Reflective Essay Example: Team Management

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Date:  2021-04-05

A thoughtful thesis is considered a piece that is used to express the experience of an individual in a particular circumstance or while working on a specific task or project. It has been developed to explain my experience when I was working in a group of five members for enhancing the overall performance of the team. The reason of this reflective essay is to point out on the reasons as to why the team performed excellently. It focuses on involving my personal skills while operating in the group with the analysis of literature. Teamwork has always been considered as an efficient scenario for the attainment of the objectives and goals. Working as a team is valuable for enhancing the presentation and cohesiveness in the group to sustain an appropriate culture. The principal purpose of a team is the act of proper allocation of duties and the development of a suitable plan for the achievement of the goals. The essay focuses on the analysis of interpersonal dynamics in the group, analysis of results of the individuals and lastly the analysis associated with the success or failure of the team.

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The group formed consisted of members that were from different cultures and therefore there was an enormous diversity of the group. Through this diversity, there has been a different ethical value experienced among the members such as lack of a sense of responsibility and efficient communication. Due to this one of the group members did not account for himself on the first day of the meeting. Two other team members were caught up on other errands and therefore were not available; therefore the presentation topic on that day was not well covered. As for the remaining team, we discussed ways in which we thought it would be suitable for us to achieve our objective goals. On the following week, the two absent members were available, and we were able to fill them in about our progress, and they were able to catch up with us. It shows that diversity in a team is imperative especially where communication is concerned. As for the two members absent, they did not present on the first day which shows a lack of proper communication. The literature review explains that different people can bring different ideas that may assist in attaining the set goal in an efficient manner.

Initially, the group faced particular challenges, such as ineffective communication that hindered them from preparing the presentation appropriately due to the different cultures and ethnic values. Being the first team to present, we had to utilize the time properly. The submission was due in week three, and we had a lot of work to do, but due to the proper management of time, we were able to cover the topic given and also revise the question before the presentation. The cooperation we had from our team members enabled us to cover the topic quickly since each member was contributing their different views and opinions. Therefore, the theme of the presentation was well covered. As a group, we had minimal conflicts since we decided to work with cooperation and assist one another in the areas not understood. The review of literature argues that where there is cooperation, there is a success. In this case, we were able to manage time and cooperate effectively on the group work thus resulting in an excellent performance.

My group had a challenge at the beginning due to lack of efficient communication, but the communication barrier was able to be resolved, and the members were able to work together. According to my experience, we were successful in contributing and giving it our level best. We were able to work with cooperation and minimal conflicts thus managing the team appropriately. By doing this, the team members were able to open up their minds and contribute their ideas. According to the review of the literature, proper management of the team leads to the attainment of the aim of the team. It is essential for a team always to learn how to manage the diversity in the group to avoid any disagreements or future conflicts. In this panel presentation, the members were able to minimize cases of conflict and help one other regardless of the diverse cultures. They utilized time appropriately, and their way of communication was effective thereby enabling them to succeed.

In every aspect of a workplace, teamwork is essential to complete and achieve the set goals and objectives which enhance the performance of each and every member of the team. According to my experience, my staff was able to perform effectively and was able to deliver what was required of them on the last day. The diversity challenges such as communication barrier and conflicts were resolved and avoided so as to maintain cohesiveness in the team and also to achieve cooperation from all the members of the team. The Proper assertion of conflict and efficient communication has resulted in the achievement of our group, and we are thankful for the commitment we received from all of the team members.

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