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There are two pie graphs provided for the Texas and Massachusetts expenditures. The two have states have divided their expenditures according to what they prioritize most, to what they prioritize the least. The highly prioritized sectors have the largest portion in the pie charts, to mean the spending rates in such sectors are high in contrast to the least prioritized. (Chantrill Christopher) In Texas, people spend more on health care, with a spending rate of 36%, with the education sector spending rate following closely with a rate of 25%. Pensions are given the third priority, with a rate of 13% of the total spending. The transport sector is the fourth most prioritized sector, where from the cumulative spending, it has a share of 8% while the welfare sector follows closely with a 6% share on the spending chart. Protection and miscellaneous expenditure come in with the same portion share of 4% while the general government is the second least prioritized sector, with a share of 2%. In the interest sector and defense, the least spending is experienced with a percentage of 1% of the total spending on both.

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(Chantrill Christopher) In Massachusetts, the statistics are quite different, since some sectors are given more priorities than others in Texas. Analyzing the data, the health care sector has been given 35% of the expenditure, while education follows with a very huge difference, being given a 14% share on the spending. Following very closely is the transport sector with a portion of 12% and welfare with 11% of the total spending. The pension has been allocated a 10% portion in the spending pie chart, and miscellaneous spending has an allocation of 6%. Interest sector is at 5% while protection and general government lie at 4%. The defense has a 0% allocation in the spending of Massachusetts.

The two pie graphs show how spending planning is done in the government for the states of Texas and Massachusetts. The plan is done and allocation made in accordance with how important and vital the sector is. In both states, health care receives the largest attention and people get to spend so much on the sector. This is with no doubt that it is a highly valued sector, unlike a sector like defense, that does not have any share on the spending on Massachusetts while having only a 1% share in Texas. Education is almost equally valued with health care in Texas, unlike in Massachusetts, whose spending is approximately half that of health care. This shows that in all the sectors, the health sector receives a greater priority, the rest are categorized under the same bracket. Contrary, in Texas, the spending is not biased on one sector, as is evident from the graph that in all the sectors, the spending allocation is not biased on one specific side, but equally issued as per the priority.

Education and health are the key sectors in both places. They are highly valued than any other sector and the governments in both are tirelessly working to ensure every individual gets access to medical insurances and academic certificates. In Massachusetts, the defense is not given any share of the spending cost. This would mean that the government does not completely invest in the country's defense, but only protection. The citizens of Massachusetts would live in fears of their security since they would live with the notion that their lands are not defended enough. In Texas, defense of the state and protection are equally distributed, although for defense it is not satisfactory. By this, the residents have a little confidence in their security state. The welfare of Massachusetts is given a huge priority in the spending budget than in Texas. The residents of Massachusetts are more covered and their rights protected than those of Texas.

In both states, they have invested most in the education and health sectors. Massachusetts has a rank in the first position by the US News and World Report, in a report that cited education, economy and health care (Stevens and Charlie). As per the report, the pulsating environment for education, advanced and reassuring health care terms and revolutionizing economy makes Massachusetts emerge the best of all. The same case with Texas, where its booming technological innovations is worth a praise.

However, in Texas, the academic is often linked to innovating technological ways to improve the existing technologies. Texas was named as the top state of the decade by CNBC (Abbott Greg) because of the booming economic growth from innovation. Moreover, the personal income rates have gone up due to high investment in education. There the economic growth policies that have helped business embellishment and have attracted major employers. These are proceedings reforms, low taxation, smooth regulations, rights to work rules, and a reserved government.

In Massachusetts, education has brought in a lot smarter brains and there are a variety of great schools. The governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker explained that high academic spending has led to whole experience of an ecosystem around healthcare, technology, and finance. The government of Massachusetts pays more attention to people gaining knowledge than survival skills (Mark).

Texas government assist people to gain survival experience through gaining the education, that they put the skill learned in real life situation to improve their daily lives through innovation, (Tyler) but the Massachusetts government mostly seek to input knowledge to all the state's people without caring how they are going to apply it.

A quality life is where one is given an opportunity to improve himself in his daily life, while assured of both health and wealth richness. More to this, getting an opportunity to freely expand your knowledge on improving the way of doing something is a big achievement which improves one's quality of life. In Texas, people have been fully given chances to utilize the knowledge gained in education to improve their ways of living via technological innovations. The citizens of Texas enjoy a cheaper economy that supports their innovative projects. An example is given by Tyler, in the Time Inc., where Colando, a graduate of alternative energy from the State University started his alternative energy business serving the settlers in the isolated area of Texas enabling the neighbors to benefit for the "big electric company" by living off the grid, by fixing wind run and solar-powered electric systems. The ease of running a small scale earning business is relatively cheap than in Massachusetts. Living in Texas is, therefore, the best place for a start-up, since it is still in the stages of growth and there are a wide number of opportunities to innovate and explore.

Texas has deteriorated in social services, with very meager welfare benefits and approximately a quarter of the citizens living there are not covered under the health insurance. The crime rates on property and violent crimes is an emerging issue. The education schools are scanty, yet it is basic for every single entrepreneur in Texas. In government spending, the allocation should be done based on the mean challenges that Texas has faced. Defense and protection should be considered as an important issue to concentrate. Citizens' welfare should be at the heart of the government to prioritize its allocation as well (Abbott, Greg)

Massachusetts is already a well thriving state, with the really thriving academic system and health care service, with less than 5% of the citizens uncovered under the medical insurance. Its mortality rates are relatively low and have maintained a state of richness. The government spending allocation is the best and altering it would bring an imbalance in some fields (Mark).

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