to establish a way of cultivating these diversity differences into a team goal (Cunningham 21). The enhancement of issue selection within an organization that is affecting its phenomenal achievement needs to be highlighted and dealt with on the spot. Its implementation will help ease the tension within the company hence encouraging team support. Recently, one of the significant diversity issues that have been highly discussed across the globe is gender neutrality in organizations. Various firms in different industries have found the need to address the gender imbalance in their workplaces and acted upon it. Currently, the majority of companies that have implemented the gender rule diversity have admitted to having boosted teamwork and general performance of their set goals (Cunningham 7l).

Define Personal Uniqueness Among Staff

The managers upon establishing cultural specificity in their employees need to accept and embrace each without discrimination fully. This is even if it is unmatched or opposite to his way of life. Addressing and managing diversity not only concerns written documentation of policies kept by an organization, but it also incorporates the invitation of all staff even the ground workers to identify their uniqueness and celebrate them together (Cunningham 28). The most supported form of embracing diversity within a firm is by holding annual or even bi-annual events to bring the workers together in diversity celebrations. On such occasions, it is advisable that the office work and duties be kept at bay to promote free socialization and enhance a deeper understanding of differences in cultural beliefs and invest in diversity. In this technique, the position held by the organization staff should be ignored and foster free association among all employees such as the female and male, physically challenged, different races and cultural background.

Elaborate Policies Adhering To Company Objectives and Goals

Once the diversity issue within a firm has been spotted, the company will have to find methods of tying the diversity issue to their benefit. In managing the diversity issue within the firm, the managers need to incorporate all aspects in the creation of company guidelines and objectives. The policies developed have to be in unison with the ethical values of the company. The policy statement adopted need to sufficiently emphasize the company's commitment towards embracing diversity in the organization. Any organization that seeks development of talents originating from different walks of life to fully incorporate them and embrace diversity within the firm will need some sought of intensive training to fully equip the stuff on the policies developed and how to initiate togetherness in the firm. The development and training activities have to be in line with the goals of the organization. For efficient policymaking process and establishing diversity riles within the firm, all the diverse elements in the organization need to be consulted in the process, this helps them feel part and parcel of the Lan hence easy acceptability once implemented (Bell and Myrtle 133). The common genders that are mostly outlined by organizations include total respect to all genders and races within the firm. This policy mainly focuses on viewing all staff members as equal in the eyes. The plans should be made public and accessible to all members of the staff. They have to be posted on the boards, websites, and other available information source materials.

Communicate and Hold People Accountable

Making policies is one step, training employees to adhere to them is another different process that requires proper training and signing of the diversity policy to ensure obedience to it. All staff members need to sign and pledge allegiance to the set diversity rules officially; this means they will be accepting the consequences stated in the documents hence agreeing to penalties that are likely to be applied. In advocating for diversity, the managers have to hold a one on one discussion with their staff members and establish some of the problematic issues that need special attention (Bell and Myrtle 139). Concerns need to be immediately communicated to the managers before being implemented. For effective diversity policymaking, it has to involve ramifications and procedural steps of disciplinary actions due to the failure of adhering to the diversity rules and regulations and the protocol of reporting any report policies. The defaulter of the diversity policy need to be advised according and given a written warning so that in case they default at any other time they will be liable to the punishment. Depending on the devious level of the abuse of the policy, different penalties have to be stated; they have to be specific and not general.

Initiating Evolution of Diversity Laws

Investing in diversity brings about a positive company image with a lively enjoying workforce, but it never stops at that, it evolves through. The evolution of cultural diversity within an organization should be taught to every coming generation of the company. It should be incorporated as a culture which sets the company apart from its peers (Cohen 12). The diversity legislation should continue through legislation and also through human resources laws and rules. The management has to teach its staff on how to operate in the organization paying attention to the installed diversity laws. The new emerging diversities have to be incorporated into the organization (Cohen 12)

The Significance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Improve Productivity

Diversity plays a very critical role in the building process of an organization. One of the significant role benefits that have been evident in organizations that have embraced diversity in their operations is increased production (Lynch 10). Variety in the organization harmonizes different unique talents which work together towards the achievement of a common business objective. Diversity has proved to bring a positive impact to the organization as the various skills will be incorporated to add value to the production process (Barak 27). Through diversity, firms are likely to benefit from every employee by analyzing their experiences hence applying them to the new job they are performing in their new organization. Employees will be able to learn from their diverse colleagues who have a different cultural background. Diversity in the working place brings together employees with varied experience, ethnicity, and backgrounds hence breeding a productive workplace when combined. The increased production is likely to lead to increased profits for the organization, therefore, gaining a competitive advantage over other firms (Lynch 4).

Increased Creativity

Due to different background and thinking brought about by the differently raised employees to an organization, the different thinking patterns among them leads to creativity. In case of a problem, different solutions will be suggested to a common problem. In this case, the best thinking is motivating and building on skills to bring out the best response (Lynch 7). The different perspectives towards a common problem can easily be solved by diverse employees brainstorming about the common problem. A novel combination of these brainstormed ideas by the multicultural staff leads to a virgin idea popping up. With different minds coming together in an organization, many more solutions are likely to arise which brings about every employee's unique way of thinking towards the settlement of any challenge they will be faced their line of operation (Friedman and Naomi 21).

Promotes Teamwork and Employee Engagement

In an organization set up, the best way for staff members and management team to learn about the worlds different cultures, races, and religious beliefs is by advocating for diversity in their organizations (Lynch 11). Through variety, staff members will be able to learn from other colleagues who come from a different cultural background other than theirs (Li and CiRong 19). The engagement will be improved especially during breaks; lunch and other short breaks where the employees interact by asking others about how they perform tasks in their specific community basing on their beliefs due to the difference in backgrounds. For employees to fully open up and share with others about their cultural experiences and lifestyle, they have to build trust and teamwork in their colleagues (Al-Jenaibi 10). The confidence gained through frequent interactions leads to strengthening faith among the staff members which I turn develop robust collaboration as employees work towards the achievement of a goal by backing up each other through the process.

Cuts Employee Turnover

Through diversification in an organization, a company is likely to realize an expanded pool of potential candidates who can fill their nob vacancies. Diversity attracts openness and skill sharing which enables the firm to select candidates from its already existing pool of employees rather than hiring new ones. This plan helps the business to continue with its production process with ease as little, or no job training required for the existing employee selected unlike when a newer candidate who has no idea of how the firm operates is elected (Barak 21). Diversity enables an organization to rotate its workforce by matching the different employees to different jobs and assign them duties they correctly got for irrespective of their earlier assigned responsibilities in the organization. The company can learn note about its employee staff (Barak 19).

Consequences of Failing to Implement Diversity Within an Organization

Destroys Bran Image

The various organizations have had severe setbacks due to their failure of adhering to difference; specifically gender equity in their organizations. Inner has recently been hitting the headlines all for the wrong reasons (Guillaume and Yves 17). The primary issue that seems to be the tarnishing failure of Uber diversifying their employee base to include female gender seems to be striking them as there is a massive drop in client base. The customers who quit using you uber services claim that the organization has failed to respond to their needs he...

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