Terrorism in 21st Century: Exploring the Use of Social Noise - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-17


In the recent past incidences of terrorism have been on the increase across the globe. Terrorism refers to the use of intentional violence against the population for political purposes. In the 21st century, the terrorists are using the social nose to communicate their political interests and agenda to the intended party. Social noise tends to be a communicative tool that is used by the suicide terrorist to send the intended message. Social noise usual contribute various roles to the 21st century terrorism; some of this roles include, first, social noise has changed the audience or target population opinions and attitude concerning towards the attacks, for instance, the suicide terrorism cases that have occurred in the recent past have had a particular message or demands on a various factors this has resulted to the change of peoples opinion and attitude towards this factors. Secondly, it is used to communicate a particular message to a wide group of individual. Most of the social noise cases that occur in the society are usually highlighted by a wide range of social media sites, thus helping to communicate the intended message extensively.

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Flaws in Kumar and Mandel Perspective

There are no flaws on Mandel and Kumar perspective on suicide terrorism; this is because they have both focused on all the aspects of areas related to these acts. The two are keen on explaining every key detail in suicidal terrorism by focusing on a different perspective or sides concerning this issue. For instance, by explaining the roles of a psychologist in understanding suicidal terrorist, the use of children and young adult in suicidal terrorism, and the various ways of preventing terrorism within the society.

How Social Nose Help the United States Military in Defence Planning

Social noise tends to be very effective in assisting the respective governing agency in defense planning. In the United States military in defense planning social noise assists in various ways that include; first, it enables the American military in intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance. In most cases, most of suicide terrorism cases are conducted by individual's volunteers who are dedicated towards a certain course. The United States military is, therefore, able to intercept any communications among the individuals intending to initiate terrorist attacks and even trace the location of these individuals. The military also tend to be aware of any planned attack, and they are able to stop it before it happens. Secondly, social noise also helps the military in making preparations for any attack. The United States military is usually aware of all the resources and agencies such as the fire and medical response that are needed to be to respond to any terrorist suicide incident that may take place. Therefore, they tend to make earlier preparation and allocation of their resources to ensure that in case of any attack, the number of casualties will not be high. Thirdly, they usually help the military to organize the tactical units. The United States military tends to have a specific tactical unit that has the mandate of engaging and preventing any terrorist attacks. Earlier preparation and organization of such units usually help in hostage rescue incidences, preventive actions and responding to any on-going attack.


In the recent past, terrorists have now turned to the use of social noise to communicate their intended message to the respective agency. The terrorists usually prefer to use social nose since it captures the attention of a large number of individuals, and it is also effective in changing people opinion and attitude. On the other hand, social noise tends to crucial in defense planning. For instance, it helps the military in intelligence gathering and reconnaissance and also in preparing tactical units.

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