Red Barn: Mismanagement, Lack of Vision & Relief Services - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-13

Introduction and Background

Primarily, the critical problem of Red Barn that needs to critical is mismanagement, lack of vision and awareness in the organization. Principally, Red Barn Faith, Hope, Love, is situated in 2722 Bailey Road Leeds, Alabama, 35094. Red Barn was established in the year 2012. The organization is principally involved in the provision and offering of relief services to persons who daily are submerged in a repetitious lifestyle. Therefore, Red Barn relief activities are a source smile, hope, and faith to several adults with disabilities, children, both active and inactive military personnel, as well as their families (Theredban, 2019). Also, Red Barn provides emotional, cognitive, or physical support to disabled individuals. The organization has a unique service offering (Adapted Riding, Occupational Physical, Speech Therapy with a Horse, Educational Activities, Camping, Riding Lessons, and Horsemanship). In line with these services, Red Barn assists individuals with burdened hearts to feel relaxed, regain hope, faith, and happiness by spending time with a horse (Theredbarn, 2019).

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Weekly, close to 100 visitors visits Red Barn mainly to uplift their moods or rejuvenate their living and ways of thinking. Though Red Barn only receives partial funding from the state, other sources of donations are mainly from volunteer donations (Theredbarn, 2019). More so, Red Barn was still open to additional funds raising programs that largely contributed to the stability of its operations until the year 2015 (Theredbarn, 2019).

However, this problem needs to be addresses owing to the verity that Red Barn still resorts to its ancient methodology of operations, related to managing the funds and the information related to the organization. This is because the classical methodology is the epicenter of Red Barn's fundamental problems.

The question to be answered to shed light on the potential solution is the under-utilization of the resources along with the waste of investments in the organization. The management has relatively failed since it has not been proactive enough to bring about organizations change.

The conceptual framework that my PSA will be built upon is the need for Red Barn to balance the digitization world and to capture the imagination and obligations of the customers. The customers want more than the goodness of their mental health. Red Barn exposed different types of mismanagement problems, exploitation, lack of vision, lack of changes to attract more customers. (Nojeim, 2010).

Nonetheless, this study uses the case study qualitative research methodology purposefully to be able to provide a detailed description of all Red Barn spheres as well as all other pivotal information.

The social implication of this research is mainly centered on the application of collaborative and inclusive participatory methodologies. These methodologies will address vital sustainable development organizations' changes, for example, social cohesion, healthy lifestyles, human development, transformation, healthcare, and sustainability. According to Sorrell (2018), Red Barn's stated mismanagement focuses on a lack of vision, mission, and value, causing issues or differences. Also, Management and the lack of vigor or zeal to carry out the operations, the returns, or satisfaction have as well decreased significantly (McKeever, 2018). Red Barn is finding it challenging to sustain positive growth and a stable operation due to the lack of initiatives of fostering effective management. Therefore, this research study would delve into the managerial problems of Red Barn and come up with a general framework to address such issues and find ways through which related stakeholders can contribute.

Problem Statement

Mismanagement is primarily the problem in need of being addressed in Red Barn by focusing on cost optimization as well as the application of organization strategy approaches to restore Red Barn on a valid management path (Vision, Value, and Mission).

Red Barn is presently characterized with a low employee morale, low productivity and low costs of company turnover that ought to be aptly addressed.

More so, currently, Red Barn is experiencing adversative operational environments, poor communication, and miscommunication both vertically and horizontally, as well as lack of recognition for performance.

This problem area needs to be addressed to enable Red Barn to operate and function at its maximum potential. By performing at its maximum potential, Red Barn will be able to achieve its goals and objectives as well as satisfy the needs of its clients.

Previous researches show that Non-Profitable organizations have not been prudent enough in their organization approach to embracing changes in a digitized world (Nilzen et al., 2016). To rubberstamp this fact, interviews performed on researchers evidentially demonstrate the inability of non-profit organizations adapting to changes emanating from digitalization. (Sureda, 2018).

Besides, the research problem pays critical attention to finding an intelligent solution to this study by exploring Red Barn with new ways of producing results, administration of roles, initiation of pertinent managerial processes, and the development of a competent team. These crucial aspects are vital for guiding Red Barn into becoming a frugal organization able to realize maximum benefits. The research question, therefore, determines the main mismanagement challenges and issues of under-utilization of resources as well as the inability of Red Barn handling dynamic changes in a digitized world.

