Technology and Ethics Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09


Advancements in technology are rapidly growing in our communities. Various ethics are involved in different technologies such as social media, Facebook and Blogging. However, this advancement in technology has its advantages and disadvantages as well. In most cases, human beings use technology for their self-interest and gain. The internet, for example, is the standard and quickest medium of communication due to improvements in technique. It can be used for doing purposeful research as well as fulfilling the human's needs and benefiting them. Due to the improved technology, the current society can use internet for e-learning and distance learning. The importance of the new technology and its causes and effects to the community and environment as a whole are further discussed below.

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Why did I select this topic of research?

This topic of research is appropriate to be an entire society. Personally, technology has improved my schedule. Being a student, I can do distance learning (e-learning) with no difficulty. Together with our various professors from different fields we can finish the course syllabus and do the assignments without encountering any obstacle. Also, with the improved technology, I can view my results and performance from my student portal. It makes our learning as students exciting and enjoyable.

What are some of the cons and pros of the new technology?

The internet is now used by everyone globally. More so, it is essential in everyone's lives. Websites like the have been created. Online booking tickets, online buying and bidding websites such as have also been established. Despite these good things that technology has brought, it has its cons as well which includes; pornography films are at high rates thus damaging the youth's moral behaviors. The information system can be hacked in that; private information, credit cards, and passwords can be hacked leading to stealing an increase in crime rates. Despite this rude internet behavior the individuals responsible might not be sued or jailed. The stem cell research has been the most research done on the internet by the scholars (Alvater et al. 2018).

What is Ethics and technology in the society?

Technology is the most mightful force in the world. Therefore it should be criticized as to whether it is liberating or destroying the community. Technology is within us; thus, it cannot be changed because it keeps on evolving every day. The ethical issues in various business companies and the society have emerged due to the improved technology. Many people in the community perceive that this technology has rapidly grown more than the nation itself (Whetzel, 2014).

Ethics are what is helping us to choose what is right and what is wrong. Due to the rise of new technology in the modern life, it has become a more laborious task of determining what is right and what is wrong. Individuals in the society can do many things that are fundamentally known to be wrong and others that are not sure. For instance, a couple watching pornography film; yes, it is wrong to view a pornography film, but these are adults and married couples. With the religion, that act is illegal. But with the society, they are not sure whether it is wrong or right.

An environmental, ethical issue, on the other hand, refers to the relationship deal with the relationship between humans and the environment. There are entirely some issues caused by humans that end up affecting the environment. However, in this study, our primary focus is revolving around the climate change in the atmosphere, technological causes, and the possible technical solutions. Digital media ethics in the environment is associated with the problems and norms of the news media. Blogging, journalism and social media are some of the digital news media in which information is shared.


The improved technology has caused many damages in the contemporary society and is causing losses to our planet as well. The new technology has affected the environment and the community. For instance, when taking some environmental photos a photojournalist in their research may alter with the images taken on the situation by either changing the color photo or the tone photo (Wicker et al., 2017). In my opinion, it is good to create more awareness in the society on the adverse effects of technology, especially to the young children. Therefore, children should be brought up in a religious way respect, love and dignity should be valued as well as good morals and ethical behaviors. Ecological ethics such as valuing and respecting our environment should be highly valued by humans. I believe that by adjusting the way we live our everyday life will help a great deal in preserving and saving our environment and society from more damages of this new technology.


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