Essay Example on Amazon Fire Stick: Enhancing User Experience with Internet of Things

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Date:  2023-09-03

With an increase in technology, the business for the internet of things has been on the rise, with devices such as the Amazon Fire Stick being made to make human work easier. According to Mohajeri Moghaddam et al., at least 65.3% of the Internet users in the United States use a smart Television (1). The Amazon Fire Stick is a gadget developed by Amazon meant to be connected to the television to give users access to audio and video content from the internet. Besides, it offers the users a wide range of services, from access to books to games. Therefore, as part of the Amazon ecosystem, the Amazon Fire Stick has revolutionized the world by offering a range of entertainment features to its users.

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The Amazon Fire Stick is associated with self-actualization needs. An individual could purchase an Amazon Fire Stick to become self-developed. Some users of the internet could utilize it for spiritual meditation or self-denial, among other purposes depending on the individual needs. Amazon technology has been meant to enhance self-understanding, which is an important aspect of development. The gadget has let humans exploit information that exceeds their self-knowledge. Applying the Amazon Fire Stick to the modern world enables human beings to surpass and experience more than just their physical identifications.

Amazon Fire Stick has been part of the artificial intelligence that exploits the limits of human intelligence. Through the gadget, human beings can perform tasks such as gaining information from another region, which could have been otherwise difficult to access. The recent trends have made the internet an essential need for human beings such that it is difficult to take it away. A lot of people cannot live without the internet. Additionally, upcoming generations are relying on technology to make their tasks even simpler. Therefore, the Amazon Fire Stick is a culmination of human achievements, a reason it can be associated with the self-actualization needs.

There are various buying influences associated with the Amazon Fire Stick technology. Firstly, the economic factor is an important consideration for the end-user when making purchasing decisions. The Amazon Fire Stick is priced such that only those who can afford it can purchase it. The affordability of the gadget aligns with control of the individual budget. Besides, economic influence depends on the needs of the user, including just entertainment or business. The business-oriented individuals may want to evaluate the Return On Investment before making the purchase.

The technical or functional influence is also associated with the Amazon Fire Stick in that buyers in this category focus on the feasibility of the product. The Amazon Fire Stick applies to a wide range of services, including business. Therefore, technical concern would be primarily based on job performance. Users in this category would want to seek whether they would have additional work to perform as soon as they purchase the gadget or whether there could be better alternatives before making a purchasing decision.

Purchasing decisions could also be based on personal factors, including an individual’s lifestyle, occupation, social class, and economic statuses. Other personal characteristics that would influence the buying behavior of the gadget include age and gender factors. For instance, teenagers could be more interested in exploiting opportunities and information on the internet more than the elderly or even middle-aged individuals. Additionally, those living in high social classes would want to update their style and perception by purchasing the Fire Stick. Individuals highly designated than others could afford to get the Fire Stick, whereas those with occupations with low wages could also not afford the gadget easily. According to the buying influences, the user is the ultimate decision-maker when purchasing the Amazon Fire Stick.

The compensatory model pertinent to selling the Amazon Fire Stick presents various pieces of information that could be grouped to enhance purchase decisions. With the model, the existing alternatives could be reduced easily, improving the decision-making process (Rothrock & Jing 125). The compensatory model for new technology is applicable, especially when there are instances of self-discrepancy. The act of using the Amazon Fire Stick could expose one to an increased sense of isolation that would exclude the user from the external social world. As a result, it would be human behavior to self-regulate themselves from that which causes self-discrepancy.

The compensatory model, while using the Amazon Fire Stick, would comprise various strategies such as direct resolution. For instance, an individual who finds themselves lagging behind technology and finding the latest games or movies, they would want to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick to align with the new technology. Additionally, the model would also comprise of the individuals who would purchase the gadget for display, only to have an objective indicator of the latest technology even though they do not use it.

Escapism would also be part of the compensatory model, where an individual may opt to purchase and use the Amazon Fire Stick for them to turn their attention away from the world of technology. A user could focus their attention on the Fire Stick of they had external habits that created self-discrepancies. The aim of escapism would be reducing the salience of self-discrepancies created by an individual along with other external factors. The compensatory model would, therefore, consist of the direct resolution, symbolic self-completion, and escapism, which are meant to address self-discrepancy issues.

The Amazon Fire Stick is associated with the “New Task” type of purchase. Many Amazon Fire Stick users have previously not used the gadget and would want to exploit the technology offerings. Therefore, regardless of whether the user is an individual or an organization, as long as they are purchasing the gadget for the first time, the purchase is associated with the “New Task.” The buying decision is influenced by either internal needs or external needs that would have arisen with time. The type of purchase for the Amazon Fire Stick exposes the users to a wide range of alternatives that present competition to the gadget because the users have no experience working with the gadget.


For the “New Task,” an individual evaluates the costs and risks associated with purchasing the Amazon Fire Stick before making a decision. Therefore, a lot of information is sought before purchase. Besides, the category makes the purchase decision take long to reach a final option to buy it. Users may be seen to enquire about a lot of things before purchase, including the price limits, the product specification, and capabilities, logistics, terms of service, as well as the terms of payment. However, the category makes a great opportunity still a challenge, especially when the costs and benefits situation was not analyzed effectively.

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