Balancing Work and Family: The Military Corps Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-04


Today's working world has many threats to employees from various spheres of work. Some careers get seen to be offering a well-relaxed connection between the private life and working life of the employee. At the same time, else there are other careers which require many reductions considering the private life of an employee based on their leisure and family time. Military Corp work is among the most demanding tasks globally. A military employee is supposed to sacrifice his leisure and family entities, which include time and others to some degree (Haaland 2009). According to world statistics, America is among the top thirty nations which have a work-life balance which could get considered to be better in the world based on the previous generations. These get highly generated by the fact that the country has a large portion of the citizens working overtime on a regular schedule.

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These facts have contributed to the increased knowledge of employees on the high growth of expectations in work-life balance in the workforce. The idea of work-life balance has grown out not just like a concept but much more in various companies. The number of companies implementing these ideas of work-life balance has increased, and there are relying on the worker to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle (Haaland 2009). They have learne that happy workers are more motivated and productive than the ones who are not satisfied. The same case has employed military corp where they are granted with various favors to make them happy. These favors motivate their morale and lead to more productive results in any task assigned. Soldiers are entitled to be excited for them to work wholeheartedly and guard the country. For any soldier to sacrifice his time over staying with his family, a lot should get done to motivate him.

Much attention has got emphasized on the military concerning the relationship that exists between the emotional health and combat life of a soldier or military personnel. It has to get done worldwide, as the changes in the military organization have considerably changed across the world. Today's books and articles concerning the psychiatry in the military have their fundamental focus on the impacts of the combat stress and the way to prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The significance of how far the employees' dissatisfaction generally portrays the world ios from getting to the right level of work-life balance at work. Many employees are not satisfied in their working environment due to various issues (Haaland 2009). It has also affected the military organization of various nations. Multiple military personnel is not satisfied by the privileges which they get provided in their working environments, and these issues make them work under low morale, which at the end affects their general productivity in the provision of services. However, the working world is changing. However, the changes are not that fast as perceived to be there are necessary for a better tomorrow, and it is as a result of multiple organizations giving in to welcome the idea of working-life balance and mainly promoting the concept. These factual have also get implemented in various military organizations.

What is evident from the work-life balance is that both the parties who are engaged are entitled to various benefits. The society in its maintenance of the idea of "performance-oriented society," has not been able to maintain the basic idea of a "happy employee." The lack of this principle in society results in skepticism and confusion to some degrees of management. It gets caused because of competition and the reason that each useful link in the relationship is supposed to remain the same for a competitive organization. These are mostly experienced where there are shortages in the demographic developments and workers who are skilled. In the military organizations where skilled and demographic developments lack or are in shortage, the rest of the personnel get pushed hard to maintain the competitive level of the organization globally (Holmberg and Hallenberg, 2017). The idea, however, may be very healthy for the nation, but it causes much stress to the individuals who are partaking the tasks (combats). Much stress is associated with the work at this level. The basic idea that many people usually forget is that workers are not machines who are entitled to work full time during the day and be filled back at night at their homes to go back to work the next day in repeating the routine. In many instances, individuals work to live and not live to work, so the "happiness" of every individual in work should be highly considered before other things.

The feeling of "happiness" due to the freedom and not being used as a machine may not get experienced while delegating or being military personnel. For any military personnel, there get designed to coexist as a community or family of employees who are eligible to be almost self-sufficient if it is needed. For every soldier in the family, he is entitled to combat activities which are independent and complementary. The culture of the combat activities is entitled to teamwork and high discipline while approaching different tasks. All the activities within the "community" are well organized and therefore are carefully delegated from the time of support personnel to every other requirement till the end, combat activity. The standard-issue facing many soldiers is the call for service at any time. Military personnel is required to be within a permanent 24 hours call for tasks. One can be called at any time even when at leave and be tasked with a task which is far away from home on short notice. The military personnel is not entitled to refuse or resign employment contract. There exists a specific condition that has deprived them of the right to do such things. The idea of not being eligible to refuse specific commands nor resign from the call of service at work gives the military individuals a hard time to experience with their families. However, through the guidance of discipline and rules of order, the individuals serving in the military can overcome these stresses. However, some of them do require further medical attention after cases of war on the battlefield.

The employer is the key to starting the best and a healthy altitude concerning work-life balance, considering the employees' lives, the employer is not supposed to see himself as the master of everything. The employer is supposed to view himself as a reliable helper who encourages the employees to; live a healthy lifestyle (Inglehart, 2008). It is a very shallow concept, but it is the one that divides both the employer and employee situation. However, many companies fall into the trap, where there is a struggle between the management and the employees in search of the right balance to ensure the fulfillment of a healthy personal life and avoid too much strictness in the workplace.

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