Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-27


The primary objective of this chapter is to look at the initial classroom research, analysis of e-textbooks, analysis of MOOCs, and questionnaire design. The questionnaire design focuses on three different questionnaires. The first questionnaire captures the internet as a learning tool while the second questionnaire is an evaluation sheet for language learning websites. Lastly, the third questionnaire looks at the taxonomy of language learning activities. The chapter finalizes with a conclusion which is a review of the contents of the section.

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Initial Classroom Research

Initial classroom research is a research design that this paper uses. It involves looking into classroom research contexts, conducting classroom observations. Classroom observations cater to the concerns and points to consider besides procedure and coding schemes. Classroom research design is a formal study of teaching and learning which attempts to analyze how well students are learning and the extent of effectiveness to which teachers perform their role. Classroom investigation also gazes at how learners study and also how they react to particular teaching methods. The teaching and learning approach that this paper focuses on is online learning. Therefore, classroom research looks at how students use and respond to online education and teaching approach. In classroom research, studies must be carried out in different contexts, and various methods must be used with an objective of gaining a deeper understanding of the complexity of online learning.

Analyzing e-textbooks

The research will examine the emergence of e-textbooks as the new type of teaching resource system. A different kind of authors usually designs the e-books, and the investigation will look into the development of new kinds of interactions between authors of these e-books and users, who are the students. This study will also look at the advantages and the disadvantages of using e-textbooks in various educational systems, and the different factors which influence the application of e-textbooks to learning. The research design also reviews the effectiveness of using e-textbooks and customarily printed formats.

Questionnaire Design

It is the procedure of developing the arrangement and questions that are used in a investigation apparatus with an objective of collecting data on a particular phenomenon. The design uses the various stages of survey design and their implementation. The questionnaire design process has a goal of reducing the amount of measurement error in a questionnaire. There are vital steps which are involved in developing a survey questionnaire. Questionnaire design is a collaborative and iterative process where researchers meet to discuss and draft a questionnaire over the course of development of research. Pilot tests are then conducted to enable the researcher to better understand people's opinions concerning the internet as a learning tool.

Questionnaire 1: The Internet as an education tool

In this section, the type of questions in the questionnaire depends on the objective that the researcher wants to achieve. It also focuses on what the researcher wants to capture. It is therefore imperative to obtain the name of the learning institution of the said research, the gender of the respondent, the frequency of computer use and probably which type, whether the respondent uses the internet, the reasons for using the internet among others.

Questionnaire 2: Evaluation Sheet for language learning Websites

Schools adopt the use of the internet in learning because it is easily accessible and modified in line with the student's needs. The second questionnaire evaluates the use of the internet websites to learn languages. It is an individual task that builds on the collaborative analysis in the classroom. The evaluation sheet must focus on the context of learning theories with constructivist elements. The primary goal of this evaluation sheet is to provide information on the language learning websites and how they improve the proficiency of the learners in the target language. The evaluation criteria depend on purpose (informative, communicative, educative); pedagogy, skills taught, level (beginner, intermediate, advanced); content, evaluation, and design.

Questionnaire 3: Taxonomy of Language Learning Activities

This questionnaire handles the strategies and the activities that directly and indirectly contribute to learning. The questionnaire focuses on capturing three approaches based on Rubin classification learning strategy (Cohen, 2014). The questionnaire is developed based on learning approaches (cognitive learning and metacognitive learning strategies); communication strategies, and lastly, social strategies.


This section summarizes the theoretical and the philosophical assumption of strategies highlighted above about online learning. The conclusion also discusses the research design for the study. The findings from the methodology can be determined from combined strands of data. The results will, therefore, form an integral part of the recommendations that this research will develop. The policymakers and professionals can use these recommendations from this study concerning recognizing the role of the internet in enhancing education in the various schools and outlining the potential strategies for improving internet use. The results from the above methodology will permit the formation of a new outline to upsurge the appreciation of internet use and its influences on learning.


Cohen, A. D. (2014). Strategies in learning and using a second language. Routledge.

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