Tim Cook: Journey from Auburn University to Apple CEO - Biography Sample

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Tim Cook is the Apple CEO who graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and after that certified with an MBA at Duke University School of Business. He started his 12-year contract career at IBM, completing the executive role at Intelligent Compaq and Electronics, and then joined Apple firm in the year 1998. While at his position under the company, he leads Apple's Macintosh unit, where he emphasized a significant part in the progressive enhancement of policy reseller and supplies connections, ensuring elasticity in reply to a rise in challenging marketplace. Previous to union Apple, Cook was the vice president of Commercial Resources for Compaq and then tasked for managing and procuring all the Compaq's invention portfolio. Tim knows the transparency is essential to sustained accomplishment (Arvonen, 2016).

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Major Accomplishment of Tim Cook

Tim Cook was entitled one of Forbes magazine's Globe Most Powerful Individual" in 2011, where at the end of 2014, Tim was initiated into the Alabama Institute of Honor, the greatest honor the country offers to its citizens (Arvonen, 2016). Again, he also collected an honorary doctorate the following year at George Washington University. He is recognized for being a staunch champion for equality and human rights, having argued against the discriminatory practice and legislation in the working environment. The technology leader still keeps photographs of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King in his personal office. Earlier, he was obtainable with the Human Rights Campaign's Visual Award as LGBTQ rights advocated currently this year. Thereafter, Kennedy Center for Human Rights and Justice announced that Tim would collect its Ripple of Hope Honor, to implicate his workplace advocacy struggles. The majority of US congressman and Civil Rights Georgia Lewis, UNESCO Ambassador Marianna, and leader Evercare Founder Altman is also being privileged.

Product and Services of Apple

Apple products and services are easy and intuitive to use, which simply indicates they are easy to support in the business. The company interface setting permits employees to use popular activities like scrolling, tapping, and swiping to collaborate, remain organized, and adapt to original procedures more quickly. And every iPad and iPhone and also Mac comes with extreme assistive aspects for hearing, motor skills, and vision, so they're available to every consumer. Apple doesn't just create software; they design software's for the best hardware. The services include the built-in sensors in iPad and iPhone that enable iPadOS and iOS apps that use data they proximity and location to provide an intuitive, personalized skill that doesn't match any platforms (Arvonen, 2016). And, Apple-designed processors in each iPhone and iPad were pushing the boundaries of technology development like machine learning and augmented reality. Just as the company designs the product to be simple, capable, intuitive, it also designs them securely. IPadOS, macOS, and iPad are established on a UNIX grounded, making them robust and stable. The company constantly encrypt data at the structure level and remain and in transit, to safeguard corporate information. Common software updates safety iPadOS, macOS, and iOs from evolving security threats. Touch ID and Face ID use their image or even your fingerprint to unlock your authenticate and device apps. The firm protects to ensure that both in-house apps and third-party can only access information in authorized means. MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS are created to aid the most general productivity and collaboration structure in the current enterprise, comprising Google G Suite and Microsoft Office. Apple products work seamlessly with main infrastructure services such as Microsoft Exchange for calendars and email, together with VPN solutions and wireless networks from providers like (Cisco & O'Rourke, 2019). In case the shift from another instrument to Apple, created-in migration from Android or Windows, builds moving their information simple, it's much easier to manage and deploy Apple devices even when services are on at large scale. Each iPad, Mac, and iPhone configure and set up automatically, thus eliminating the need for Information Technology to hold every device personally. IT can also drive out apps straight to employees, and devices can personalize firm-owned Apple devices with the addition of other apps.

Transformation of Tim Cook

The transformation of Tim Cook on Apple Company immediately started the exit of Steve Jobs. In this era, Cook has enabled the company to be vibrant, profitable, and powerful in the production and evolution of products and services. Here are some of the ways Tim Cook influenced Apple's product and services.

Apple Control Measure of Its Technology Destiny

Apple increasingly depends on its Prowse at designing most of the sensors and chips, which power its activation of the device. That offers the firms ever keenly in control over software experience, symbiotic hardware, and designing a harmonious experience, which issues for the future of the iPhone development through Cook's influential effect.

