Teaching Early Children: My Personal Philosophy - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-18


Personal philosophy refers to the educator. Education in early children enables children to develop both mentally, physically, cultural heritage, and experience. Early children learning promotes their positive continuations (Krogh, 2010). In my philosophy, I will tackle the goals of teaching as well as the ways on how to accomplish them. It will still contain the description of my feelings towards public education, the kind of teacher, at what age a child should be introduced into learning, and the best teaching plans.

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Under philosophy, children are believed to be competent and capable; their minds are absorbent and usually take into their minds what they ave learned through the experience (Krogh, 2010). In my philosophy, I have a belief that children are curious to learn and get to know new things. They are very much creative, unique, and imaginative. As a personal philosophy, there is a need to provide the children with a chance to explore to be in a position to learn on their own.

Teaching Concept

As an educator, I will ensure that I have set a mission that will enable in attaining positive learning, providing a strong basement of lifelong learning, and sparking the enthusiasm for learning. To accomplish such, I will employ broad different strategies based on the most critical educational principles that encompass cognitive functioning, diversity issues, assessment, planning, and diversity issues.

The cognitive issue helps the learner in implementing as well as applying appropriate strategies to formal as well as to operational learners. I will plan activities like brief writing, which helps in the determination of children's cognitive levels.

Learning style, cultural diversity, and group culture help the learners in designing and tailoring useful instructions by the implementation of appropriate strategies. I base my design instructions on the use of a research-based cycle, which provides individual preferences, engagement of diverse learners, and establishment of perspectives.

Goals For Learners

As an educator, I believe in helping the children on how to achieve specific goals. I must help them to make critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing. To boost their critical thinking, i will employ various set books and narrate tales hence questioning them different questions on what they have learned. Under solving problems, I should imply a variety of solutions. Then by accomplishing their writing skills, I will exercise them into dictations and mark what they have put down.

Teaching Methods

I believe in ensuring that children understand better, there must be a strategy on how to teach them. I have to create group works, case studies, interactive lectures, and simulations. By applying group works will boost the understanding of the children as they will be involved in an in-depth discussion. Having interactive lectures will encourage them to feel free, and by so they will participate in class. I trust that case studies will provide much information to the students.

Learning Assessment

As a personal philosophy, I believe in assessments to evaluate the level of understanding of the children. Continuous assessment test (CAT), assignments, and end of term exams will be done. Such analyses will help me in evaluating the ability of them to understand and remember.

Professional Growth

Concerning my professional growth, I have to provide an opportunity to ensure continual growth as well as learning. As an educator, I hope to instill my children's with a love of learning as I share with them my passion for learning. I still feel a need for strong, compassionate, as well as dedicating individuals excited by my work with children. I still have to attend conferences for the attainment of more teaching information.


Krogh, S. L., & Slentz, K. L. (2010). Early childhood education: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Routledge.

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