Reason for Evaluating Employee Performance: Case Study

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Date:  2022-04-04


In this case, it is important to carry out an employee performance evaluation to help the management to be able to determine which employees in Zephran Plastics Company should be terminated. Evaluating employee performance will help the management to be in a better position of determining those who are least productive in the company. Once the least productive workforce is identified the company can retain the right people who might help them overcome the losses.

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Identify Environmental and Cultural Limitations

In this step before embarking on evaluating the employees' performance, it is important to comprehend the environmental and cultural limitations that might occur before the evaluation. For instance, in an environment where the employees are very cohesive, bringing in peer rating might reduce the togetherness. The working conditions of the employees must also be considered when deciding what type of evaluation should be used.

Determine Who Will Evaluate Performance

The company should use 360-degree feedback or multiple sources for the performance appraisal. This type of appraisal usually involves 4-10 raters, will take about 15 minutes to complete and provides feedback within 6 weeks of evaluation. The supervisors are the most common individuals who undertake performance appraisal and they base it on the end result. The employees who work directly with the employee also offer appraisal as they come into contact more regularly.

Select the Best Appraisal Methods to Accomplish Your Goals

In selecting the best appraisal method there are some decisions which are considered and they are focused on the appraisal dimensions, whether the dimensions should be weighed and use of employee comparisons, objective measures or ratings. In this, the best methods to use are a behavior-based method which consists of behaviors, expectations or results. This method also provides specific feedback for employees. The rating scale here includes frequency-based which means sometimes, normative based which means above average and performance-based which means that it exceeds expectations.

Train Raters

This step determines f the rater or those who will be undertaking the evaluations for the company have proper training on how to train personnel. The raters have to understand how methods and evaluation work as well as have the legal stand on evaluation. A lot of companies normally neglect this step because of the time and cost it consumes to properly train a rater.

Observe and Document Performance

In this step, the supervisor is tasked with observing and documenting the performance of the workers as good, bad or ugly. They also note any critical incidents that may arise. These information logs will always come in handy during the evaluation.

Evaluate Performance

In this stage, the supervisor will review all the objective data as regards to an individual employee's behavior. The supervisor is tasked with going back and read all performance logs, the critical incidents, and past performance evaluations. For instance, the evaluators will look at the HR records to find out any performance incidences or records issued previously.

Communicate Appraisal Results to Employees

The main aim of undertaking the evaluation is to give feedback to the employees. The employees are well aware when an evaluation is taking place and therefore it is only fair for them to be issued with the results of the evaluation.

Terminate Employees

It is unfortunate that the evaluation results in termination. The company should be aware of all the ends and out before the termination takes place. The least performing employees will be terminated in the best interests of the company.

Monitor the Legality and Fairness of the Appraisal System

The evaluation process has to be subjected to scrutiny so as to maintain the integrity of the evaluation system. Therefore, the evaluation process has to be frequently revised to ensure that equal opportunity guidelines and other legal issues regard to appraisals followed.

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