Alaska Alive! Activity Project Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

Education in Alaska is a unit that is important to the general coursework that requires certain standards for Alaska students. These standards focus on the following sections: Alaska timeline, history of education in Alaska, education today and education in the future. These standards are correlated to make up the way that the students understand the history of education in Alaska and connect them to future implications on how students can learn from new sources of education. The Alaska timeline should guide students in the chronological order in which changes in the education system in Alaska affected learning outcomes and how it is related to other factors such as culture and economics (Alaska, 2011). Additionally, these standards make up the base for which students can be guided on understanding the effect of education on their environments. These standards aim to develop excellent working skills for which students can be taught and help them apply these skills in the analysis of various other factors in their life outside the learning environment. Speculating future implications of education allows students to plan for how they would undertake the course and help them understand the importance of all units that are done in the class.

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The essential guiding question for this unit is "How does learning about the history of Alaska affect the way that a person educates?" This question is vital to the general realization of the course goals since students are introduced to concepts that make them more connected to the way that education is conducted in Alaska (Barnhardt & Kawagley, 2011). Much of the things that are to be learned in this unit relate to the way that various factors in a person's environment affect their ability to learn. Connecting such concepts to education, students are at a better position to come up with good enough inferences to the course material hence better relate to the way that ideas are explained in the classwork work. This question poses a challenge to students to seek more information from other sources into the way that education is done in Alaska and relate it to other regions in the United States. In this manner, students can compare and contrast differences in education systems in the different areas hence are exposed to new ways of looking into learning outcomes that are required in classrooms.

One of the activities that the students are supposed to do as part of this unit is to demonstrate the ability to update information and access changes to education. This activity will be done all through the groups, and the students individually need to come up with brief descriptions of the sources of information that were used to come with the data that they present during the coursework. Additionally, the students will also be required to explain the history of education in Alaska at the end of the classwork (Jennings, 2004). Students will be required to turn in explanations of their understanding of the content standards for Alaska students and related initiatives. Demonstration of concepts will be done in class and students will be required to master ideas and thoughts about the history of education in Alaska and make correct links to the way that this history has shaped today's view of education in the region. Require topics for certification in these units will be educational institutions and laws that affect people in Alaska. Both these topics are necessary for the general understanding of history, and therefore students will be required to make the same amount of efforts in making sure that these requirements are met in the long run. In the end, a clear relationship is established between the past, the present and the future regarding education and how people have changed to match the requirements of the education system in Alaska.


Assessment of the progress that the students have achieved will be done using tests and group assessment tests. These strategies are meant to test the way that students relate to the concepts that were presented in the course and whether or not they can apply them to their daily lives. It is a requirement that each student makes efforts to write reports on the way that the history of education in Alaska is essential (Jennings, 2004). In this manner, all of the work that was done in the coursework is tested against individual students' learning abilities. Throughout the course, scoring guides will be issued to the student so that they can correct wherever part of the tests that they failed and hence improve future workings on tests and groups. Embracing the concept of group assessment is essential since the students will be able to share ideas and theories on the relationship between units in the coursework hence help them make the best out of what is to be taught in the classroom. From the assessment, the general progress of that was made in class will be found and rectifications done in future projects to improve on what was done previously.


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Barnhardt, R., & Kawagley, A. O. (2011). Sharing our pathways: Native perspectives on education in Alaska. Fairbanks: Alaska Native Knowledge Network, Center for Cross-Cultural Studies.

Jennings, M. (2004). Alaska native political leadership and higher education: One university, two universes. Walnut Creek (Calif.: AltaMira Press.

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