Readiness of the United Healthcare in Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Citizens in the Next Decade

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Date:  2022-06-10


United Healthcare organization is healthcare managed company located in Minnesota, United States of America. It is a well-being and diversified organization initiated by Richard Burke in 1977. Its primary aim is to formulate better health care and to guarantee healthier lives for people. The organization offers both insurance services and healthcare products to its clients (Ginter, 2018). It is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. The organization also provides services that guarantee the protection of the rights of both employers and individuals. It provides comprehensive healthcare services and benefits. It provides the services for both individuals and large national employers. It also helps in providing effective approaches that guarantee the availability of innovative solutions to managed care facilities. The organization provides support to both the state and the respective communities. It also guarantees the provision of very effective retirement services. The organization addresses issues regarding to well-being and health of adults aged 50 and above. It provides services in more than 1256 countries across the world. The organization seeks to achieve effectiveness and escalate the quality of healthcare for the users. It also guarantees easy access to quality healthcare benefits and develop affordable care to its clients (Harvey, Basavaraju, Chung & Kuehnert, 2015). It uses advanced technology that guarantees access to quality healthcare.

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The organization seeks to satisfy citizen's healthcare needs in the next decade. It provides varying programs to guarantee healthier population in the next decade. The organization also aims to improve the citizen's well-being and guarantee effective systems of healthcare. The organization ventures in advance technology to improve access to quality healthcare services. It also improves the information access to the citizens and enables the citizens to understand and embrace their healthcare rights. It guides the citizens in making appropriate health care choices. It also seeks to achieve affordable rates of the healthcare services. The United Healthcare reforms guarantee portable coverage, affordable and quality services to the Americans.

United Healthcare focuses on re-engineering and reforming the healthcare system. It seeks to acquire reforms that enable the provision of quality healthcare and increases the productivity of the organization. Customer satisfaction is a priority goal for the organization. The organization develops programs that aim to satisfy the demands of the patients and guarantees quick recovery of the patients at affordable rates. United Healthcare seeks to empower the clients to enable them to understand the significance of quality healthcare. It also enables the patients to cooperate while within the facilities. The organization also uses innovative approaches to guarantee the empowerment of the hospital's physicians. The programs guarantee universal benefits and coverage (Wertheimer & Huang, 2015). It engages the patients in the policy formulation process. It also incorporates evidence-based practice to guarantee active participation of the patients and to improve quality of the healthcare services provided by the organization. It strengthens the primary care services to enhance the healthcare services quality. It also seeks to reduce the disparities and strives to reform the organization's payment structure. United Healthcare values employee's motivation as an approach to increase the productivity of the facility. It also seeks to improve the management of the chronic diseases and achieve modernization of the Medicare.

According to United Healthcare, quality of the healthcare services and products provided by the organization are the primary factors that determine its failure or success. United Healthcare employs telemedicine technologies to achieve success in the next decade. It also uses mobile health clinics to guarantee the well-being of the society. The mobile health clinics help the organization to rich out to the members of the society and to provide quality healthcare services. It ensures the facility meets the demands of the patients. Electronic health recording approach is fundamental aspects that enable the United Healthcare organization to ensure patients easily access the services (Harvey et al., 2015). It also employs very well formulated market incentives that enable the organization to compete favorably with other firms in the region. The approach also enables the United Healthcare Company to achieve its primary goals of profit maximization and sustainability. It aligns and improves the reimbursement methods to achieve the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. United Healthcare organization also provides diabetes control and prevention activities that educate the Americans on a healthy diet, prevention of health complications and staying healthy. It educates the Americans on how to effectively prevent diabetes.

Education of the public on the disease prevention approaches enables the Americans to prevent long-term health complications. It also reduces the cost used in treatment by the citizens. It develops a healthy and close working relationship with the citizens and enables the citizens to easily access the medical care. It enables the citizens to appropriately manage their conditions. It guarantees the quality of life and economically enables the citizens to save the cash they would rather use in the treatment process.

Strategic Plan

United Healthcare uses Network Growth strategic plan that addresses issues such as nurse staffing, network growth, patient satisfaction and resource management to ensure the attainment of the company's primary objectives. The organization exhibits advanced technological and network system that guarantees easy access, affordable cost and patient's satisfaction. The firm also uses a card system with a magnetic stripe. The magnetic stripe provides the facility and the physicians with quality time to access patient's claim history and benefits information (Ginter, 2018). It enables the facility to reduce the cost of production. With the use of the telehealth system, patients do not necessarily have to visit the facility. The organization uses electronic health record to minimize the medication errors experienced within the healthcare facility. The company equips the physicians with expertise and expanded skills to match the challenges and complexity of the healthcare provision process by using nurse-staffing techniques. The firm improves the leadership and technical ability of the nurses to guarantee the quality of the services and promote the satisfaction of both the patients and nurses. United Healthcare resource management uses different resources to guarantee quality healthcare to patients. The company takes leadership responsibilities by applying transplant network system (Weaver, Ball, Kim & Kiel, 2016). The approach enables the facility to provide evidence-based practices that improve the well-being of the patients.

Comparison between United HealthCare and Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is an airline carrier headquartered at Changi Airport, Singapore. The cultural issues that affect the growth and operation of the airline compared to cultural issues affecting the United Healthcare organization. The airline focuses on customer satisfaction and uses advanced technology to improve the quality of its services. The organization just like the United Healthcare organization identifies with its clients based on its commitment to provide quality services. Both the Singapore Airline and United Healthcare organization exhibits cultural values such as integrity, compassion, trust, teamwork and dedication that enable them to satisfy the needs of the customers. The United Healthcare organization and Singapore Airline also exhibit very dedicated workforce that enables them to attain their primary goals. The Singapore Airline, just like United Healthcare seeks to cut costs and provide affordable prices that attract the loyalty of the customers. A dedicated and competent workforce is a cultural goal for both the companies. The companies train their employees to acquire technical skills required to improve the quality of the services and satisfy the customer needs. Both the organizations seek to reform and reenergize to achieve the primary goals of increased productivity, quality of services, customer satisfaction and sustainability.


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