The Benefits of a New RN Residence Program Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

A new Registered Nurse residence program serves to assist new graduates to change into clinical practice. The programs go from period of 6 months to is a program that gives graduates the opportunity to evidence-based decision-making skills and hones critical thinking. From this program, the residents not only get the chance to learn on serving the patients effectively or even the families. However, in line with set procedures, strategies and technology mostly utilized at their institution they get to know on how effectively to serve these patients. The RN residence program has areas of specialty like educational experiences and clinical.

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It is highly recommended that every nurse at the start of their career or at the juncture of their career transition have the benefit of a residency program. The program gives nurses the skills, knowledge, and capability to interact with families and patients via holistic this case the program increases on critical competencies on the nurses. A Registered nurse in their start of the hospital career it is important they learn of the facility daily routines, policies set or procedures. As a matter of fact, that is significant but in the process, many may lose the focus on other vital core competencies. The RN residence program comes into developing the nurses' communication skills and evidence-based decision making.

On building the nurses' experience it is the practice on critical skills and a combination of mentorship that works better. The RN residence program has nurses gain the feeling of being empowered to transitioning to a professional setting from educational. New graduates nurses many at times lack competencies in areas as critical thinking, leadership, organization, communication as well as stress management. In improving the strategies for improving transitioning of the Registered nurse the implementation of the residence program help build a core competency in those areas. The Residency program includes means on how to build clear communication skills on the nurses. It is through the building of the communication skills that develop clinical reasoning among nurses and critical thinking on situation-specific skills like on end-of-life instances.

According to Benner, he claims that in becoming a nurse one would only grow on the basis of experience gained. Benner explains experience as knowledge refinement in the practical situation encounters and not the longevity of nurses being in their career. Most times nurses tend to be in exposure to various different patients in their path of being competent. It is the residency program that is well structured that would help in guiding the nurses through most in turn, increases on their overall experience supporting ease in developing core competencies on the nurses.

A new Registered nurse seems to be transitioning to a new role other than just being to a new career environment. The need of the residency program comes in hand in achieving patient-centered care to greater levels. From a survey done, it showed that less felt prepared in giving effective and safe care. The residency program implementation achieves the higher performance as nurses learn on patients' safety. The program benefits the nurses as they gain skills in evidence-based practice and patient-centered care as well as quality improvement on their practical experience. Patient-centered care for the longest time amongst medical PR actioner has yet to be reached thus the introduction of residency programs in hospitals. It is a type of care that has nurses give enhanced experience thus make patients feel that they are respected, empowered and involved.

It is achieved by giving individuals easy-to-understand data of their state thereby the likelihood of more patient involvement in making decisions. Investing in residency programs is quite beneficial to achieving patient-centered care. The shift to patient-centered care results in enhancing health care providers' concordance to that of patients' treatment plans adherence. It thereby leads to improving on the health outcomes thus increasing healthcare services on patients' satisfaction. Achieving higher levels of patient-centered care has benefited highly the primary health care as patients can manage better their health since nurses with such experience tend to be supported and well informed. In relation to patient-centered care, it includes increasing empowerment as well as improving self-perceptions on patients. The residency programs act of achieving higher levels of patient-centered care is also highly of benefit in achieving clinical care of higher level.

The implementation of residency programs to nurses has since seen to reduce nurses' turnover. It refers to the percentage of employees leaving an institution and having replacements by new nurses, this particular act is commonly found in any kind of career. From a career like that of nurses in a medical facility, high employee turnover disrupts highly the patients and other staffs. In a certain instance, from an RN Work project in a span of one year 17.9% nurses left in the start of their first career. In that first year, it's most recognizable as a time of extreme stress that nurses undergo making them leave the profession. It is the Nurse Residency program that results in improving job satisfaction in the Registered nurses, as well as performance and retention.

The program gives knowledge on why the nurses leave and ways to make them stay. It is beneficial to know of reasons why they leave, most times it's not about monetary cost but the rationale varies. A research done showed 43% nurses desire an increase on staff other than an increase on shifts or wages. Nurses should undergo the residency program to learn on how to deal with situations like an instance of work volume that's excessive. It reduces nurses' turnover and makes nurses stay. The residency program makes nurses stay as in the process communication lines are built between the staff and the management enhancing satisfaction to all nurses at work reducing the zeal to leave. Apart from enhancing the critical work process, the program also makes nurses stay longer in their profession. The program enlightens them on how to create schedules of work and balance responsibilities distribution avoiding staffs being overworked.


A new RN residency program is high of benefit to nurses as it will lead to nurses transitioning from novice nurses to competent professionals. It is through the program that nurses will attain effectiveness in decision-making skills in relation to clinical performance and judgment. At the point of care, the knowledge gained from residency programs will provide nurses with clinical nursing leadership skills. A nurse Residency program intends to enlighten practicing nurses to have a smoother experience as its main focus tend to be on interdisciplinary care, the safety of the patients and leadership skills. Any hospital should consider this option of having a nurse residency program as it carries along many benefits.


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