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Studio Zero is a photography company committed to ensure that those families who need photographs to capture their special moments in their lives are attended to .Its professionals are ever busy to ensure that, this work is done to the satisfaction of the customers. For instance, on daily basis individuals are committed in doing weddings since people marry each and every time .Even though people have got good phones with cameras, professional quality is also needed especially when people want to be seen in the best light.

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A. Background on the organization

Studio Zero is a Photography Company that operates and situated in the United States of America based in Las Vegas and Nevada. This business mainly focuses on engagement photoshoots covering events of the family member's friends as they perfect their trade. This company has both standard and a mini studio committed in capturing children. They also have well trained teams to cover such aspects .This has made the company to gain momentum it terms of its performance

Market Needs

Since the public is always looking for photographers to capture such an important day for the families. Therefore, this has been a great opportunity for family members to have their work displayed to continue marketing their services to others. Ideally, wedding photographers need to be able to delegate the responsibilities of shooting and editing to be able to accommodate any current client as well as potential contracts, answer emails promote their business, update the website and be proactive on social media. This is areas where the company has decided to greatly invest on.

Due the fact that today many people have smartphones with good cameras. Therefore, many couples will always feel good when they see their guests enjoy wedding rather than the stress about getting a good picture on their phone. Professional photographers within the company not only offer photos for details when it comes to position, lighting, and editing. The domination of the internet and social media platforms has made photography even more popular these days. Therefore, being able to have photos makes it possible to share some important days with others. As a result, this company can share the photos with their clients virtually and receive feedback from the images they want to be printed, this is majorly being done by the company.


1. Market Demographics

Market demographics entails, characteristics, needs, behavior and preference about this product and category in this photography market. The company is devoted to ensuring that they serve the following: the family who are willing to celebrate their moments in life, other than that,

it is the best for the couples who would want to a professional wedding photographer that can offer high-quality photos that can capture a special day can only be offered by this company. Other than that, they also have wedding vendor professionals who can share images that showcase the vendors' service that will eventually help market the business in future. Additionally, wedding photographers also look to outsource the editing responsibilities to able to focus on other business needs to deliver the final project promptly.

2. Market trends

Within this market, public demand for transparency, the company is open and honest in their decisions and actions which includes; pricing sponsorship, and other aspects of marketing. This company is also able to understand how social connection affect the buying processes is critical for the marketer creating the plan for the products intended for specific family members, usage or occasion moving further; social gifting has recently emerged as attending in which consumers play a key role. Therefore, about the new trends. This company ensures that digital cameras are replicated with conventional film cameras. It is worth mentioning that, today technology has allowed film photography to be scanned digitally thus making it easy to be edited. Also, cell phones have improved cameras that can take good quality photos. A similar long line, the internet has expanded the use of photography as social media sounds users all around the world. Digital images are being used for print for professional users such as headshots; business cards were much more.

Due to technological development within the company, this has made processing, editing, printing and manipulating of photos to become easier. For instance, art galleries can now be uploaded online making it easier for the photographer to edit and for the clients to view. These are some of the technologies that have been adopted by the company.

3. Market growth

United States of America being a county that attracts many people has made the business to expand significantly in size because of many customers around.

4. Microenvironment

These are uncontrollable external elements that can potentially influence the ability to reach goals; they include' economic, ecological technological, political legal and social-cultural forces. These are like to affect the company in the following ways:

Demographics may cause changes in the general population such as the age range, in Orange County, this may have a big impact on individuals who are in the market. This market can as well be affected with changes in the economy such as recession which may make people lose jobs or may keep people from flagging on a professional wedding photographer. This can as well affect the ability to outsource editing as photographers may have to adjust their rates

This market may also be affected by changes in the nation's culture which may affect the consumer purchase or instance, single-parent families may not be able to go for large wedding budget for the newlyweds due to their parent's financial standing. Therefore, this has been taken care of by the company. On a different note, an increase in homosexual marriage have also taken place due to the new laws, this in return may potentially increase trends in the wedding market.

D. The Company:


Zero studio is committed to ensure that they make a top notch services of photography to wide range of client's helps couples capture special moments and create memories portrayed in the best light. Zero and its team thrive on loyal customers by creating relationships with their clients and being timely with their photographs. They create a high-quality experience into digital photography in a profession manner. They do this by offering a structure that makes digital photography a household staple and by allowing a fun experience whether it is and engagement shoot or the actual wedding.

Product/Service Offering

Zero Studio will help families and couples capture special moments throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. Valor and his team have an eye for detail to assure that everyone is captured candidly and not appearing overly posed. Zero also keeps up with current trends and styles and can incorporate that in a professional manner so that they are not left outside about new trends. They also offer the ability to customize different packages. Clients can save money when investing in both engagement and wedding photo services, no wonder they enjoy large economies of scale. Photos are taken in a high-resolution digital format and edited by team members. Higher-quality digital photos and prints carry full pricing. The company holds onto the high-resolution files for five years on an online gallery so clients can order more prints down the road. Similarly, they also offer editing services that include quality edits, basic color correction, image straightening, and cropping.


The team at Zero Studio finds joy in capturing some of the most important in people's lives.

They provide a unique experience and dress the part to the occasion. Zero Studio uses high-quality cameras and offers edited versions of the photographs. They also provide an opportunity to order after the fact up to 5 years. This is one of the primary reason as to why its performance is excellent.

SWOT Summary

Strengths: Zero Studio has ten years of experience shooting weddings and has a vast knowledge base on the cameras used and the styles desired by the current market. The team is well educated in the editing process using professional editing software which helps set the business apart from the competition. It is open to feedback and includes the clients' visions for their photos. Other than that it is also proactive in social media platforms helping him expand his business simple because their adverts are more comprehensive thus making many people to pay attention to it.

Strength: the strength of this company is not limited to vigorous professional training being offered. The company also believe in certification and experience being acquired, before setting up such photography business.

Weaknesses: The Company has been experiencing massive shortage of employees and exports. Other that, there is also limited cash to execute some projects. For instance In Future the Company is planning to install CRM software.

Opportunities: United states of America and the new York city being one of the ciities that receives big number of diverse classes of visitors and the fact that some photography schools have been set up within the city makes it easier to come up with a photography business and that is exactly what the company has done.

Trends: Many families these days also skip hiring a professional and rely on their guests to take pictures.


Photography companies have a lot of competition. There are different types of photographers. Award-winning photographers may be those who can deliver magazine-quality photographs and are usually pricey. There are also professional-quality photographers. These are more common, and they may use different apps to edit the photos. Value Photographers would include low-priced and lower quality photographers. Same Day Photographers are typically provided with lower quality photos on the same day. The fact that Zero company is new, they have critically analyzed this business and identified some gaps for their future market advantage.


A.Value promotion

Synthesis photo's value proposition is for products and services

1." Found great value in capturing some of the most important moments in people's lives". Out of their services people get satisfied with their products.

2. Zero team uses high-quality equipment and dress professionally from the special event. This is meant to give a proper reputation to the company.

Editing services available

B. Critical Issues

There are currently no critical issues outside of normal turnaround times and being booked months in advance.

C. Financial Objectives

Zero Studio should be able to expand the team by hiring another photo editor by the end of 2019. Engagement shoots and weddings are booked throughout the year and going into 2020. The company should grow robustly in the next few years creating a solid team and steady income by 2020. This ideal increase in business will help produce a generous net profit in addition to the o

D. Marketing Objectives

Zero studio is the only photography business for the gratification of seizing and preserving families and couple's special moments, either through photograph...

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