Should Canada Abolish Monarchy? - Argumentative Essay

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Date:  2022-08-17


Canadians exercise constitutional monarchy which is better than absolute monarchy, but that does not fulfil every right that a citizen is supposed to have in choosing their leaders. It is in this regard that I believe the constitutional monarch system should be abolished. I believe this topic will be beneficial to my workplace since I will help the citizens seek the right to vote for the rulers they would like to ensure that the country's top leadership is independent and can make informed decisions without external interference. This will be instigated by the fact that the newly elected leader will have a chance to prove himself or herself to the electorates.

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Monarchy is a form of government where a family representing a dynasty embodies the national identity of a country, and the head of the family represents a monarch. A monarch exists like a kingdom or an empire, where the king or queen is the ruler. There are two different kinds of monarchy form of government, and they are; the absolute monarchy where any written laws do not govern absolute monarchy, where the ruler has all the power and the power, legislature, or customs. Constitution monarchy, this is where written rules govern the ruler, and he or she must abide by the rules. The latter, constitutional monarchy is the type that is practiced in Canada, though the ruler does not have so much power over his or her subjects, the fact remains that the citizens are not given that chance to elect the ruler of their own choice. They do not get to exercise their full civil rights or control of their leaders and government.

In Canada, the monarchy system of government has got many advantages in comparison to the disadvantages. However, during this era of freedom and self-determination continued presence of the monarchy poses a threat to the freedom of the people and makes the foundation of the nation to be dependent on a single family as the core and identity of the nation. Given the era we are in now, it may be a challenge, since countries around the world practice democracy which allows them to choose their leaders. In Canada, the monarchy system of government and the culture of the country does not necessarily blend well in the sense that the people tend to be propagators of rights and freedoms, but the system does not leave room for total freedom. This means that although the people are given the legislative power, the powerful monarch can influence which policies become law and also control the leaders which limit the true power of the people towards self-determination. The main reason I choose this topic is to bring to light the need and desire for Canadian citizens to embrace change in their government system.

My own culture has played a vital role in making me object to this kind of ruling. As far as am concerned, I believe that every citizen should be given a chance to elect the leader of his/her own choice. Our constitution, for instance, allows a person who has reached the age of 18 to vote and select a leader of their choice, from the top leadership, the head of government being the president, to the municipal/local leaders. This in its entirety is what democracy entails, and what Canada as a country is not fully subjected to. This helps the people to evaluate if their leaders have done any development and if a leader has leadership qualities. In a democracy, where leaders report to their electorates, there are checks and balances, unlike in monarchical system of government.

Despite the numerous advantages of the constitutional monarch such as being the foundation of the county I believe that the main disadvantage of the Canadian constitutional monarchy is that leadership is determined by familial descent. In this cases, in the modern day and era where democracy is deemed as leadership for the people and by the people the constitutional monarchy system denies Canadians the right to the highest seat which is preserved to a few family members which are currently headed by Queen Elizabeth II. The constitutional monarchy in Canada denies the individual Canadians the ability to participate in leadership and contribute in the legislation of laws because most aspects of the nation are controlled by the party and the monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II.

Currently, the Windsor royals give Canada a tradition and order which is a fundamental backbone of any nation stability in the modern age. However, the wealth of the Windsor's and their influence in the government means that the Canadian future will continue to be tied to a single family if the nation remains a constitutional monarchy. The freedoms and liberty of the people will continue to be determined and controlled by the influential family which denies the people of Canada representation and true freedom of determination. For instance, the governor general is selected by the prime minister, but the Queen does the formal appointment and confirmation. The Queen is the sovereign head of Canada as a nation, and the governor general represents her although the position is symbolic and ceremonial.


The fact that the people of Canada do not elect the governor general makes his position biased towards the needs of the Queen and the monarch and not the people. The governor is given authority to appoint court judges and also provide a royal assent to bills that are passed in both houses as such the people representative have no absolute power. The ability of the governor general to summon, close, or even dissolve the parliament further makes me believe that the monarch should be abolished because such powers should be held by someone who has been elected by the people and represents the will of the people and not the monarch.

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