Reflection of the Semester Lessons From the Provided Readings on Sociology

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Date:  2022-11-06

Based on the lessons from the class materials and lecturing sessions, I have learned a lot as far as the coverage of the syllabus and the course is concerned. I have greatly sharpened my level of thinking analysis and synthesis of the course materials. Besides, I have managed to gain a proper insight on how to analyze and make a comparison of different resource materials that concern with my understanding of the materials used in the course. I currently understand that the word 'synthesize' means to form something by combining different parts or elements, according to In relations to this paper, I chose to synthesize the material and issues concerning monsters from "Becoming the Monster We're Trying to Fight" written by Rebecca A. Martusewicz and "I'm a Pedophile, Not a Monster" by Todd Nickerson. After reading these two essays, they both have similar yet different interpretations of what they consider a monster. Understanding the term monster has been confusing, and now I can say that a monster is not necessarily that scaring or bad thing or feeling is given that even a friend can be a monster in any other way. I have enlightened my ability to understand the perspectives of the word "monster" in these two essays were quite fascinating. "Becoming the Fight" uses more a social approach while "I'm a Pedophile, not a Monster" uses personal experience to express their understanding and interpretation of being a monster.

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Throughout the course, I have learned to develop a comparative analysis of the different aspect of the life application skills on social issues that concern with the individuals level of understanding and synthesize of the learning materials. Additionally, it is important to note that the issue "monster" in the essay "Becoming the Fight" concerns people of political authority trying to make others look bad Martusewicz states. Similarly, I have been able to realize that "The monster is an addiction to violence fed through a commodified, exploited, and even schooled hyper-fear of the other" which means the monster is the act of harm, hatred, and violence which causes "fear of the other." In reading the material, the author mentions other examples such as politicians claiming Obama was not American, although he released documentation of his birth certificate. Through the analytical skills that I gained from the reading materials, I have learned to acquire how best I can solve certain life skills especially that deals with my field of learning. In this case, the monster is the politicians trying to bring Obama's Presidency down.

In most cases, not all politicians have the best of motive given that some of them make decisions that only benefit them and specifically for the self-gain purpose. These politicians will get to the 'nitty gritty' to see someone fail or do badly. In the other essay "I'm a Pedophile, not a Monster" the author, Todd Nickerson knew he was always a bit different which carried into his later life. After reading the title, one would probably assume the essay is a ridiculous joke. Based on the literary

The materials from the discussion and the class notes have helped me to understand better ways on how to make a comparison based on the material of usage. Unlike before, I can say that I fully understand the application of pedophile in life-based on the claims presented by Nickerson who is one of the authors of the book. Nickerson claims society has it all twisted about what it means to be a pedophile. When he was a young boy, an older man sexually abused him.

Additionally, he claims that that experience is the reason why he a pedophile. According to the author, the true definition of a pedophile according to Nickerson is someone who is sexually attracted to young boys or girls but does not necessarily act on it or have sexual encounters with these young children. He says he does not want to be looked like a monster, but for people to have a better understanding of how and why he is attracted to what he is. In addition, he strives to be normal and not have lustful thoughts towards children but the experience he had, as a little boy has become a reverse effect in his later years as an adult. Besides, as the essay ends, he states, "So, please, be understanding and supportive. It is all we ask of you. Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster." He is asking for the support and peace from others who have a twisted perspective of what it means to be a pedophile and do not look at these people as monsters or people out to harm children.

The study of the materials has also helped me on how better I can make a comparison of more than one source of information and draw a conclusion. For example, I can now make a comparison of the two essay on 'monster' is similarly used to represent society's negativity due to their misconception. In Martusewicz's essay, she claims that the people of higher authority who should be striving to make our country a better place, are the monsters because they attack people like President Obama and focus on the petty attributes that only creates more unnecessary drama and problems. According to Nickerson, the 'monster' is referring to all the people who misunderstand what it means to be a pedophile and how his life has changed because he is categorized a monster. Foreigners or people who are different do not want to be looked at as a monster, and how, ever to gain a better understanding of an individual's attributes, society should allow them to speak up so we do not misunderstand what these individuals cannot change. These differences are significantly different because the monster has two different meanings explained by these two essays.

In making a comparison, I can now say and make a key difference between the essays is the context on whom they affect. In "I'm a Pedophile, not a Monster," Nickerson expresses his personal experience while in Matusiewicz's essay; she uses social and political examples to express her definition of a monster. Many may agree after reading Nickerson's essay that he is still a monster because it is immorally incorrect to have a sexual desire for young children, but he claims he has never physically touched a child, therefore still making him a monster? The concept of being a monster to Nickerson is dictated and predetermined by society while the concept of being a monster to Martusewicz is society actions being place on someone to ruin or belittle their reputation or credibility. The other key concept that I can reflect to have learned in the resources and the class information is on better ways that a person can solve the conflict in the best and in harmony as a way of enhancing peace between the conflicting groups based on the underlying issues.

Based on the analytical skills and the knowledge that I have gained in the course learning and materials. I have to say that one of the essays covers key aspect on the political difference and the role of the politicians in making decisions that in most cases tends to benefit them and for the self-gain and not for benefiting the generation public. Martusewicz says that the monster is the key to all violence that happens and people will always try to see another fail, which is ridiculously hateful. Although Nickerson wants to live a normal life and be a harmless pedophile, his title or what he is known as has prevented him from getting jobs and hindered him from excelling in society. The second essay talks about challenges that some people tend to make in their lives as they try to achieve their life goals and ambitions. I have learned better ways that I can derive a cohesive conclusion based on the source and the materials of the information that I am using to conclude. The monster in his situation is societies misunderstanding of what it means to be a Pedophile. According to Martusewicz, the monster is what people actively find or intentionally do to tear someone down. People will only agree or support you if you do anything to benefit them according to politics, but if not, society will put worth more energy to give that person such as President Obama a bad name such as 'monster.' Most importantly, it is obvious that society plays a fundamental role in the overall decisions that people make in which some are beneficial while other is harmful. I learned the importance of making a good decision that is self-benefiting and that which has overall positive motives for everyone and the general public as a whole.


In conclusion, I have to say that, based on the learning materials and the course coverage, I learned a lot on better ways on resource synthesis and ways to make comparison and analysis of more than one source of information. I must also say that the coverage of the materials is in such a way that the learners or the reader can understand and make valid comparisons that seek to enhance one's level of understanding and in the overall critical analysis. Society will always define and try to categorise people. Unfortunately, everyone knows a 'monster' does not associate with anything good or positive. Martusewicz also hit some valid points when it comes to political monsters and people of higher authority trying to bring each other down. The two essays are a great example of how people are misunderstood therefore portrayed as something bad. I think we live in a cruel world regardless and wish people did not have to go through what they do. Nickerson was strong for coming out about being a pedophile because he is not the only one out there whose is more concerned on the topic pedophile.

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