Sun City Public Relations Campaigns Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
Pages:  4
Wordcount:  1052 Words
Date:  2022-09-22

1. Situation

Sun City has managed to do well in various areas of CSR. However, the company has been underperformed in certain areas of CSR. The company has promoted gambling in Macau as an entertainment strategy for the youth. However, gaming is addictive and can lead to bankruptcy and broken homes. Gambling is unsustainable, and therefore it is important for Sun City to educate the youths on responsible gambling to control the behavior. Gambling issues occur when people are uneducated, and they do not understand to do play responsibly. The government and casino management has the role of creating policies to control gambling to ensure that people do not do it excessively. Further, the company needs to provide more resources and a platform to promote Macau's local singer or actor. The company has not been doing enough to promote the movie and music industry in Macau. It hosts shows, but it welcomes artists from honk Kong rather than local artists.

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2. Objectives

Gambling is an issue that Sun City and the residents of Macau must address. The first objective is to educate the youths on responsible betting and why it is desired. The desire is to increase gambling awareness by 50 percent among youths who use social media and news media. The message must be sent received and understood by the intended audience. The objective will be to ascertain the percentage of media coverage that every PR activity generated using a pie chart. The media channels are important in helping spread the message to the intended audience. Various media channels can be used to spread the message including the news media, direct mail, and special events. The intention is to make most people in Macau understand what gambling is and how it can affect their lives. The audience needs to know that they should not engage in gambling every day since it is harmful. The audience also needs to know that music and movie artists could come forth and look for platforms to show case their talent and abilities to help promote local artists (Puglisi, 2012).

A motivational objective in this campaign is to make people be inspired to act. To increase the percentage of senior management who believe that the campaign is important to the Sun City's long-term goals through direct interaction with the board as well as the senior management meeting by 50 percent by the target date of the campaign. This objective will aim at convincing the leadership of the company that it is important for them to implement the gambling campaign training that is meant to reduce this behavior.

The other objective is to increase the number of youths who attend the campaign by 50 percent. The campaign is meant to change the attitude of youths and the senior management so that they can accept the campaign for change to be realized. Some uneducated youths believe that gambling is an income generating activity. However, the campaign is meant to change this attitude and therefore help them that they may lose their savings due to this game.

3. Stakeholders and Target Audience

The stakeholders include the company senior management, its employees, the government, and the owners of the casinos. These stakeholders should be reinforcing the CSR activities of reducing gambling and enhancing music and movies in Macau. The target audience of the campaign is the youths. These are people between 12 years to 35 years. Males and females engage in gambling and music, and therefore both genders are targeted. The income level of this group n is less than 50,000 annually. Individuals who engage in these activities are unemployed or are students making them vulnerable to these activities. Friends tend to influence each other to engage in these activities.

4. Strategies

The increased awareness of a campaign in Macau by the youths in the area will be achieved by using some of the youth leaders in this area. These leaders will help in passing across any message that the youths will need to hear regarding the campaign. Further, various media channels will be used especially the ones that the youths like the most such as social media sites. These platforms will increase the probability of the youths to get the message that will be relayed to them. Most youths interact using social media in recent years which makes the platform easier and capable of reaching the targeted people. The objective will be achieved by transmitting the message clearly and to the targeted persons. The use of news media and public events will increase awareness since many people watch the TV and attend social events. Every message that will be passed across to the target group is aimed at being short and direct to the point to save time for youths who are bored easily by long conversations or speeches (Gregory, 2010).

Proper communication with the senior management is required to change their attitudes towards the campaign. Continuous communication with senior management is required to convince them on why the change should happen before the targeted day of the event. The continuous communication strategy will help address any issues that the stakeholders have on this issue so that they can see the need for the CSR initiatives. It is vital to be prepared by gaining a lot of experience, knowledge and data regarding the CSR initiatives that need to be implemented to be comfortable when asked to answer any questions by the management. The ability to communicate in a clear and convincing manner and not being confused when presenting to them will be a great advantage. In regards to changing the attitudes of the youths, they need to be cautioned against gambling. Cautioning them will push them to act and therefore reduce their gambling behavior. Emphasizing on the negative aspects of the behavior will sensitize the youths regarding the negative effects of the game, and they will take caution when engaging in such activities since they will know that it is harmful. These strategies will be instrumental in informing the target audience and also convincing the management to act and implement the CSR activities that they were doing badly. The target audience will benefit from gaining knowledge regarding the harmful activities.


Gregory, A. (2010). Planning and managing public relations campaigns: A strategic approach. London: Kogan Page.

Puglisi, G. R. (2012). Public relations campaigns and portfolio building. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon

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