Essay Example on Sound and Fury: Family's Struggle for Identity and Understanding

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Date:  2022-12-27

Sound and fury is a documentary film directed by Josh Aronson of a compelling story of a family who struggles to fit in hearing and the deaf community. This film talks about a person's identity, belonging to a culture and desire to be understood as an outsider. The people who are struggling in this film are members of a family who are both hearing-impaired as well as hearing and cannot decide whether to have a cochlear implant. They have a six years old daughter named Heather who is deaf. She is a good student who earns high grades in school and has embraced both hearing and deaf world comfortably. Although heather has managed to coexist in both cultures successfully, she should have cochlear implant surgery to make her life better and easier.

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I understand the parent's fear of losing your child to another world of hearing community, but in this case, I would like heathers future to be considered. Heather is still young which makes her the best candidates of a cochlear implant. She is also a minor, so will need to make few adjustments to fit well in hearing community as she has done before. She will be able to communicate with her friends well without missing any detail. The cochlear implant will make her life easier and will open many career opportunities in the future. Even after the implant heather will still remain to be your daughter and nothing will change in your relationship other that she will be hearing. These may be many complications that come with this surgery but heather is at her best age which minimizes the risks.

Implanting cochlear does not mean that the deaf community is being wiped out. This surgery is just trying to make life as you know it better. It will make heathers dream of deviating from a quiet world come true as it has worked for artianian children. Heather is already an excellent student and she should not be denied an opportunity to explore limitless possibilities. Heather is willing to have a cochlear implant as a parent it only is to grant her wishes that are possible. She is eager to hear and see what the hearing world can offer her which will be made possible if her loving parents would agree her to have the surgery. This will be a huge decision all the factors considered but I promise you one day when Heather is older will thank you for making the right decision as a parent. You will have opened more doors for her if you agreed to give her a cochlear implant.


The deaf community is a culture that is important and heather have been part of it since birth that why I understand the hesitant. The cochlear implant will not make heathers disconnect from that community since she will remain to be a member of your family, but it will enable her to have more hearing options. It will improve her hearing capabilities and she will be able to do things like taking through phone and improves her speech skills. Heather will be able to hear things like school bells, sires and music a wonderful world that she has not experienced before. She will be able to make career choice without any hearing limitations and she will function well in both worlds. All these possibilities can only come true if you as a parent make a decision to give Heather a cochlear implant.

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