Science and Technology in "I am Legend" Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

The novel 'I am Legend' is a fascinating science fiction horror novel that deviates from the cliche of hero narrative of them versus us in most horror stories. The book is about Robert Neville, the last man that survives after a war that results into a gene mutation that converts all people into vampires. Robert spends his life free by the day but in danger from the new infected community at night since they view him differently. In this predicament, Robert decides to find out as much as possible as vampires. This aspect coupled with his drive to survive brings out the themes of science and technology in the novel. The essay seeks to discuss several instances in the book that depict these themes.

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Neville employed scientific research into vampirism to gain more knowledge on his enemy and, therefore, increase his chances of survival. Robert enhanced his research about vampires by visiting the Los Angeles Public Library and researching on bacteriology, epidemiology and other related fields to collect as many facts as possible about vampires and their existence. It is these studies that helped him realize that vampires were not monsters but human beings that were suffering from a terrible sickness. This realization affected the feelings of Neville towards how he treated the vampires. For instance, he would end up feeling guilty after killing some of the infected because they were just victims of fate.

Besides his studies in the library, Neville also extended his research to the outside world in his day to day activities. He would carry out tests on the vampires he would find inactive during the day and observe their response to different situations. For instance, Neville came to discover that sunlight was fatal to the vampires by exposing them that was asleep in the cemetery to sunlight. He followed up on this discovery by undertaking more tests on other vampires to discover if sunlight was fatal to all kinds of vampires. The curious mind of Neville was again at play in triggering him to test the blood samples and compare them to his. He discovered that the epidemic was due to a type of bacteria called Bacillus. The act of Neville researching on vampires, therefore, emphasized the themes of science strongly in the narrative.

Technology in the narrative was advanced by the acts of Neville using the knowledge he gained from science to sustain his survival. He made his house a fortress by barricading off all the inlets that would give access to vampires at night. He enhanced this by using garlic and mirrors in sealing his home from the vampires since the vampires did not like them. Neville also made use of the means that were effective in ultimately reducing the threat of vampires like burning them after killing them and using sunlight to his advantage. Neville also used technology that was available in learning more about vampires. Neville using the microscope to test the blood samples of the infected to discover the bacteria that was responsible for their existence enhanced this fact. These instances show that technology was a complementing theme to that of science.


The various instances through the narrative regarding Neville researching more about the vampires and him using the ensuing discoveries to his advantage emphasize the themes of science and technology in the story. The hard situation Neville made Neville resort to a life of research and survival. Science and Technology are significant in sustaining the kind of life Neville resorted to as depicted by the instances discussed in the essay. These acts make science and technology to be among the main themes in the novel.

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