Research Paper on Performance Management System

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Date:  2022-10-21

Work performance

For a company to register a high performance in terms of its productivity and profits as well as customer relations, the performance of the individual employee must be evaluated. Every employee's performance is crucial to the continued existence of the company since the company's success and ability to attain its goals depends on them.One of the methods to maintain the good performance of each and every employee is through the introduction of a performance management system (Zhu 2018:17). The performance of an employee can also be developed by exposing the worker with various, relevant and adequate opportunities, giving them relevant training as well as awarding them with motivational rewards every time an employee does well in his or her duties (Zhu 2018:16). Development and training improve an employee's performance by developing his or her skills and knowledge. Motivational rewards will make the employee keep the good work as he will be noticed for the excellent job done.

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Analysis of cross-cultural employee engagement, teamwork, motivation and work performanceTo begin with, the culture of a company is simply how it operates and activities are done on a daily basis. The success of the company can be greatly improved by making sure that the employees can operate in a much convenient environment (Johnson and Grier 2013:307). In a company, its culture plays an important role in boosting its productivity. The information below handles work cultures as far as China, Germany, and India are concerned.

Cultural practices of German workers

German workers like to follow and obey rules and regulations as well as various procedures in an organization. Germans are also monochromic. According to the German culture, time is linear (Johnson and Grier 2013:310). Furthermore, the German citizens are obliged to accomplish their duties on time. Lateness or being interrupted during work is tolerated among the workers of Germany. Furthermore, German citizens strictly adhere to their schedules and do not tolerate activities not stated in the schedule (Johnson and Grier 2013:307). Moreover, employees' positions are greatly given respect as well as assistance during decision-making times. Most importantly, employees in Germany have the power to be part of the company's decision and they can also give their opinion on the company's operations.

Cultural practices of Chinese Employees

Like the German employees, the Chinese employees are also monochromic. Time wastage is not tolerated among workers. However, the Chinese workers insist on family control and orientation. Chinese culture is majorly based on hierarchy(Johnson and Grier 2013:312). According to Hofstede teamwork among the employees is given a much priority rather than individual work. There is also a great space between the top management and the rest of the employees. This means that there is loy...

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