Teaching Strategies in Nursing Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-08

Goals and objectives are part of the pre-considerations when a student is choosing a certain course to pursue in a higher learning institution. It is always important to identify the key things that one needs to have accomplished at the end of that particular course since this will aid in planning for the best resources and strategies to utilize in ensuring that the pre-determined results are obtained successfully. At the beginning of this course, there were pre-stated goals that I was determined to achieve within the learning period, and I anticipated to gain more new knowledge and skills that are essential and applicable in the accomplishment of future career ambitions. Therefore, I have utilized the available resources offered by the course to ensure that these goals are achieved successfully and substantially. The program has contributed significantly in various ways to this achievement and has laid a reliable and critical foundation to enhance my performance.

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First, throughout the course, students are assigned projects regularly that should be either done individually or in groups. The tasks, which are based on the course goals, are meant to test one's understanding of the various aspects being taught in and outside the classroom. The projects cover different fields of the course, and they are structured distinctively to enable the students to have a comprehensive understanding of what they are being taught by the professors. Some assignments involve case studies that are essential aspects to evaluate one's skills and abilities that are applicable when dealing with real-life scenarios. Consequently, I have been able to gain substantial experience through elaborate researches done when working on the assigned projects. Some tasks require one to dig deeper because the information needed must be obtained from various sources including interacting with different people from diverse settings. Also, I have been able to learn a lot of knowledge from my colleagues and group members since some assignments are supposed to be completed as a team through which we share ideas and opinions (McPherson, 2001). Hence, through these resources, I have been able to develop new and more enhanced skills and attitudes that are essential for the accomplishment of the set course goals. For instance, through case studies involving the study of drugs, which included visiting health settings such as pharmacies and hospitals, and interacting with health experts, I was able to familiarize with most of the medicinal products. It was among my goals to have a more distinct understanding of drugs and their various categories, and through these internal and external projects, I was able to achieve it successfully.

Second, during the course period, we are provided with learning and research resources such as books and journals among others. Also, we are recommended by our instructors to visit and explore various health facilities such as hospitals, centres, and pharmacies to examine and conduct different studies associated with our pre-stated course goals. It is through these recommendations that I have had the opportunity to interact and familiarize with various types of health officers and patients being treated for different illnesses. The interactions have enabled me to adopt new and more comprehensive abilities that are essential when integrating with patients and other professionals in a health setting. Through the guidance of the course instructors and other senior officials, I have been able to fulfil several course goals such as enhancing my communication skills and learning of different patients' behaviors and needs (Jeffries, 2005). Furthermore, the recommendations have reduced some learning barriers such as incorporative respondents. I have been able to utilize them as a basis to convince some resourceful people who have provided substantial information and their experiences regarding the profession.

Finally, the course has provided a firm platform that I can utilize to access different resources that can enhance my knowledge and experience in ensuring that are accomplish my goals fully. It has been easy to access essential channels such as significant websites and journals using the course details and assistance from the instructors (O'shea, 2003). Thus, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills that are relevant to my specialty and associated with the set goals. Moreover, I have been approved on several accounts to conduct studies in different settings that are connected to the course, and this has boosted my background education, abilities, and attitudes since I have been able to integrate with many significant individuals or groups that are more experienced on the specialty. Therefore, being a student pursuing this course, it has been easy to explore a lot of fields that are otherwise inaccessible to other individuals outside the program. For instance, I have interviewed health professionals and patients successfully using the course details as my identity; hence, it has contributed significantly to all the achievements.


In conclusion, the learning materials provided for the course are simplified and distinct to enable the students to identify and understand their context. They provide comprehensive information that is clearly illustrated to avoid misleading the readers and also boost their knowledge and skills at the ground level during practical learning. Hence, by integrating this classroom learning with the functional studies in the fields, a student is equipped with substantial abilities and background to enhance performance at the workplace. The achievement of the course goals through the utilization of the effective platform provided by the course, I have been equipped with adequate and critical experience that will be transformed into impressive results at the workplace. Therefore, not only has the course been helpful during the learning period, but it is also an essential foundation for enhanced performance during the achievement of the future career goals.


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