Essay on Digital Marketing: Strategies of Amazon Company (AMZN) in the 21st Century

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It is inarguable that digital marketing s one of the best trends of the 21st Century. Many people like ordering things online, and to this effect, many companies have embraced the model of online retailing. Also, Amazon Company (AMZN) is one of the best e-retailers across the globe. It has marketed its products over many counties. Thus there is a need to look at some of their marketing strategies (Diehl & Bishop, 2017). Talking about marketing is very important, and that's why the topic was chosen. First of all, the marketing strategies embraced by Amazon Company are proof of the various ways of engaging customers across the globe. Over the years, many companies have always tried to have the best clientele coverage. Amazon has achieved this by engaging their customers through the available marketing strategies as would be outlined later on.

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The topic is also chosen on the basis that companies always need to elevate their situation in the market by having clear communication strategies. Reaching out to customers helps to build the company's reputation. One of the issues handled herein includes the introduction and history of Amazon Company it is crucial to note that the topic looks at how the company has managed to get a good reputation in online trade (Phillips-Connolly & Connolly, 2017). The financial statements of any company are directly related to the company's performance. One of the factors affecting the performance of the company is the ability to improve the relationship between a company and its customers. Amazon has been sacksful in implementing various policies in their marketing strategies to ensure that they engage their customers. For Amazon to remain on top of the market in multiple countries, it uses many strategies. Therefore, the topic was prompted by looking at the need for customer engagement.

Introduction to the Company

There are many companies in technology across the globe. In the era of business to business models, marketing strategies have been employed by many companies to the best of their abilities. Amazon is a multinational company. It means that it operates across various counties around the globe, providing customer satisfaction by offering products and services (Shevchenko, 2020). The industries that Amazon takes part in include, but are not limited to, the following. Cloud computing services, digital distribution, providing artificial intelligence via programming, selling electronics, and general merchandise. Some of the physical stores in some parts of the globe also sell groceries; thus, this multinational has invested heavily in ensuring customer satisfaction. E-commerce is widely used by the company for both other businesses and also satisfying the needs of direct customers (Wayne, 2018).

Amazon was found 25 years ago in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Over the years, it has been able to take over the global market, having customers across many parts of the world as long as they are ready and willing to get the services and products provided by Amazon. Such a company has a broad market. Its success is attributed to the establishment of an effective marketing system with many strategies ensuring customer satisfaction, promoting improvements, and valuing customer feedback (Stadler, 2017). For a long time, Amazon's involvement in the e-commerce sector has faced fierce competitors. The major competitors for the company include Alibaba, Lidl, and other online retailers in the companies where Amazon thinks of expanding its market. To ensure that the company takes over the marketing, Amazon has invested heavily in having an effective marketing system. A lot of focus is given on customer satisfaction, information provision, and helping the customers in their decision-making process.

The company employs heavy use of technology to achieve its marketing goal. Herein, technology such as website development, artificial intelligence services, and cloud computing have all been some of the services that Amazon brags in providing to their prospective customers. But meeting the needs of the customers is the primary goal for marketing. Amazon has set specific marketing strategies to ensure that they communicate effectively to their current and prospective customers. To improve customer engagement, Amazon uses marketing strategies that involve using social media marketing, website promotion, print media, and even celebrity endorsement. Other than this, partnerships and mergers in various markets have mainly contributed to creating company awareness.

In many countries where amazon is not well known but wants to operate in, it links up with some local businesses that will help them in creating awareness for their products and services. Information insisted on product promotion campaigns include high-quality assurance for the service and products obtained from the company.

Marketing Strategies for Amazon

Market Segmentation

As a multinational, Amazon employs the use of market segmentation to help the company focus on customers with specific needs across the globe. Amazon uses market segmentation in areas where the market being served is vast as the United Kingdom, and there is a possibility of dividing such a broad market to manageable subsets of consumers whom the company can reach. This marketing strategy can be divided into four categories of segmentation that have been effectively used by the company across many platforms. Demographic segmentation has been used to market products and services that are related to the demography in the market. This considers factors like age and family structure. The standards of living also influence the product being advertised for the customers to feel at ease while shopping with them.

