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Date:  2022-07-07

Training of employees within an organization is an essential milestone. Many organizations fail to train their employees on new techniques when they employ them. The management assumes that the employees have all the skills required to maintain high-quality standards of service that are needed (Boddy, 2008). All employees whether new or old in the hotel should be subjected to regular training. The Spanish employees that were brought in by the recruiting agency were better performing than the long-term employees in the hotel. This is an indication that the Spanish employees had better skills than the long-term employees in the hotel. Their failure and unwillingness to work as a team with the local employees could not allow for the sharing of their skills and knowledge of the hospitality industry. The management of the hotel should, therefore, focus on ensuring that they introduce the employees serving for a long term in the hotel to regular training. Regular training by the industry professionals could help to upgrade their skills and knowledge in eh hostility industry. Failure to give them training would further lead to deterioration of their quality of the service in the hotel.

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Teamwork makes working easy and manageable. The management of the hotel does not understand the need for integration and teamwork among employees (Wood, 2015). Allowing the Spanish employees to work on their terms such as not working with other local employers in their shifts creates poor artistry. The employees should mingle freely with each other so that they share their skills and knowledge. When planning on the working schedules of the employees, it would be necessary to include the Spanish and non-Spanish employees within the same shifts. The change would help in introducing new skills by the Spanish employees to the local employees. Generally, the provision of services and products would be greatly improved. Allowing the Spanish employees to work alone during their shifts would not have any benefits to the progress of the hotel in future. It is thus essential to ensure that there is a high level of teamwork among the employees.

Rewarding employees is considered one of the most important factors that influence their morale. When employees are rewarded according to their work output, they put more effort and end up having a high level of productivity (Hayes, Ninemeier & Miller, 2004). In most hospitality companies in the modern market, there is a high employee turnover due to lack of motivation. Motivation should be provided in the form of rewards and benefits. The employees working on contract may be poorly paid while the Spanish employees are highly paid. This could be the main reason they are better performers than the local employees. Concerning this, the management of the hotel should consider putting up a reward system which would bring about change in the working ability of the employees. The employees should be rewarded on the basis of their performance after evaluations are done. Replacing the employees who are not performing could not be a positive approach. When long-term employees are terminated from the hotel, it will create a negative impression of the management to the incoming employees. Also, introducing a new remuneration system that promotes fairness among employees would help to improve service delivery.


In conclusion, the Hotel management needs to introduce changes in the management style they use. Training of employees should be prioritized at all times. They should be regularly added to workshops and seminars where they are taught about new methodologies of providing services to their customers in the hotel industry. Additionally, employees should learn to be team players so that they can identify and solve the problem amicably. Failure to solve existing problems may prolong the inability of the employees to perform in future. Therefore, the employers should focus on ensuring that there is a high level of cooperation among them with the help of improved communication.


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