Apple Is a Service and Device Company

The company generates 15% of its income from digital services like Apple Pay, App Store, iCloud, AppleCare, and the region of the corporate is developing faster as compared to hardware sales.

Apple means business

Even far from the corporate graphics unit, the company focuses more on enterprise sales. Currently, it has a great deal with the association of IBM to sells its device to the entire globe. The iPad Pro is rising targeted at business reframing, the iPad from a customer device, and the user, which is dropping to the coming generation of a business laptop.

Apple App Store Is a Marketing Policy

One billion individuals arrive at the App Store to discover out what value putting on their iPhones where the company is depending on more downloads (and the outcome great revenue). The company marketing chief executive Phil Schiller now controls the store and has built more changes in the previous six months and ever since, thus introducing expanding subscription and promotional placement to create apps a better repeating business (Arvonen, 2016).

Apple Had Conveyed a Public Beta

Apple understands to be appropriate out of the field is exaggerated. CEO Cook vetted iOS through the public beta free sample. The invention of the original file structure is highly handled and controlled by developers. Again the introduction of the Apple Watch shows the firm's willingness to evolve a product by understanding the preferences of the consumers.

Strategic Direction Influence of Tim Cook for Apple

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook has had a profound effect of the firm in numerous ways not only when it comes to its value and the technologies development of a product, as is stated in his new book named as "Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Subsequent Level. Cook was employed in the year 1998 as senior vice president recognized for globe wide functions, an opportunity that entitled restoring Apple's distribution and manufacturing. Tim came on board as the firm was thriving and in need of assistance when it comes to the techniques of operations (Kane, 2015). Thereafter just eight months in the position, Tim was capable of lowering Apple's inventory stock below to $79 million value of unsold Mac, downcast from $400 million. He made a slew of alteration from the onset, like reducing the number of suppliers. Apples operate with closer to Apple's industries, outsourcing production, and moving suppliers whenever applicable. Cook also invested in an enterprise raw materials strategic system that offered his group with information about the whole supply chain management, offering them sufficient data to tweak production as wanted on daily living. In the description of Tim's leadership and attributes qualities, Joswiak displays the company CEO as functional whiz that feels and thinks like a businessperson, as stated by Kahney. To conclude this, Tim Cook had a business sense.

Education Background of Tim Cook

Tim was born in the small city of Robertsdale as Timothy D. Cook, in Alabama, first of November 1960. He was the middle of the three sons of Donald, the father ass shipyard employer, and mother Geraldine, who was a homemaker. Tim attended Robertsdale High School, where he graduated second in the class of 1978 (Kane, 2015). Then after he enrolled at Auburn Institute located in Alabama and graduated in the year 11982, achieving a bachelor's degree the first honor with industrial engineering, and further went to Duke University Fuqua Institute of Business in 1988, where he graduated with MBA. In addition, Tim was awarded the honor of Fuqua Scholar, which is given to learners at the school of business who pursue with the top 10% of their class (Kane, 2015). Thereafter from graduated school, Tim embarked on the career field of computer technologies. After sometimes he was first employed by IBM where is raised through the ladder to association's North American contentment director, distribution functions, and managing to manufacture for IBM's Personal Computer Firm in both Latin and North America. After service of a 12-year contract at IBM, he later in 1994 became the chief functioning officer of the Reseller Department at Intelligent Electronics.


Upon collecting harsh criticism concerning Apple's universal staffs, he then definite to open up the ways to the public and permit them to view Apple's functioning operates. By doing this, he inspired self-assurance for those in the firm and settled on the new industry values for manufacturers around the globe (Arvonen, 2016). He quoted that there was the need to be innovative with supplies tasks as well with our manufactured products. The paper will entail the qualities of Tim Cook have been considered as an inspiration to many individuals after taking responsibility as the CEO of Apple. His approaches in aspects of leadership are admirable, and his learning can help us in building a strong, grounded leader. Through his aspirations, we can learn about taking risks, listen, and focus attentively to people we talk to, and encouraging business diversity.

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