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Date:  2022-05-26

In the current capitalist society, it is hard to avoid sports. I have an interest in choosing the best sport which I can follow as a hobby. There are media shows which are related to sports such as channels, fictional and non-fictional books, video games, newspapers, film, soap operates, internet sources and others are dedicated to providing information concerning sports. Sport is regularly shared among friends, families, and works colleagues as a recognized topic (Horne, 2006). There are sporting allegiances produced such as badges, cups, clothing, mats and other things which are related to sports. After I choose the type of sport that I will identify with, I will conduct a research so that I can familiarize myself on different factors such as the existing sporting allegiances, rules of the sports and any existing films and written media concerning the sports. After conducting a research on the existence types of media, I chose to basketball as the type of sport I would consume.

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I conducted my research through the internet on the basketball sport. I came to understand that basketball is one of the most loved sports in the world. There are the recognized basketball players who have lots of followers on their social networking sites. These fans are consumers of the game as they are able to appreciate the players and even correct where necessary when required. In established the consumers of the basketball game are mostly women who are attracted by the appearance of the male players. These players are mostly tall, handsome, and rich and they are physically fit which attracts most women. The fantasy of the appearance of the basketball players is the factor which attracts most people to attend the basketball live plays (Wann, Melnick, Russell and Pease, 2001). The support shown to the customers inspires them to keep on performing thus promoting the game. In the cases, whether the basketball is being played for charity cases, there are thousands of fans attending the live shows and the consumption is both direct and indirect. Those who do not attend the live shows are able to show their support by watching as exhibited from the television. Since I may not be able to pay the entrance fee all the time to watch the live match, I will be an indirect consumer by watching from home.

To become a fan of basketball, I had to learn the basics of the game. I decided to conduct an intensive online search on the sport. I knew few things such as the orange color of their ball and the rectangular court on which the game is played. However, I never knew that on each team, there are five players which I learned through the studies. There are also various organizations that have been made to govern basketball such as FIBA 'International Basketball Federation,' an indication that the game is highly recognized. There are also various rules which guide the game and such include role of each player and how they are expected to dribble the ball, which makes the game most interesting as the ball is passed from one player to the next (Redhead, 1997).

To get more details concerning the basketball, I will join the social networking sites with other fans. There will be updates on the basketball groups that will be playing, when and against which teams. In that way, I will know where I can watch the game. Through the interaction with other customers, I can be able to understand their views concerning the sports, what they like and what they do not. I will also learn about some historical facts as shared by earlier fans of the sport. In the society, I will find out where the basketball fans meet and discuss the sport so that I can join such clubs to keep updated and learn more about basketball (PickettBaker and Ozaki, 2008).

To learn more about basketball, I will search for any films and videos that have been made about the sport. I will visit a movie shop where I will ask about any historical and recent movies that have been produced filming the life of the basketball player and how they go about their daily lives. In the past, I have watched three films on basketball. It explained the lives of basketball players and the kind of lives they lived. These people are well paid which mean that they are rich. It was seen in the type of lives the players lived such as the porch cars they drove, the houses they lived and the house items. Everything seemed expensive. In addition to that, the basket players are associated with party lives. Very less of them are committed to families as they have all the money they require to live the expensive and party lives (Coakley, 1994).

In the groups which exist about the sport, I will be learning the different thing which people buy in relation to basketball so that I can purchase several. I learned that there are some shoe models, especially the sneakers which are associated with basketball. These shoes are used by the player and fans usually buy them as a way of creating identification. There are also other products such as key holders which have the different tags for basketball groups and jackets which are printed the name of the famous player at the back. I decided to but the jacket since it would help especially when I would join other fans in the club where we would watch a basketball match (Crawford, 2004). I also plan to buy the sneakers over time after accumulating enough funds since such type of shoes is expensive.


In conclusion, there are lots of games which a person can choose from, for instance, football, which is most recognized. However, I decided to choose a sport that I would have interest in not only as a fan but learning how it has contributed to helping the entire world. The basketball game is mostly recognized in the advanced nations due to the field requirements. Since I cannot be able to travel to these places all the time, I will be watching different matches from the television. I will be updated on the games through the Instagram and Facebook networking sites on basketball. To make sure that I identify with the different basketball fans, I will be wearing some of the sports items such as the jacket and shoes used by the player and in that way, I will feel that I fit in. since I will have conducted lots of research on the sport, I will be able to participate in different conversations concerning the game. Through basketball sport, I will keep active and learn more when I am resting. Being a fan of basketball will be my new hobby.


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