Reflection on Presentation Experience Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06

The Positive and Negative Aspects During My First Presentation Experience.

The positive aspect of the presentation is that I usually have the required mastery of the content. However, as a second language learner in English, I experience the challenge of remembering the keywords to communicate amid looking at the script. For that matter, I end up forgetting the words to use thus affecting the overall presentation (Yang, 2010). Additionally, I was able to start the presentation well with a brief introduction, but I later failed to incorporate the thesis statement to outline the structure of the presentation as a way of enhancing the attention of the audience (E, 2014). The main strength that I identified during my presentation was calmness and composure even after forgetting the most fundamental English statements to be included in the performance (E, 2014). I discovered that I need moral support to enable me to grab the required confidence to work well during all presentation and to acknowledge that I am trying to make it through the challenge of being an English Second language learner. Another problem during the performance was failing to coordinate the use of non-verbal cues with the required wording during the execution.

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The Reason Connecting to Positivity or Negativity in the Previous Presentation.

Poor connection between the introduction and the body with the thesis statement made the presentation to be negative since the overall aim was not well communicated. Additionally, lack of essential communication skills and concept made the display to be negative since the audience can identify mistakes easily than the positive statements in any particular presentation (E, 2014). Lack of coherence of statements during the presentation was resulted by lack of proper preparation and improper evaluation of speech presentation.

What I Learnt from the First Presentation and what I will do Differently in if Given a Second Chance on the Stage.

If I could be granted a second chance, I would spend time during preparation by the use of recorded audios and video recording to examine my expertise and weaknesses. In that perspective, I would require to be vetted by at least two English native learners to be able to come up with a standard presentation (Yang, 2010). Having identified that I am prone to forgetting the fundamental statements during the presentation, I will be able to ensure that I am aware of the words to use and the contextual meaning during application (Yang, 2010). I will also ensure that I prepare my transcript with speaker notes to enable me to note down the complex notes that are vital during the presentation.

According to the aspects mentioned by Yang (2010), I will also try to learn public presentation skills to be able to shun all elements that make me tense during the presentation to the point of losing the essential statements (Yang, 2010). Through proper adoption of public presentation skills, I will be able to enhance the coherence of statements thus will uphold the required presentation skills that will reduce the blame that is connected on being a second English language learner. Through proper adherence to presentation skills and well-integrated vetting by friends, I will uphold the required business and public speaking skill. I will also download online tutorials to focus on to attain the best presentation skills.

I will also improve on language as it appeared to be the second most significant challenge in the overall presentation. Even though I was able to fit in the three-minute presentation, I have to boost my vocabulary to allude to the standard English in practice (Huang, 2010). To ensure that my language is standard, I will have to be reading more excerpts in English with the help of my peers who should be giving me the challenge to do better in my general choice of the required vocabulary (Huang, 2010). I will examine my post-speech after every trial to identify if I will be making any progress. I would also work on proper pronunciation of words as a strategy to improve from the problem of being an ESL.

As a way of improving from my shortcomings, I will adjust my surrounding to suit the presentation room amid employing positive visualization strategies. I will reduce panicking by alluding to the fact that the audience is sympathetic and always focus on the strength of the presenter rather than on the shortcomings (Huang, 2010). For that matter, I will be able to structure out a presentation that is cooler and in a composed manner than the previous presentation.


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