Essay Example on Romeo and Juliet: Love Is a Chaotic Force of Nature

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In the play Romeo and Juliet, love is a dominant theme revealed in many different forms. The play begins by displaying Romeo as unhappily in love with a woman by the name Rosaline. The audience is made aware of Romeo who appears to be unhappy, melancholy, and depressed following his unhappy love for Rosaline. The revelation is seen when Romeo describes how he feels his love has misshapen chaos of well-seeming form (Shakespeare, 2011). Based on the phrase, Romero tends to argue that love is a source of chaos making him feels frustrated to the extent where the object of his desire does not give him love in return. In the play Romeo and Juliet, love is revealed as upsetting, troublesome, and chaotic. For instance, Romeo speaks through oxymorons to describe his confusion over love which can be fathomed through the terms such as 'cold sick health'.

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Romeo first meeting with Juliet takes a different dimension. In the first meeting, Romeo question "did my heart love till now". Notably, love takes a completely different form as that of Rosaline. Romeo version of love is based on mere look and appreciation of someone's beauty. Romeo develops a passionate love with Juliet as compared to the initial love he had for Rosaline. In this first meeting, the concept of true love is blind is vividly displayed (Shakespeare, 2011). Romeo and Juliet love naturally evolves through the play featuring overpowering and violent forces that are different from the previous traditions, loyalties, and values. Their love grows to the extent where they are willing to deny their families and friend. Juliet argues that "But my true love is grown to such excess" "I cannot sum up half my wealth".

In the book "The Great Gatsby", Gatsby has a true love for Daisy. In the spirit of showing his love, Gatsby he makes sacrifices in his life to get Daisy. In his pursuit of Daisy, Gatsby changes his inner personality by becoming a member of higher society to deserve Daisy' love. For instance, originally Gatsby comes from a penniless Midwestern family, he makes Daisy believes that he was in the same stratum as Daisy with the hope of marrying her (Fitzgerald, 2003). In spite of all Gatsby efforts, Daisy stills refuse to concur that Gatsby is the only man she loves. The two are driven apart as a result of the desire to have money and power. Even amidst this separation over the years, Daisy and Gatsby still have a love for one another.

As compared to the flawed love between Tom and Daisy, Gatsby shows the idea of love to Daisy that drives him to alter his love. Daisy marriage to Tom was because of the pressure she endured to marry a rich man soon. The decision she decided with unquestionable practicality. Arguably, she decided in quest of money and love. As the novel evolves, the younger Gatsby come up with an imagine love version that is not based on money. Gatsby says" what I say is, why to go on living with them if they cannot stand for them".

In the novel Tanizaki, Joji a 28-year-old man meets Naomi a waitress who had an exotic western appearance. Joji views Naomi as an attractive woman. As for Joji, Naomi attraction is because she has mysterious glamour of the west and also by the fact that she is beautiful. Joji truly loves Naomi regardless of her mysterious glamour of the western culture. He was determined to transform Naomi into a perfect wife in the post- Second World War experienced in Tokyo, Japan. Joji being in love with the fifteen years Naomi takes her to live with her, buys her some clothes, and finally marries her (Tanizaki, 2001). As the novel evolves, Joji discovers that Naomi was a naive girl full of fantasies. Despite Joji love, Naomi does not remain faithful to him in their marriage. She begins to have a physical relationship with other men. Since she is morally corrupted in western influences, Joji, in turn, called her a "slut" and "a whore". Particularly, when Kumagai speaks to Naomi in fashion could easily reveal the two had intimacy. In response to cheating, Joji work begins to suffer and lose control over himself (Tanizaki, 2001). Initially, Joji had decided to tame Naomi where he falls into a Pygmalion like a relationship. In a showing off his concern, Joji gives Naomi money for voice and English lessons only to be surprised by how talented Naomi has in the lesson.

Romeo and Juliet as a Classical Love Story

In the play Romeo and Juliet, some powerful adjectives and metaphors have been used to create imagery of the love between Romeo and Juliet. Even by the use of metaphors and powerful adjectives in expressing the nature of feeling Juliet has for Romeo, there ceased to be any single description that can fully define her love for Romeo (Shakespeare, 2011). Typically, the audience can get this concept when Juliet says" But my love is grown to such excess". Apart from Romeo and Juliet love, another type of love can be seen in the relationship between Juliet and her nurse. In Act 1 in scene number 3, the nurse is introduced as a trusted family servant. In the early stages of Juliet life, the nurse had taken care of Juliet.

According to Juliet, she deems the nurse as a mother figure and as a keeper of her secret. In the play, the nurse cherishes Juliet by the use of sweet vibes such as "lady-bird" and "lamb" to mean that the nurse is very used to Juliet. While speaking to Juliet she does not hide but she speaks fondly to Juliet by staring on his eye as if she is her mother. The nurse claims that Juliet was the prettiest baby she ever nursed (Shakespeare, 2011). Conversely, the relationship between Juliet and her mother is a little bit formal. Based on the Paris proposal, the nurse could not hide her feeling but to urge Juliet to get married to the County who is a lovely gentleman. The nurse wanted Juliet to be married to a person of a higher social class. In the nurse opinion, Romeo is a "dishcloth" while Paris is a noble and elegant man.

