Sexual Violence Speech Plan

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Date:  2022-05-09

(2) Detailed Description (100-250 words):

Sexual violence is a critical issue beleaguering vulnerable women in the society. Transformative justice is a suitable alternative to the criminal justice when it comes to helping women who have suffered sexual assault. The criminal justice usually focuses on punishing the perpetrators of sexual violence. However, the victims are left alone to battle against the outcome of sexual assault alone, implying that criminal justice is not always a remedy. This project will seek to apply the concepts of transformative justice to promote the wellness and healing of sexual assault victims, who are traumatized. The project will utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels to sensitize and reach out to the affected individuals.

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(3) Target Audience:

The project is targeting women who are the victims of the sexual abuse

(4) Purpose and Rationale (400-600 words):

Sexual violence such as rape case is a traumatizing event in the victim's life. Two years ago, my friend was raped. After a two-week investigation, the culprits were apprehended and jailed for their offenses. This traumatic incident had a detrimental impact on her physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Throughout our interactions, I learned that my friend was suffering from guilt, distrust, embarrassment, sadness, and fear. She also started living in isolation, thus becoming vulnerable to the depression and nightmares. Through this incidence, I learned that criminal justice system does not offer an adequate remedy to the emotional and psychological wellness of the sexual assault victims and people around them. The project identifies transformative justice model as the best alternative, which will enable the victims of the sexual violence to heal both emotionally and psychologically.

Emotional and psychological wellness is a crucial step towards the healing of a sexually assaulted person. Women have suffered sexual violence do not have the peace of mind due to the traumatized. A person's peace of mind is controlled by her thoughts actions, which are the manifestation of one's feelings. According to Nhat Hanh's "Peace is Every Step," unpleasant feelings are characterized by anger, sorrow, and shame, which are harmful to one's emotional health. The unpleasant feelings hampering the wellbeing of sexually abused victims include guilt, distrust, embarrassment, sadness, and fear. It is imperative for an individual to face these unpleasant feelings with care, nonviolence, and love, thus transforming them into healthy and positive energy (Hanh 52). Rape victims need to be encouraged to let go of negative and unwanted thoughts. The project will advocate for the sexual violence victims to be courageous and face their fears and anger, which is a transformative way of making the peace of mind.

The project also proposes yoga approach in facilitating the healing of the traumatized survivors of sexual violence. Victims of sexual abuse typically encounter challenges of save their lives from detrimental impact of depression and embarrassment. Overcoming the unpleasant feelings harbored needs one to be courageous. The healing process is a long and tedious ordeal, which can be daunting experiencing for the survivors of rape. According to Thompson's "Survivors on the Yoga Mat: Stories for Those Healing from Trauma," the healing path can take weeks, months or even a whole year (Thompson 17). Yoga practices are perceived as the perfect model of helping the victims conquer the unpleasant thoughts that are beleaguering their wellness and mindfulness. Yoga will enable the victims of sexual assault to meditate on their worries, sadness, and embarrassment by understanding that healing is based on a person's resilience.

Religious life and spiritual self is another proposed way that sexual violence victims can transform their unpleasant feelings into positive energy. The spiritual wellbeing allows a person to overcome challenges, by seeking the intervention of the Supreme Being. According to Gloria's "Soul Talk: The New Spirituality of African American Women," an individual should nourish her soul to conquer negative thoughts. "...I didn't know if I had any more left and I didn't want to find out. So I just let it go" (Gloria 116). Sexually abused victims should be spiritually nourished to help them overcome unpleasant feelings such as anger, fear, and guilt.

(5) Three Steps to Initiate your Plan:

Plan of Action 1: Establish personal and collective approach to respond to trauma caused by sexual violence. The victims of sexual assault need to be helped to overcome unpleasant feelings such as anger, fear, embarrassment and guilt, which are adverse to their wellness and mindfulness'

Plan of Action 2: Support collective action and accountability initiatives.

Through online movements, there should be campaigns that push for social and cultural changes on how the society responds and perceives sexual assault cases. The community should partner and collaborate its efforts in the provision of safer and supportive environment for the victims of sexual violence.

Plan of Action 3: Pursue the application of transformative justice principles in alleviating the incidences of incarceration of victims of sexual victims.

(6) List of Works Cited:

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