Sexual and Racial Education for Adolescences Essay

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Date:  2022-07-05

Early adolescence is a period in life that undergoes rapid and multiple cognitive, physical, and social transformations, therefore, this is the stage in life when persons deal with tremendous stress, upheavals, and storms. Life skills and other situational orientations are necessary to help teenagers to deal with the stresses and challenges happening to them. Sexuality is one among the many thing adolescences need to learn as they transit from childhood to adulthood. Training them on essential life skill concerning sex education is necessary to prepare them in decision making on important issues later in life. Again, learning more on societal issues like racialism is important to help them learn how to live with other people. This paper will discuss the essence of teaching sex and race education to adolescences as life-skills to equip them in decision making.

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It is important to train children as they mature life skills especially adolescences. During the phase in life, their bodies are undergoing multiple physical and psychological changes. For instance, changes occurring in their sex organs in both boys and girls can be traumatizing for them if not made to understand why their bodies are taking new shapes and different things are changing (Dorn & Biro, 2011). It is important for educators, parents, and caregivers to orient the young adult on the possible measures to appreciate their new changes. When sex education is taught in a classroom setting will make the teenagers not uncomfortable with the elements in life that take new twists as they develop. Again, sex education offers learners a chance to understand the differences between boys and girls as well as ways to appreciate the changes and dealing with the new experiences Widman, et al. 2014). Moreover, learning their position in the society as maturing adults is important to help them learn to deal with other people in the society. Teaching early adolescences on racialism is important especially in incidences with a multicultural classroom setting. It is essential to help the students to understand people's diversity (Saewyc, 2011).


In conclusion, it is important to teach early adolescent's sex and race education helps prepare them in dealing with the diversity and changes in life. This stage in life comes with many changes physically and emotionally, therefore, training them on life skills to deal with the diversity of the society and their changes in their bodies will help improve the quality of their lives as well as offer them better decision-making skills.


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