Research Proposal Example on Why Young Muslim Men Would Opt to Join Terror Groups

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Date:  2021-03-25

This research proposal is aimed at investigating the reasons why young Muslim men often get disenchanted with their current circumstances in Australia that they risk being radicalized in Islamists groups like the Islamic State (ISIS). There is need to analyze the level of radicalization in Australia giving a clear analysis as to the reasons why the many young Muslims would rather join terrorist groups.

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The research in question is a critical matter that has been raising concerns across different international organizations like the Common Wealth, the Interpol and the International Commission for the Red Cross just to mention a few. The Australian Government has had challenges in understanding the reasons on what are the core reasons why Islamic immigrants in Australia tend to end up being radicalized into extremist groups. Taking into consideration Max Abrahams proposition that people tend to join terrorist groups when they are dislocated from their native homeland, losing connection to their family and friends and therefore they are unable to assimilate into the society they are trying to join. The sentiments of Max Abraham are credible as they explain the situation that many Islamic immigrants go through in their host countries, Australia for instance. This research question is valid and very relevant to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

This study seeks to offer an explanation to this trend of activities, getting a clear understanding of why terrorism activities are cropping up among the Muslims who seek asylum in Australia. In a bid to boost internal security, there is a need to gain knowledge on the causes of internal aggression and why individual would lean towards joining a terrorist group as a means of absolution and a sense of belonging. This research will benefit the management of Islamic immigrants; the government can introduce programs such as job placement for immigrants giving them a livelihood and love because they need that more than government food and shelters.

1.2 An Evaluation of Resources

This kind of research requires a complete understanding of what is going on internationally in regards to Jihadist, terrorist groups and the efforts by international organizations to abet terrorism in the world. An individual with a clear understanding of the above mentioned critical issue. International security researchers and post graduate students are the best individuals to conduct research in such matters. Specialist working for government owned federal bureaus of intelligence and investigations; field agents have a clear outlook of what is going on the ground.

Personally, I have the expertise to handle this research, I have always been an avid researcher on international security issues and terrorism is my niche. On the top side is that I have all the time I need to conduct the research. Currently, I am on a research session in my studies; this is the best time for me to conduct this research, collect all the necessary information and develop a research report. I am very much willing to dedicate time to conduct this research; this is in a bid to achieve my post graduate degree.

1.3 Abstract

Radicalization and Terrorism is a critical matter that has been not fully addressed, this in regards to victims of the war ending up to join their assailants. Critically analyzing what are the predisposing factors in the host country that make individuals decide to join the same people that actually caused their homelessness in the first place. It beats logic for a victim of war to do that, as a matter of fact they should be running further away. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is not aware of the cause of this trend of activity. There is a need to raise awareness on this issue, the Australian government needs concrete information on the ongoing within the immigration camps for victims of war in the country. The up rise of terrorist groups within the country is becoming a common issue; government intervention is usually limited because most of the refugee grounds is under the jurisdiction of international organizations like the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (Mullins 2011). Ideologies of terrorism agendas crop up within the refugee camps, causes of such ideological adoptions by Muslim men needs to be investigated. It is imperative that the core reasons for such radical behavior should be analyzed and intervention mechanism be put in place to curb such trends.

2.0 Hypothesis

The following hypotheses will help to give a clear sense of direction in which the research will be conducted. The hypothesis will be compared with the research findings to ascertain the truth:

I. Many of the radicalized victims are male.

II. Most of the radicalized immigrants are jobless.

III. Many of the radicalized immigrants find it hard to fit in the host country.

IV. Many of the radicalized victims has lost all or a part of his/her family members.

V. Radicalization is orchestrated by ISIS militants disguised as victims of war.

3.0 Aims and Objectives

3.1 Core Objective

This research aims at finding out the core reasons as to why young Muslim men would opt to join terror groups as opposed to fighting the mechanism to prevent the war they are victims of.

3.2 Other Objectives

To investigate the reasons for affiliation to terror groups by terror attacks victims.

To know what mechanisms can help abet the need for young Muslims to join terror groups.

To enlighten the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the rising edge of terror within their boundaries.

