Pumla's Recommendation Letter Example

Paper Type:  Recommendation letter
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Date:  2022-08-15


I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for Pumla regarding her application at Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute in New York University to study journalism. After working with Pumla as her supervisor, I noted the intellectual capabilities that will empower her to succeed in her journalism graduate course. The time I have spent with her in Korea enables me to vouch for her outstanding character and abilities. Pumla can work independently and also engage in teamwork if need be. I believe these abilities will assist her to execute individual assignments as well as the group assignments during her studies. In every task that Pumla undertakes, either independently or in a group, she showcases the passion for achieving outstanding results.

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Pumla's passion for studies, the ability to keep time, and communicate efficiently makes her a fast-learner. She ensures that she identifies the value and necessity of work to set her priorities right in every task she undertakes. She has the attitude to enjoy and take challenging tasks that bring out the best in her. Regarding her verbal and writing communication skills, Pumla has pleasant and polite communication skills that enable her to socialize with other students during her studies. Further, Pumla has respect and deep understanding of various communication methods, cultural backgrounds, and languages which make her communicate flawlessly without disrespecting other people's culture. I believe her ability to communicate effectively, her time consciousness, and passion for studies will drive her to achieve excellent outcomes.

Also, the applicant has creative and problem-solving skills that enable her to solve new problems using innovative approaches to achieve exceptional results. My co-working experience with Pumla led me to the understanding that she is an open-minded person who cannot be limited by challenging situations. Pumla is also dedicated and persistent in her work. As a teacher, she loved her children and created extra time and materials to assist the children who faced difficulties in their studies. She is also observant as evidenced by her ability to monitor her student's performance as well as the implementation of the means that enhanced the teaching process to enable the children to improve their performance. I believe Pumla's creative, problem-solving skills, dedication, and persistence abilities will be essential, not only in her studies but also, in her future career.

Pumla's adaptability and independence abilities are outstanding. When she first moved to Korea, I only helped her to find a house and open a bank account but handled the rest of the settlement process by herself. While settling in Korea, her respectful, open, and active attitude to Korean culture made her establish a close relationship with other Korean colleagues. The particular relationships helped her adapt and settle quickly in Korea; which was the beginning of her independent life in Korea. Also, the close working relationships with the Korean colleagues enticed Koreans to entrust her with most of the work activities due to her ability to achieve improved work performance. Therefore, I believe that her exceptional skills will enable her to achieve the best in her journalism studies.

Subsequently, Pumla is an initiative person who is always proud of her work achievements. As a self-driven individual, she mostly works according to her judgment and information while minimizing external help as much as possible. However, if she needs any assistance, she does not hesitate to ask for it. In the moment of seeking assistance or advice, she draws necessary opinions and viewpoints through in-depth questioning that positively impacts her work. She makes an effort to make the best choices reflecting her situations rather than following the advice intact. Sometimes, she takes on a more independent and appropriate decision-making approach when faced with challenging tasks or situations. I believe these outstanding professional skills will enable her to achieve the best in her studies at New York University.

Also, Pumla showcases traits of intelligence and integrity which are essential to her studies as well as her future career. Before she moved to Korea, she did not have any experience in the Korean language or culture; yet, she adapted to the Korean school culture, curriculum, and Korean style of classes quickly, showing her diverse character. Her quick adaptation to a foreign country and a new professional position implies her swift learning capabilities. As a result, I allowed her to lead her classes independently, and now after the six months' trial, I have even bigger trust in her and her ability to create and lead diversified teaching programs. Also, she was able to take care of her classes teaching Korean children without requiring assistance. The personal traits are crucial to her studies.

Additionally, Pumla showcases leadership abilities portrayed by her capacity to plan and operate her English subject classes, after-school extra-curricular classes, and English camp programs. She is a friendly teacher; a character which has allowed her to become friends with her co-workers and students. In discussions, she helps students identify the purpose and the direction of the discussion without hesitation. Also, she gives confidence in the practice of a counterpart by clarifying what she can do and what she expects the colleague to do. While it may be difficult settling in an unfamiliar place such as Korea, I have found that her positive and pleasant attitude has made her transition easier. She reacts to students' questions reasonably by distinguishing the matters that can be taught instantly from what needs more time. Her colleagues appreciate her for her input in trying to learn Korean culture with respect and curiosity. She is not embarrassed to even when she does not understand the work correctly and tries to do the work as best as she can, which shows good progress.


Pumla is a social person. A characteristic which creates a pleasant and positive atmosphere while interacting with others. She can comfort and encourage her counterparts by identifying their strengths and personalities. She makes an effort to harmonize her role and responsibilities with the values of the school. Since she has lived in New York and Korea for two years and has built friendships in both places, it is evident that she can successfully adapt to a new environment. I believe that she can settle well in her new environment during her graduate studies. Her eagerness for self-development is very high which can be seen in her positive attitude and diligence when faced with a task. Because of this, I believe that she has a great learning and development potential. Considering Pumla's intellectual abilities, personality, and propensities, I think that she will be able to achieve exceptional outcomes in her graduate studies at New York University.

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