Reflection on Community Participation in the Rexdale Women's Centre Essay

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Date:  2022-10-23


Form the start of my current enrollment in the Rexdale Women's Centre, worker outreach and also the development program which I'm completing in 2019 at Sheridan college. I truly believe my experience and all my learning have been typical. In the aspect that I have always had clear vision and goals with what I want to do in life. Each class I have attended has improved my knowledge and help me build confidence when approaching different aspect of community development. I have always known from the start that community development will always be my field and hence I build lots of skill and experience around it. Regarding my qualification and also skills I'm excellent at solving community problem which is a skill I have learned and acquired form volunteer community job at Rexdale Women's Centre.

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Reflection on Professionalism and Leadership

I'm very open-minded and I grasp new skills fast and as a community developer I have developed teamwork skills and leadership skill from the various task at Rexdale Women's Centre. I'm always very diplomatic and I can deal with anyone even aggressive people. It's always challenging when dealing with the different colleague and even customer but I'm always very pleasant to anyone. I have a vast and a diverse knowledge in the Microsoft word and other computer skill which are an essential skill in the modern world where technology plays a more significant role in offering better service to the community. I also commented different language and I even can write and also translate Urdu, Sindhi, and Punjabi. And a multilingual person I have an advantage in applying my skills in different place and have a better view of the world in a broader perspective.

Reflecting on Rexdale Woman Centre Outreach Program. It's a design community-based group that I have been working as a facilitator. Our role is to volunteer to give a hand in a cause we think will be of good value to the society. I feel proud of being in the team of the volunteering community. I get experiences and skill as a result of involvement in various activities as a result, utilization of this skill would likely to fulfill my educational obligation. Furthermore, I believe to secure a job on any related work would be easily compared to first-timers. As you are aware, organization and companies always look out for this kind of experiences. As a facilitator, time to time I could facilitate and be subjective in the conduction of English Conversation Circle. Apart from that, I also facilitate planning and event organization within a designated community among others roles.

Reflection on Voluntary Activities

I also remember back then in September 2009 when I worked at Masumeen Islamic Center. At that moment I volunteered as a teacher. My main duties comprise of organizing and making arrangement for Heena Artist for Fundraising activities where the main aim was to ensure that, young children were involved in necessary issues pertaining community.

Considering volunteering activities, I have been involved in the past year and the current role as a facilitator I believe I have experience and skills in social work. I find it an act of compassion offering services to an individual within the community without expecting to be paid back in return. I think this kind of activities is all about personal commitment and compassion. In my opinion, in order to maintain community in balance, there should be volunteers in the community to help where otherwise help would not have been provided. Therefore, the volunteering programs have proven to be a vital component in our current society.


McDonald, L., George, U., Cleghorn, L., & Karenova, K. (2008). An analysis of second language training programs for older adults across Canada. Institute for Life Course and Aging, University of Toronto.

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