Redesigning Research Methods Course for Teachers: A Case Study

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Date:  2023-01-16

In the case study of them article Eastmond, J., Louviere, J., & Quinn, K. (2008, Nov./Dec.). Redesigning a Research Methods Course for Teachers. TechTrends, 52(6), 22-28, there has been the presentation of the research question to be used in the attempts to find the answers related to the educational discipline. The questions have been presented in such a way that there is the use of a number of vital elements which make them quality as well as having the capability to holistically ramify the topic and bring about the best answers as per the requirements. The questions were prepared and presented online by a team of support staff for the pre-service as well as the in-service teachers, who are being taught on the research methods. Presented in the subsequent paragraphs are the characteristics which make the presented evaluation questions quality, hence having the capability to address the answerability, their reasonability, as well as being well targeted at a specific audience in the field.

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First, the researchers were able to formulate the most novel evaluation questions. They are original in nature. In this regard, there are no cases where there is plagiarism, as they are framed and made in such a way as to address the topic in a circumspect nature. In their presentation, their originality makes them quite engaging to the intended users and stakeholders (Eastmond, Louviere, & Quinn, 2008, Nov./Dec.). It can also be seen that following the originality nature of the evaluation questions, a stepwise technique has been utilized, such that the questions form a semblance of a chained series. They are leading questions which can easily be guessed by the stakeholders, hence quite engaging. There is no instance where there is a huge difference in the adjacent quesi0ons, they are quite well arranged and lead to one another in a reasonable order. The stakeholders who are giving answers to them are thus not able to strain as they abruptly switch from one question to another of completely different questions.

Additionally, the evaluation questions presented are quite answerable for the target stakeholders. In this case, the researchers were able to utilize their experience in the field of the research such that they keenly identified the evaluation questions considered fit for the people who were to answer them. The questions were thus not that much complex as it would adversely affect the performance of the research. The performance of the research is adversely affected in the event the evaluation questions are too complex for the resource people, as they could opt to leave them blank to even offer to guess some answers, hence not helping in the finding of the required information by the researchers (Taylor, n.d.). Also, the evaluation questions were open-ended, thus aiding in the part where the resource people were not limited to the answers to provide. The resource people could thus holistically present the relevant answers in attending the evaluation questions, which in the long run ads in the finding of the fittest answers to the research questions by the researchers. Additionally, the researchers were able to formulate the evaluation questions which has no ambiguity (Stream, n.d.). In this regard, the target resource people to provide answers for them could easily understand them and address them as to required: to the best of their knowledge: hence an added advantage to the researchers as they had a high probability of conducting successful research in the long run.

There is also an element of the use of contextualized and ethical techniques in the formulation of the evaluation questions in the article. It can be observed that the evaluation questions were free of any aspect of gender sensitivity. They were neutral thus bringing about the required ethical semblance to it. There was no gender that was considered to be referred to or targeted in the research questions (Chughtai et al. 2015). They were all open such that the males and the females of the targeted age could attend them when resented. It is because the evaluation questions that are gender sensitive have a lot of setbacks in the. The people answering them can consider the referral of a specific gender is a practice of gender imbalance and a way of sabotage of the on which is not even considered. It can hence adversely affect on their efforts and the subsequent productivity, whereby if the ender which is belittled is given the chance to answer the questions, they might not give it the dully required utmost attention and attendance. The researchers were thus able to factor in an element of gender balance in the formulation of the research questions, such that there were no instances of irregular attendance of the questions by the resource people basing on an element of the adverse gender imbalance (Kothari & Armstrong, 2011). The aspect of contextualization of the evaluation questions to the topic resulted in the research questions which are relevant to the topic, that was utilized in the presented case article. Thus, the evaluation questions relevant and gender insensitive.

There are some questions which could have been included by the 8ressearchwrrs to be part of the evaluation questions but were not [resented. They are as follows:

What are the teaching mechanisms that most learners want the teachers to employ during teaching? As seen from the fact that they can be quite efficient and lead to the production of excellent results?

What would you like your teachers to be doing in order to keep the classes engaging?

At what point in time and under what circumstances would the students consider that certain subjects and disciplines have been well attended at and that there has been optimal ingraining of the knowledge as required?

What are the main reasons as to why the students can develop some love of certain subjects and not others?

What should the school and institutional fraternity do so as to obtain a situation where there is adequate conduciveness and enabling an environment for teaching and learning to go on quite smoothly and reliably?

What are the main characteristics of the teachers which the students like engaging with such that there shall be the production of strong and efficient bonds leading to the corresponding rise in the love of their subjects for optimal performance?

What are the characteristics of the students who are not absorbing any content being taught in the classroom?

What are the main characteristics of the students considered as excellent and fast learners?

What do you consider is the standard level of performance that students should achieve for them to be considered as excellent performers?

If you were a teacher, what are some of the aspects which you could suggest being altered as they could lead to the generation of the excellent results for teachers and students?


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