Paper Example on Nurse Julia Brown: Helping the Needy in Africa

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2023-09-25

I am Julia Brown from New York, a nurse working in Botswana, Africa, for charity. I was born and raised in the USA, and my passion for helping others made me fly to Africa so that I am a volunteer as a nurse to the needy people there. I have worked here for a while now, but I fly in and out of Africa once in a while. My interest in Africa is helping the needy, sick children, and also people living with diseases such as AIDS, which is the reason I am writing this letter to you.

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I am aware of your organization and the god work it previously did ere in Botswana. The people here talk highly of your organization since it offered so much help to the people living here. The situation here is dire, and just as your motto reads that you help poor people to improve their lives (Arntifield M, 2016), I hope that we will work together and help the less fortunate, especially those living with AIDS.

I am at this moment writing to you requesting for your financial assistance. The fund is aimed at helping in the fight against AIDS and also better the lives of those living with the disease. The aim is to create awareness about the disease. We will need to organize seminars so that we can train the local people about the prevention measures and train them about how to live with people suffering from the disease (Pan, 1985) As we come together to raise awareness, the money will be used to improve the lives of Botswana people, especially those who are poor. The expectant women will be assisted with proper diet and sanitation. They will be trained on how to take care of themselves and deliver negative babies. Proper diet is a real issue here, so we hope to provide food and other essentials to people suffering from the disease

My team and I also intend to purchase the necessary drugs that are required by the patients. We will collaborate with the health practitioners in Botswana and come up with a solution to those living in the slums and are a greater risk of getting infected due to less knowledge about the disease.

School going children will receive training and also learning materials that I intend to purchase for them. There ill be posters printed out showing that there is an ongoing campaign about AIDS. I intend to have a mass testing week, and the equipment for testing must be imported, which will cost us quite some money. I have high hopes of getting a donation from you to continue doing the good work of helping the poor.

I hope that you consider my request, and I hope that your organization will continue to touch the lives of those who need you. I wish you the best in your charity work, and I hope to hear from you soon.





Arntfield, M, J. J. (2016). A practical guide to professional success. Healthcare Writing.

Pan, D. L. (1985). Broad view press, 29-43.

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