Stories Driving Me Crazy

Paper Type:  Creative writing
Pages:  5
Wordcount:  1230 Words
Date:  2022-03-11

The time that all the people in the village were waiting for was near, and preparations for the grand festival in town were underway as the beginning of Christmas festivals was being planned some had even begun to invite people for a celebration during different days of the week to have fun. As I sat near the window in my cottage thinking about these people and their plans then suddenly I began to remember about that day we saw a mysterious man and his words.

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When my friends and I were playing on our compound a strange man passed by and looked at us with sad eyes and at the same time eyes full of jealousy and hatred. The man was old, and we wondered why such a man would look at us with such kind of a look. One of my mysterious friends went ahead and followed him to ask him why he had given such a look to the young boys who had been innocently playing their games. They had done no wrong to anybody nor had they planned to take part in anything wrong either. The man looked at my friend and told him as we heard " young man, don't worry about that now but several years to come you will come to understand the great pain that awaits you three decades from now. We looked at each other. Was this man a prophet? Who was he? And how had he come to know that three years we will suffer?

We decided to start our investigation of who this man was. We thought that he wanted only to scare as but thinking about it and observing the facial expression we could tell that it was both a true story and a false impression of the face so as to instill more fear in us as the children. We had to work out a plan to follow the man to know who he was. We agreed that we were going to use the road in the woods where he could not see us following him. The risk-taking began led by our curious friend who was always curious and never feared anything even the scariest thing of all. He was the courageous one in the group who still led us when we had risky missions like this one.

After reaching the stream, the man stopped, and he noticed that he was being followed. He called out to us and said, "Young boys, I know you have been following me. Several years from now one of you will stand to remember this day." Immediately he was done with this statement; I fell in the stream. How could this happen to me I did not know how to swim. Fortunately, my friend was able to rescue me. He began to laugh after I fell and this was when we realized that he was not a good man and we had to go away before more injuries are caused. We now sat down and began to laugh about all the moments we had that day.

I remembered that day and now here I was sitting by the window the night was dark and no one was walking on the streets. It was like I was alone in the whole town and then guess who was standing down across the street looking at my window. The old mysterious man! He was back. Fear got the better part of me, and I began to sweat profusely. Was this a dream? This must be a dream? How could all those years have passed and I see that man again? Wait a moment he said three decades to come and it was almost the same period when I had last seen him. He had now come to torment me alone after I had fallen in the stream the last time we saw him. Why me? Why not that friend of mine who incited us to follow this time? I was unable to make any move it is like he had come to instill more fear in me.No people or cars were moving along the road and it was like I was now alone with the petrifying man. I thought to myself that he must be a wizard and that he talked bout thirty years ago was a mystery.

I now realized that it was true. What the man had told us had come true because suddenly there was nobody in town and it was only him and I what was I going to do, I thought of calling my friend Smith to come and rescue me but on pressing the call button, I realized that there was no network connection and the lights even began to blink. Beads of sweat were now trickling down from my forehead. Is it one of my stories or was it a dream or was it happening? The man was now right behind me, and he was laughing an evil laugh. He said that my day for suffering had also come. "I... I what have I done to you, my friend? Please find it in your heart to forgive me" I tried to advocate for myself since there was nobody to help me. "Can you shut your mouth you little rat? Who are you to even question my actions? I told you that this time was going to come, but you did not warn the people.

You took my words for granted all you do is write stories to the people and have never thought of ever giving a warning about what I told you many years back." "I am sorry I did not know that it was going to be true" I tried to explain to was so sad that all I tried to do fell on deaf ears. He said that the earth had swallowed the people and I was the only one who was left. "Swallowed by the earth?" I asked "Yes swallowed by the earth," he replied. How could this be true? What was the reason for all this happening to them and I had been left all alone? The man laughed loudly with his laugh loud as thunder then disappeared.

I now began to hear voices in the background telling me that I will have to pay for not telling them of what had was said but as for me, I thought that it was not true. I was told indirectly but did not want to spread any false rumors without being sure of what I was going to say to the people. Thoughts filled my mind to the extent that I asked myself whether life was worth living any longer. I wanted to end my life to because it proved to be not worth living. I approached the knife cabinet to pick the pen knife and stub my stomach so that I would not continue living this life full of sorrows and torment every time. Just as I was about to stab myself, I heard my grandson calling me to see the beautiful painting that he had made of the family. As I woke up, I had a lot of sweat all over my body. I could not understand what was happening in my life. "I think writing stories will make me mad one day" I said as I smiled to myself.

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