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Organizational culture can be described as the system of specific behaviors, beliefs, and values that are followed by a group of people found in a particular organization. For instance, organizational culture is just similar to a person's personality which influences them to act in a specific manner towards their goals and objectives in life or whatever experience they go through (Bass, 112). I work at the PPP Organization in the United States. In this case, my organizational culture can be described to embrace diversity in all employees as well as raise a group of employees who are focused into embracing their dignity regarding their dress code so that they may bring success to the organization. In my organization, we ensure to respect each regardless of their race, culture, beliefs, religion, color or even their proficient skills and knowledge. It means that we are always concerned with embracing respect and teamwork so that we may succeed in whatever we do. This paper will discuss the organizational culture at my organization, its characteristics, sub-cultures, and the major recommendations that can be implemented to correct all the challenges.

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The significant characteristics of the structure of our organization can be described as diverse, dignified, team players and equality for all employees regardless of their position and level of authority within the organization. It means that all members are in an organization which does not promote laziness, discrimination or harsh treatment of some of the employees. For many years now, my organization has been known for its diverse characteristic which makes it stand out from the rest. It is because the organization has employed members from different backgrounds and through this, it ensures to embrace all their differences. It, therefore, respects and views these differences as sources of its strength rather than weakness.

The diverse culture has been inherited from its positioning and location. It is situated in a city that has all types of employees having different backgrounds, skills, colors and even values. The organization, therefore, seeks to employ all these diverse people so that it may benefit from the various skills and knowledge as well. In the past, the organization's management used to discriminate against people with varying backgrounds and even did not want to employ any females or give them the highest positions because it did not respect them. Up to date, there have been a lot of revolutionary changes, and so far the company has witnessed that a diverse workforce brings in more success than one that is not diverse.

In the organization, there are several sub-cultures amongst the primary cultures. For instance, the lowest level employees have their sub-culture which teaches them to respect their leaders and always listen to their advice and decisions. Also, this group of employees has a team-work spirit which enables them to work in groups and bring in more benefits to the organization. For instance, they also commit an hour every day to attend training sessions whereby they are taught better communication techniques and conflict-solving strategies and this for years has proved their commitment to the success of the organization.

Additionally, there is another sub-culture that is common amongst the top managers. They always believe in working hard to come up with better decisions which they can pass to the rest of the employees and have a positive impact on the organization. Also, they dress decently to act as examples to the rest of the workforce so that the company can have better results when it comes to the respect they gain from their daily clients.

The above sub-cultures are related in that they both have a similar agenda which is to work hard towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Also, they are identical in that they both endure through all challenges to ensure that they maintain the overall culture of the organization which mainly revolves around embracing of the diversity that is present within the organization.

Regarding the culture in my organization, I would suggest a change in the way people communicate amongst each other. For instance, there has been a difficulty in the pace at which communication is carried out from the top management to the lower one. More time is taken, and this wastes a lot of time for the organization. Therefore, I would suggest for the organization to hire more personnel to ensure that information is passed on as soon as possible so that better results may be achieved. This action calls for a structural redesigning of the organization's workforce. Some of the failing employees should be switched to lower positions as those from the lower ones are promoted; only if they are competent enough.


In conclusion, research shows that reshuffling of employees from several positions brings in more motivation and more success. It is because more employees are motivated to work harder so that they may only be elevated to higher posts and not the other way round. It also boosts the power in all employees as they notice the attention and concern they are given by the organization. It eventually motivates them to keep working hard so that they may gain more rewards. Many employees also like to be recognized within the organization, and therefore I believe that this change would reflect the achievement of the organization's goals and objectives.

Work Cited

Bass, Bernard M., and Bruce J. Avolio. "Transformational leadership and organizational culture." Public administration quarterly (1993): 112-121.

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