The Effects of Use of Projectors in Classrooms - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-06-21


Due to increase development of the internet, students have become digital natives by welcoming technology into the classrooms for learning purposes. The following are some of the instructional support of using projectors for educational purposes; efficient note-taking. Usually, it can be more tiresome for students to concentrate on listening and note-taking respectively hence the use of interactive projectors to convey information. Also, Interactive presentation keeps students engaged in classes. Moreover, it promotes better use of time in the lecturer's hall. Previously, teachers used to get into the classes very early enough to write up notes, continuously erase and rewrite contents on the board as the lesson continues. It often caused students to lose interests in studies. Lastly, Teaching with a range of medium to save time, this majorly allows students to be focused and learn more effectively.

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Learning theories usually conceptual frameworks that explain how students internalize, process and retain knowledge during the learning session. The use of projectors have so far simplified learning activities hence students can absorb, process and keep knowledge with a lot of ease. It is usually through proper note-taking, interactive presentations in classrooms.

The use of technology is always associated with challenges that can directly or indirectly affect the students learning activities. The following are the gaps related to the use of projectors in a classroom; Power shortages, this is usually a crisis during the lectures programs due to power blackout hence it dramatically affects students studies. Also, the use of outdated technology to pass information leads to lack of creativity amongst students.

As much as the school strives to maximize the use of technological tools in the classes, there still exist barriers to achieve this mission. The following are the responses of a classmate on the obstacles to filling these gaps, i.e., Resistance to change amongst the lecturers. Also, the inability to access useful technological tools like projectors, lack of professional development as a result of the lecturer's unpreparedness to learn and integrate technology. Inadequate creativity and innovation have also become a significant barrier to this mission.

For the maximization on the use of technology, the existing barriers should be minimized. It can be done through, encouraging lecturers to embrace the new technology by putting it into practice. The school should promote innovation of technological tools to achieve the right quality. Also, lecturers should be well trained in the use of technological tools.

The responses to the barriers associated with the use of projectors are factual since these are activities which occur in our learning environment daily and have dramatically affected the learning activities.


In summary, the use of technological tools like projectors in studies has benefited students so much in their studies. It has promoted interactive participation and saved time during studies. These technological tools are also associated with a lot of challenges, i.e., they are unable to operate without a source of power, they require high computer literacy to handle and even continuous innovation to ensure proper quality.

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