On the other hand, however, in Public Administration (PAS), globalization has been warmly embraced by the world. Hence, the advent of technology has resulted in the diversification and increase of customers' needs. Unfortunately, Red Barn and other nonprofit organizations have not been able to come up with apropos organization strategies (Vision, Value, and Mission).

III Purpose

The broader research problem will tackle the mismanagement problems at Red Barn that are mostly the causal factors of low employee morale, high company turnover as well as low productivity among nonprofit organizations globally.

I look forward to discovering the central mismanagement problem at Red Barn and thus identify imperative factors related to organization strategy approaches (Vision, Value, and Mission).

The direct and logical link of the purpose and the problem is centered on the verity that the purpose will help in solving the mismanagement problems, impacts, reasons, causes, and hindrances that face Red Barn.

The direct and logical link to the research is based on inquiring why mismanagement is happening in Red Barn and examining employee morale, high turnover, and low productivity.

Research Question

Primary Research Question

  • What are the different impacts, reasons, and causes that are leading to the slowing down of the operations of Red Barn?
  • How can the management at Red Barn improve their ways of thinking and operations to strengthen such dire conditions?

Nature of the Study

The key concept or phenomenon under investigation is related to employee morale, high turnover, and low productivity problem in Red Barn.

Primarily, the research designs a qualitative study across the different available literature in the registered sources.

The particular valuable aspect of the methodology is understanding the phenomenon of slow growth and why nonprofit organizations close down. The qualitative research is used to uncover opinions and collect small sample size data.

The rationale for the selection of the methodological approach is centered on unstructured techniques and interviews of the Red Barn employee.

A qualitative study would help in performing the detailed investigation analysis while collecting qualitative data points from all sources. The data points will be received, collated, and analyzed from different themes and identified through the literature review. The thematic analysis would help in data segregation in a focused manner and develops insights into mismanagement problem. A qualitative study would, hence, help in performing the detailed investigation analysis while collecting qualitative data points from all sources. The data points will then be received, collated, and analyzed from different themes before being identified through the literature review. The thematic analysis would help in data segregation in a focused manner and will help to develop insights into mismanagement problems.

The qualitative research design helps in exhaustively collecting data points from the participants and thereby helps in obtaining more information through focused interviews. The qualitative study will, therefore, help to capture the information in a detailed manner from the different employees of Red Barn. This will assist in the thematic analysis of the various factors/parameters related to mismanagement complexities in Red Barn. 6 The data will be analyzed by employing Quantitative responses from the survey participants at Red Barn. This would, in turn, limit the scope of data collection or the number of questions. However, the Qualitative data approach helps in collecting the mindshare of the participants using a few questions. 6 Non-Probabilistic method of purposive sampling method would be deployed to collect data points from as many employees as possible of Red Barn

Conceptual Framework

The Key study would revolve around studying the different types of mismanagement issues at Red Barn. 2 The concepts or ideas responsible for prompting my research question is the inability of Red Barn as a non-profit organization to aptly deliver its mandated services and customer needs due to mismanagement. 3 The concept is related to the study approach and the research questions, as viewed in the evidential proof of Red Barn's negative impacts on the workplace emanating from mostly mismanagement issues. Essentially, there is critical need to focus on organization strategy approaches (Vision, Value, and Mission) since they are relatively responsible for choking the growth of the organizations in recent past. However, it is gravitas to mitigate mismanagement problems, detect, prevent, and respond to influence or help management to achieve set objectives. Mostly, only a few studies focus on finding solutions for the smaller organizations that have much lesser budgetary allocations towards investing in digital solutions or handling mismanagement problems. This research study will, therefore, stick to an inductive research approach. Also, primary data points will be collated and compared with all data points to generate insights, gaps, and to recommend appropriate solutions.

Sources of Data

In this research, the data sources used include; websites, data points on the internet, blogs, journal articles, and literature review. Data sources obtained from interviews on the Red Barn employees would as well be analyzed to gather more information.

Significance of the Study

The pivotal contribution of my study topic to the field of Public Administration is effective management, organization, and control to the operations of Red Barn.

My profession will benefit in terms of focused management, development, and the ability to solve public policy of a nonprofit organization.

The impact will primarily revolve around making social changes in the mission, value, and vision that are a catalyst for success for a nonprofit organization.

The study is needed because of the fundamentali...

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