Based on the long-lasting family feud, Romeo is unable to marry Juliet. The reunion of the families is realized upon the death of Romeo and Juliet. Even though there is hatred between the two families, Romeo love is true that not even the hatred between the two families cannot overcome. The love Romeo and Juliet shared was true and thus, were blinded to their untimely demise. For instance, when Romeo found Juliet dead, he pursued to drink poison. In his thinking, Romeo dreamt of entering after-life with Juliet to be with her forever.

Consequently, when Juliet wakes up from sleep, the first thing that crosses her mind is the thought over Romeo. She asks, "Where is Romeo" "where is my Lord". Even before getting a proper clarification, Juliet ends her life by stabbing herself with a dagger upon hearing the news of Romeo death. IN this context, Romeo and Juliet are blindly in love. Without knowing that they shall no longer meet they are blind to end their lives (Shakespeare, 2011). Beyond any reasonable doubt, the love shared by Romeo and Juliet could not be ended by anything including death. The other aspect of blinded is their marriage. Romeo and Juliet got married without taking in consideration of the hatred between the two families.

As depicted in the play, the true love between Romeo and Juliet strays from convention, indecisive, and problematic. In the play, love is a force can move fast. For instance, in the play, Juliet is married while she is still young and tender. A touchy statement is made by Juliet when she wanted to know how Romeo got to the Capulet house walled garden. She said that for Romeo, true love is like a liberating force which gives him wings. She says that the wings that Romeo gets are light wings with power to overcome every "stony limit". The love of the two is such that Juliet dwells more on the real world as compared to Romeo. In her thinking, loves to bring the freedom of leaving the parents' house to have sex. She claims that her love for Romeo is "infinite" and "boundless". Unlike Romeo, Juliet expression of love and touch is based on the practicalities of marriage, sex, and love. She deeply expresses the inexperience that makes her seem very honest and sincere.

Analysis of the Great Gatsby

Ideally, Gatsby had not realized the truth that Daisy did not deserve the love he gave her. The dream love according to Gatsby takes ideal and imaginative love perspectives. In the novel, Gatsby ideal perspective dominates his dream that contradicts superficial, shallow, and materialistic Daisy's love. The love Daisy has for him faded with time typified by the funeral scene that left a shocking and disgusting memory. Gatsby love and that for daisy completely have emotional purity and commitment (Fitzgerald, 2003). Daisy was likely to love many men, unlike Gatsby who spend his resources to impress Daisy. Daisy intended to talk to men in a low voice to accord the men ample time to approach her. For instance, when Daisy was invited by Nick to his home for tea, Daisy posed a question to Nick whether Nick was sweet on her.

Even in Gatsby's party, she revealed to Nick that she would be excited if Nick wanted her for a kiss. Daisy at that time was ready for any contact. In this context, Daisy never took love seriously as compared to Gatsby. The use of materials used by Gatsby such as the lavish parties he normally hosts was not a tactic used to express idealized love dream to Daisy, but he used them to meet Daisy' materialistic attitude of dream love. Even though Gatsby character appears to be materialistic, it has no relationship with his view of life (Fitzgerald, 2003). Ideally, he uses materials to demonstrate how materialism can turn to be hollow and futile. The kind of affection and intimacy that Gatsby has towards Daisy display as a sense of ideal love. Here, Gatsby is in search of his happiness and does not correlate with the love of daisy.

Additionally, the use of materialism typically displays the reason as to why Gatsby is secretive and conservative. The claim can be supported by the fact that Gatsby hardly mingling with people during the hosted parties. Gatsby comments on how futile and silly the parties were foreshadowed how his dream of love with Daisy was futile. Gatsby pursued all the possible ways that could make Daisy happy. As the novel evolves, the love of Daisy had not come to an end until the author creates the funeral scene. The funeral was all about Gatsby death which illustrated that all the effort he used to get Daisy's Love bore no fruit (Fitzgerald, 2003). Looking deeply on this scenario, it is clear that romantic dream for Daisy according to Gatsby was not to view Daisy as a lover but was deeply grounded on idealism. A unique dream that was buried with Gatsby once he was dead. Similarly, ugliest images such as corruption, superficiality, and materialism were completely left behind.

The dream love Gatsby had for Daisy was lost as the novel ends as the author ends with a flashing daydream. Even though Gatsby knew the love Daisy had for him was an illusion, he persisted to achieve her love. The sacrifice that Gatsby has made by clinging to his dream of love is greater than the materialistic and physical ambition used by Daisy to make love. The failure of Daisy to express love to Gatsby had no link with fear of Tom. However, Daisy never saw a reminiscent of love in Gatsby up to the time she regain a new shape termed as richer fortune. As compared to Gatsby, Daisy finds the materialistic side of life in Tom (Fitzgerald, 2003). Conversely, she appears to be materialist and glamorous. Since there is no point of congruence in the two lovers, their love cannot meet and last. The dream of Gatsby was beyond human thought since he dreamt of making love which was not a reality. Despite the use of material Gatsby pursue to impress Daisy which can be termed as corrupt, Gatsby is an ethical...

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