4.0 Project Team

In a bid to make the best out of this research, we decided to formulate a team of researchers. These individuals are highly experienced in handling research projects that constitute collection of primary information, analysis of the information and final documentation of a report to a team of reviewers. The team we developed has handled multiple research project in the field of terrorism and extremism around the world. Key issues like the Al-Shabaab Terror group in Somalia and other groups like the Al-Qaida are among the areas we have researched on. The research data are available in libraries and online sources.

The team we developed is composed of 8 core individuals that are going to take divided responsibilities. Each member is allocated a responsibility that is best suited for them; this is in regards to their areas of specialization when it comes to research projects. Here is a list of the research group members:

Principle Investigator- He will oversee the entire project especially on the core reasons for affiliation to terror groups

Co-investigator- He or she will contribute to their area of specialty.

Project Co-coordinator He or she will overlook the day to day operations of the research project.

Interviewers- These group will look into the assessments of research participants and collecting information from them.

Interventionist- They intervene in situations that require an arbitrator.

Data Coder- They would conduct coding of relevant data in a bid to analyze the accurate information and conduct data entry duties.

Database manager- He or she maintains all the files of the research project either in the hard or soft copy.

Statistician- He/she handles all the statistical analysis of the project.

All the above-mentioned individuals will carry out their assigned duties; they are perfectly aware of the exercises, this, in fact, makes it easier for the project as most of the researcher have actively engaged in another project before.

5.0 Short Project Description

Radicalization is a critical matter in Australia; the fact is that Australia is taking in immigrants from other war tone nations. Most of the Islamic men who come into Australia are victims of war in their countries, especially with nations that have ISIS radicals or Al Qaeda, most of these individuals end up having affiliations with terrorists back home. This ability to look back into the home and see the need to join the terrorist group causes internal insecurity within the borders of Australia. The fact is that Australia is surrounded by water all the way through so in any case, any of its terrorists are home grown. There is the need to check into the internal threat that is facing Australia; it is important that the government is made aware of the criminal groups that are cropping all over Australia. Raising awareness of this rising menace is important for the government and the private sector too, the security of Australians is in the hands of the government and hence this calls for a restructuring of the Australian Immigration and Border control forces. In the case of a terrorist attack on Australian soil, there would be a disturbance in the socio-political state of Australia as a country. The fact is that Australia has had over the years little contact with the Muslim and the Western nations, this for a long time has made Australia as less of a target for terrorist attacks. The fact is that Australia has been faced with over 36 known cases of home grown terrorism, this raises the question on whether there is a need to understand the core reasons for defiance that arise internally within the borders of Australia.

6.0 Background

Australia is a locked out continent surrounded by water with minimal interactions with the other nations. Terrorism in the world has grown over the last decade, and this menace has grown beyond the borders of other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, western civilizations like the United States of America, France, and the UK have been victims of terror attacks. It is important to understand that the international governance bodies have an ideology that terrorism is only a problem for western countries. Australia has never had to deal with terrorism and extremism (Borum 2011). The core reasons for the high level of terrorism in the west is the retaliation on the Western attacks against threats of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan led to the death of many innocent people, women and children included, this past has led to animosity between the Arabic nations and the western nations. Australia has never been part of this chaotic mess of retaliatory attacks going on in the world; Australia did not take part in any of the attacks hence it left them outside the radar of the terrorists.

To start things off, Australia has been taking in victims of war from nations affected by ISIS, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have been controlling the influx of immigrants into Australia (Dean, Bell and Vakhitova 2016). Through the provision of hospitality care for the victims of war, Australia has been a suitable host for many victims of war. The advantage Australia offers is that it is far into the ocean hence closes out the possibility of terrorists following up to them. Australis for long has been offering relief aid to victims of war through the provision of shelter, food, and clothing for the visitors (Donoughue and Fahey 2016). The immigrants in Australia seek a means of belonging and seeking asylum alone is not enough, research has shown that many of the immigrants have difficulties developing new relationships in Australia.

Many of the immigrants in Australia have lost everything that they used to know in their earlier life. Life in the host country is totally different from the way they did things in their earlier homes. Most of these individuals has lost their family membe...

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