Religion and Science Study in a Classroom

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Date:  2022-11-22


Science education describes how the universe works according to the law of nature while religion explains how God controls how the work of the universe. Both science and religion gives a conflicting description especially when it comes to the creation of the universe. The two subjects are taught in school as per curriculum to provide the students with basic skills and knowledge to develop the minds of the future. Each subject offers a different theory to the student which makes it more interesting as the student's research for more. Teaching this subject is educational as it provides the student with facts and beliefs.

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Although the teaching of religion and science may be educational, some court cases solved seem to interpret it differently. A particular school in Kentucky State asked every public school in the state to post the ten commandments on the wall of the classroom. Their intention was for every student to learn the commandments although they were purchased with private funding. When the matter was taken to court, it declared that it was unconstitutional to post the tablet since it served no secular legislative purpose. Although the commandment would have provided religious education to the students, the court didn't vote in its favor because it served no constitutional purpose.

In another opposing case, the alleged plaintiff in Minnesota complained that tax deduction offered to the parent paying school expenses were beneficial the parents in private religious school. According to the law, no deductions were allowed for religious teaching materials or any instructional books. When this case was taken to court, the court judged in favor since the state aid was deemed religiously neutral and extended equality to all parents. Its conclusion stated that the funds didn't help any religion but parents at large making it constitutional. The court was catering for parents not because the religion was educational.

Over the years religion and science have appeared as being in perpetual conflict. However, the two can be incorporated when explaining the meaning of life. Religion can be incorporated into science when explaining god's work. It discussed that God created all things on the earth one of them being nature (Malinowski, B 1954). Religion will need science to understand the law of nature according to science. A science student can also incorporate religion, especially when learning about an objective, observable reality. This study required a student to have a leap of faith to believe in reality perceptions. It is essential for the student to understand that the two subjects relate. If they were utterly incompatible, then all combinations between them would be logically excluded.


In conclusion, these two subjects are essential to the student because since without religion is a mess. Whether it is in the constitution or not, I believe the two themes serve an educational purpose, and a student needs both of them to understand the world better. With strong personal beliefs and opinion learned in religion, the student will excel socially which wit science study will be able to accomplish many inventions. The constitution should banish the ability to interfere with religion and science education especially in schools. By doing this, the student will be able to learn more about their beliefs freely and gain more knowledge in scientific theories.


Malinowski, B., & Redfield, R (1954). Magic science and religion:' and other essays. Garden city. N.Y: Doubleday >blog>10

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