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Most importantly, Mr. Yanai as the company director knew the fashions favorable for a specific season. For instance, it was shown that during summer/ autumn season it was he was identified as an extensive British retailer after collections he had in 1987 properly fitted with what most people desired ( It was noted that the groups of clothes made at that time were all favorable to be worn during that season. As a result, UNIQLO firm was presented to be acting uniquely compared to other retailer firms that we're dealing with clothes fashions at that time in the same area. This showed that Mr. Yanai was open-minded and could think about the products that were more suitable for the consumers depending on the weather. As outlined, it is essential for any businessman to be able to learn and identify what consumers required at the different seasons of the year. Due to the ability of Mr. Yanai to learn what customers wanted at which time, the difference between Tadashi Company and the others company's was presented to be how UNIQLO adapted the timeless basics and satisfactory met their customer's needs.

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Although Mr. Yanai could have changed his market ground to operate in other areas like in the western countries where he originated from, it was shown that he chooses to concentrate on Asian markets. His reasoning was seen to be extraordinary because like how most business firms do, they try to expand their market so that their goods can reach to a significant number of consumers and through this, they believe that their company will develop and grow at a faster rate. According to him probably, the Asian region was a more favorable place where the business could have picked well ( Thus, if only his company could have been identified for unique products in the area, then it could have been easier to expand it into other regions comfortably.

Arguably, Mr. Yanai different perspective of concentrating the business activities first in Asia and then moving them to other places after some point somehow made sense. In particular, he wanted to be an expert in Asian markets before the business could have been moved to other areas. By being noted as an expert in clothes design, Mr. Yanai Company could have allowed his company to become the very first retail store of apparels which are private-labeled in Asian. Reasonably, being noted for its uniqueness, the company could make the best profits. Thus, it was clear from his point of view that he was using Asian territories as the engine to accelerate his business growth that could allow it to move to other areas ( He presented this while giving his primary focus to the many middle-class consumers who were within the region. In this case, UNIQLO director was shown to be very creative since he could not only focus on the products they had as a company, but he could also assess the kind of consumers he had, or he could expect. This is a crucial business strategy which if utilized accurately it can produce useful results.

Notably, Mr. Yanai had the vision of expanding the business activities which his company conducted to other regions despite the first presentation that he desired to concentrate in the Asian markets. In this case, he was shown to have the interest of establishing a similar firm first in India within this year, and he would later expand the business activities to other areas including Vietnam and other nations ( At this level, it could be seen that Mr. Yanai had strategically organized his business goals. As shown, he initially concentrated in maximizing his business activities in Asia, and then he started expanding it to other areas. From what Mr. Yanai did, it could be noted that he had time to internalize on what the business would have required while concentrating on the market at Asia only. Additionally, he could have practically identified possible challenges. Finally, there was evidence that UNIQLO Company opened network retail shops in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore signifying success of the company's business activity.


The Economist: UNIQLO's founder plots a way to beat Zara and H&M, 9th February 2019 (see Appendix):

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