Statement of Purpose for Masters of Arts Information Systems and Technology

Paper Type:  Admission essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  655 Words
Date:  2022-08-23

I see York's MBA program with a specialization in Information Systems and Technology as the perfect bridge to further enhance my skills in technology. I am attracted to this program because of the uniqueness and inventiveness of its courses in Information Systems Analysis and Design, Web Mining and Big Data, Cloud Computing and Service Oriented as well as Decision Support.

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My four-year course in Information Systems has been a beautiful experience and has stirred me to pursue this Master's degree. This MBA will enable me to enhance my skills in data analytics, information management as well as acquire new skills in Cloud Computing Systems and Design Service Oriented Computing. Gone are the days when mankind had to slog for modest jobs. The world is changing, and humans have advanced into unimaginable boundaries and this has made life easier. Being part of this advancement has always been my motivating factor. To accomplish this goal, my number one priority would be in the field of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a form of technology that has enabled many organizations to operate in a virtual environment and to save much regarding production and the cost of setting up physical premises where clients can reach. Although many firms are yet to go virtual, it is time to create awareness on the overall benefits that businesses, both private and public sectors can realize through the use of technology.

Secondly, I would also want to prioritize in the field of research which will entail experiencing the IT applications in the real world. This can only be achieved through an inclusive course about technology. With prior skills and passion for researching, I intend to conduct more studies to come up with more systems that would help all forms of business as well as addressing problems faced in society. During my undergraduate program, I conducted several types of research. In the year 2016, I conducted a research entitled "Renewable Energy Consulting." The research focused on finding effective use of energy in our campus and analyzing ways of using solar energy in place of the existing energy sources. I developed a plan of implementing this and presented my proposed project to the university president. Additionally, in 2017, I researched on "Uber and Tesla," where I analyzed and presented propositions to reduce Uber's global and legal issues, expand profitability, and coordinate and collaborate nationwide with DMV. In this research, I also appraised and assessed opportunities to grow Tesla including expanding superchargers and developing EV partnerships to cost-optimize the Tesla charger. Technology has cast its spell and prevailed in parts unknown, and has now been imbibed into humankind, and it is only logical to have world-class professionals that will tackle the changing world of technology.

I have prior experience in the field of Information Technology has been a Business Analyst intern at the Bank of America. When I started working in Bank of America I got to know the real world where every business wants to go on the cloud, and so this fueled further my passion for cloud computing and designing the system, designing databases. Moreover, I have knowledge in Database Management, Microsoft tools, Requirement Management tools, Operating Systems, Domain Knowledge and methodologies such as RUP, Waterfall, RAD, Agile, and SCRUM. I am currently pursuing a certification in ethical hacking which I believe will give me a latitude on risk management.


Being accepted for this program in your prestigious university will enable me to achieve my long-term career goals of becoming the best in the fields of Cloud Computing Systems, Systems Analysis and Design Service Oriented Computing. It will also enable me to make noteworthy research contributions as a strategist. York University is my sole choice for my MBA program. This is because the learning environment is unmatched, with a faculty that is elite in terms of how they offer their perspectives in the field of Information Technology. The quality of the program is also unquestionable.

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