Integrated Approaches to Working with Children and Young People

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Date:  2021-04-21

Provision of care for infants confers immense benefit that enhance their development. However, integrated care and education centers have proved to improve the children's behavior, their learning as well as social skills greatly. It is observed that children who gain most from the integrated services include children at the risk of neglect, abuse, complex or special needs and those who attend such centers at their early age. The integrated services bring together various disciplines and services into a more inclusive service delivery system, driven by a mutual purpose.

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The individuals working with young people within the childrens workforce must have certain skills and should also play certain roles and responsibilities. Effective communication is central when working with young people, children, pediatricians, and families. Good communication is crucial to developing and upholding good relationships. It is an active process that involves listening, asking, understanding and response. Those dealing with young people within childrens workforce also need to have very sharp observation skills. It is important to observe a young person or a childs behavior, get to understand its context and notice any unexpected changes in behavior. Observation helps in noticing uncharacteristic, risky and unusual changes that a child may engage in.

People who work with young people within the childrens workforce also have responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people and children. It is an important responsibility that demands very careful attention. Normally, it means being able to realize when a child is not accomplishing his or her development potential or when the childs physical or mental ability is impaired. It means being able to notice when a child displays harmful behavior or is being abused or neglected. It also means being able to identify sources of help for the children. Individuals who deal with young people within childrens workforce also need to develop a respectful and a trust worth relationship with children, young people, and their parents. Children can experience both social and personal benefits of the integrated working during their early years. There are also great benefits to the health of children. Healthy children experience positive force on their education.

Integrated centers often offer parents with both direct and indirect services. Some provisions of integrated working also reach further and strengthen the society. The services provided within integrated working also provide an opportunity for parents to get to understand their children especially those with complex or special needs. Therefore, integrated working helps the children and young people with special needs to get to live quality lives. For the case of Rose, she has accomplished all her development milestone except that her speech is delayed. She stays home with her mother all day. She has started waking up at night, and this has raised concern among the family members. Her parents are getting tired because rose affects their sleep and it is not easy to get her back to sleep. Rose is three years old.

In this case, there are some professionals that are already involved. Each professional plays a significant role in ensuring that the family gets to understand what Rose is going through. Each physician aims at ensuring Rose gets to live a normal life. The first professional is the speech and language therapist (SLT). SLT works closely with young children or babies and adults who have language and communication problems or various levels of speech. Speech and language therapist also deals with individuals with drinking, eating or swallowing problems. In this case, the physicians role is to identify Roses developmental speech and communication difficulties. He can help the parents in understanding why the speech has been delayed and how to deal with Rose. The physician could plan and deliver training sessions for Rose and her family.

Another professional that is associated with Roses situation is a special education needs co-coordinator (SENCO). The SENCO plays a very critical role. He or she ensures that children with special educational needs get the necessary support they require. The physician helps in coordinating support for children with special educational needs. Therefore, this professional will help Roses family to understand the kind of support they need to communicate effectively with Rose and to educate her on various domestic issues. Student support services Pediatrician is another professional who has a great role to play in Roses case. Pediatricians are medical practitioners who deal with the physical, mental and behavioral health of children from their birth until the age of 21. Pediatricians look into the childs growth, behavior, and skills and provide parents with information on their young ones growth progress. A Pediatrician can also help the family understand what Rose is going through and how it can be remedied. The roles played by these professionals can be integrated with those played by the parents and the care-takers to provide the child with a normal and quality life. The advantage of integrating the services or the roles is that a child is able to get all that is required to have a normal life.

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