Online shopping has become the trend nowadays; thus, the company uses psychological segmentation, with great marketing messages, to lure potential customers into shopping with the company. Additionally, some segments are given specific discounts to encourage them doing online shopping on Amazon. It is also evident that Amazon uses behavioral segmentation using particular search engine optimization tools. As a company dealing with technology, it has been able to invest heavily in SEO tools, making sure that they deliver the products associated with customers using their cookies. This is a perfect display of how the company meets customer satisfaction.

Effective Branding

One of the reliable tools used by Amazon to increase its market share is exemplary branding. Jeff Bezos, the chairman and CEO of the company, gave a company statement saying that they take pride in providing what the customer wants and that they will go to so many extents to please their customers. As a company, Amazon has the duty of fulfilling changes in product brand, composition, and other methods of promotion to get to the customers. While giving the statement, Bezos insisted that amazon has achieved success via continued hard work ineffective branding, which comes from the customer reviews and feedback obtained from the market (Drummond, 2017). This brings to the attention of a very crucial point in marketing, customer reviews.

Effective branding calls for having an outstanding brand that the customers can trust over a long time. Many scholars feel like Bezos has successfully turned Amazon to a giant technology company because he has been able to get the respect that the Amazon brand deserves in the market. Effective branding has been used by Amazon to market its services across many countries like India and The United Kingdom. Also, countries like America have witnessed messages and policies of improving customer loyalty, which also builds on the brand of the company in the market.

Under the Tent Vendors

Many people associate online stores being virtual organizations. This is a myth that needs to be eradicated for the company to continue creating awareness of the products and services that they provide. One of the ways of increasing customer convenience while doing marketing is using available physical stores. Amazon uses physical stores; for example, Amazon Books, Amazon 4 star, Amazon Go, and Blooming. These are just some of the places where customers can get in touch with agents from the company to seek clarification lace orders and even pick some of their rules.

It is crucial to note that customer satisfaction needs to play a huge role when making a marketing decision. Many marketing strategies have been employed by companies, failing to observe the ways of increasing customer convenience while reaching t them. Amazon has mastered the art of making the customers comfortable. They need to place their orders and pick up at the physical stores when it's close to their residences, or it will be delivered to their doorstep when it's far from the stores. The goal of doing such deliveries is to ensure that customers enjoy after-sale services (Weber & Jones, 2016). It takes care of them even after buying the products, thus portraying the ultimate display of customer service. Amazon Company offers its customers an opportunity to subscribe to Amazon Premium. With this level of membership, the customers can experience discounts on delivery fees or faster delivery. Amazon has used this as one of their marketing strategies, making the customers have a premium membership with the company and experience a plethora of benefits. In service delivery, there is a need for the company to see the performance of the products and services that it provides. Amazon has invested in social media marketing while conducting business to business (B2B) and Business to Customer transactions. The use of social media marketing has been successful for Amazon, where the main goal is to connect with the audience, promote the products being offered, offer great information about new products, communicate about service delivery and delivery information for the products, and increase sales.

While doing Business to Business marketing, Amazon offers some business discounts on the products or services that they buy in bulk. The goal of doing this is to attract more clients to the company while increasing the chances of success for the purchases being made. Many businesses value trust and honesty apart from the quality that Amazon promises them. It is, therefore, mandatory for Amazon to build trust within their clients by using client-centric measures in marketing. The use of Social media marketing for amazon has been useful for a long tie. These are platforms where the company has been able to control traffic in network sites, by pushing for adverts and other related concepts for product promotion. It ensures that the products are marketed well, increasing the feasibility of the marketing strategies.

A great marketing strategy always comprises the four Ps in the marketing mix, price, place, product, and promotion. Amazon is a global company. Thus, it still factors in global delivery fees, where applicable in its prices. They, however, have international trade offers, where charges like excise tax may not be levied on some of the products. Because it is a company dealing mostly in electronics, the customer base is found widely across the globe. Therefore, the place that amazon serves is extensive, and broad measures of doing marketing are also needed.

To achieve a compelling marketing mix, Amazon uses promotion strategies that will help the company communicate clearly to the potential customers and lure them into buying the products or services. This encompasses the use of co-branding and affinity marketing. The company has used co-branding in mergers and other acquisitions in various markets across the globe. Affinity marketing has been termed as one of the most efficient marketing strategies that the company has in place so...

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