LECOM Healthcare Program - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-29


Today's busy world is full of balancing work, family responsibilities, or even career demands. There is no question higher education creates opportunities for better jobs and career advancement, but attending college classes with the busy schedule can be challenging. Therefore, it is more practical to pursue educational goals through distance education program by using the time I would spend moving back and forth to college classes. It is essential to choose an excellent plan which fits an individual's educational needs.

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LECOM's online program meets my educational goals. The LECOM's distance education pathway is reputable because it offers the same opportunities as those provided through the classroom pathway. The curricula are student-centered to match the learning skills of students (Tromp, Terrell & Novak, 2015). The financial aid package for the program is affordable compared to the campus-based program. The path is open to scholarships. Education is an investment in both time and money. Joining an accredited online program gives an assurance that it will provide the credentials I desire. LECOM's online pathway meets the standards for accreditation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and this includes a quality assurance to my education investment.

LECOM works towards innovative programs in the field of medicine. The college is one of the few schools offering a four-year program leading to Doctor of Pharmacy degree. This move was innovative in response to the declined interest in primary care and family medicine (Tromp, Terrell & Novak, 2015). The online pathway provides the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for professional leadership roles in hospitals administration and clinical practices. Also, LECOM's online pathway uses advanced methods of teaching like the use of technology and online pedagogy. The program is more interactive with the use of advanced technology.

I must admit that distance learning seems comfortable and attractive, but it can be tough. Online students need to be more active in education than traditional students. Online students need to be independent and responsible for their learning. Online learning need skills in organization and confidence (Wolfe, 2009). It requires self-motivation to in attending the online sessions and completing assignments.

To succeed in my distance education program at LECOM, I will adopt the following steps. I will use the syllabus as my roadmap to the course. The curriculum provides all the necessary information for this program from a professor's name to assignment scheduling and how to access online e-texts (Wolfe, 2009). If any points are unclear from the syllabus, I will as questions through a phone call or via email. The curriculum will help in scheduling my time and planning for my time around academic life. I plan to turn in the assignments on time and complete. I will regularly check the online learning system for updates, communications, and postings from my professors.

I plan on learning new ideas from forum discussion response, interacting with other students and bringing new ideas about a subject. Cultivating a positive environment with my fellow students will help build a constructive relationship which will be beneficial to both of us (Wolfe, 2009). I plan on making my posts positively useful and support fellow students. I will take an active role by engaging in discussions. Time management is a crucial skill for success in online education. I plan on having a regular study time weekly and stick to it. I am committed to doing my best during this pathway.


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